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See: Yeti.
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The coldest it can get at which most known physical activity ceases. 0°K on the Kelvin scale and as −273.15°C on the Celsius scale, and −459.67°F on the Fahrenheit scale. At temperatures very close to absolute zero, matter exhibits quantum effects such as superconductivity and superfluidity. The esoteric significance is that here energy still exists in matter sometimes called “Dark Matter,” and where Intentional Consciousness is still dynamic. 

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A term used by some to describe the area, plane, world, etc. where a person’s spirit or soul goes after that person dies.
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A term used in Theosophy. It is believed that magnetism and electricity are derived from the universal energy, Akasha (they spell it without the "h"). However, there is the "small" magnetism (for example, that which is around people) and the greater, or Akasic, magnetism, such as that of the Earth. Magnetism can be used to create electricity. In fact, it is constantly doing so at various levels. Ultimately, changes in magnetism and electricity on the physical plane are the results of changes ...
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Generally associated with UFOs, semi-humanoid beings claiming to originate on other planets or other dimensions. Most contacts with these beings involve telepathic communication and some have included abductions and transportation to space ships were surgical operations have implanted devices, and others have included sexual contact. Some believe aliens are spirits and that alien encounters are psychic in nature. Suggested Reading: The Gaia Project by Hwee-Yong Jang (Llewellyn Publications) and ...
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One of the four brainwave patterns, the alpha state is typified by patterns that repeat at the speed of 8-13 Hertz (cycles per second). People drifting into sleep or coming out of it are in the alpha state. It is also the speed of the brainwaves typified by daydreaming, a light trance, etc. This state becomes stronger when you close your eyes. The other brainwave patterns are beta, delta, and theta.
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A technique used with hypnosis that takes a sensation, usually experienced as “pain,” and allows it to be experienced as a sensation that it not painful. Often used in hypnotherapy for pain reduction. This is not the same as anesthesia where sensation is not experienced at all.
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In Remote Viewing, it refers to analytic response of the viewer’s mind to make sense of information it receives. Often the interpretation is wrong, although it tends to be based on data that is valid. There is no formal word for this in clairvoyant training.
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If we accept the possibility of "truths" expressed in sacred literature we have to be open to "non-literal" interpretations. It is hardly sensible to think we are “created in God’s image” and then look for such identity just in our physical bodies. Rather, knowing that Consciousness, along with Energy and Matter, have to come in the “Beginning with the Word,” we can think of the unit of consciousness that is ours as modeled after God as Consciousness, hence "the Anatomy of the Body of ...
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A mental or physical action that is linked to a behavior. During hypnosis or an NLP session, an action, such as seeing the color red, may be anchored to a behavior, such as feelings of well being.
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1.  Literally, a group or "host" of angels.
2.  A Theosophical term described by Geoffrey Hodson in The Kingdom of the Gods (1953, Theosophical Pub. House, Madras, India) by saying they: “. . . may be regarded as the active, creative intelligences and form-builders of all objective creation. They are manifestations of the One, the Three, the Seven and all products thereof. From dawn to eve of Creative Day, they are ceaselessly in action as directors, rectors, designers, artists, producers and builders, ever subservient to and expressive ...
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Part of Area 51, rumored to be the location of secret aircraft tests.

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The star-like dispersion of light due to tine “needles” arrayed in several directions within a crystal.
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1.  The astral plane, as in the expression, “on the astral.”
2.  Having ethereal qualities.
3.  Something that belongs to the astral plane.
4.  Like the stars.
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A point at which the light in the astral world appears to dissipate, leaving the traveler in darkness.
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1.  The astral body is a composite, made up in varying proportions of a physical (or semiphysical) body and a “spirit” body. During its projection the second body draws “astral material” from the first body through the silver cord that connects the two.
2.  Also known as the "Astral Vehicle," the astral body is equivalent to the Sanskrit Kama-Rupa, the extra-biological part of our being, which exists as a conscious, intelligent, and indestructible entity. It is the third Vehicle (“upward” in the general scheme) or level of consciousness, also called the Desire or Emotional Body, or Emotional “Envelope.” In the process of incarnation, the astral vehicle is composed of the planetary energies in their aspects to one ...
See Also:  Astral Double
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Meditation on certain objects may function: to induce an alternative state of consciousness or to bring access to certain areas of the sub-conscious and astral plane. Among the first are fascination devices that focus awareness and induce trance—crystal balls, magick mirrors, swinging pendulums, pools of ink, etc.—allowing the user to receive impressions. Among the second are Tarot Cards, Rune Symbols, I Ching Hexagrams, Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Hebrew Letters, Tattwas, and ...
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An out-of-body induction procedure specifically designed to promote astral travel. to the spirit realm.

Suggested Reading: Beyond Reincarnation, by Joe H. Slate, Ph.D.

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An imagery and relaxation procedure for inducing out-of-body travel.

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1.  The definition of this expression is often convoluted. Some refer to it as a type of spiritual energy on the astral plane that controls and molds things there. Others use it to refer to the astral plane itself. In Theosophy it is considered to be the place where all the energy of the universe is stored while waiting to move into the physical plane. It is also the receptacle for all energies moving out of the physical plane and into the spiritual planes. As such, it can be seen as a record of ...

2.  The "substance" of the Astral Plane that responds to It is approximately equivalent to Ether, Mana, Vital Fluid, etc. holding the impressions of thought and emotion and feeling, forming memory.

Suggested Reading – Regardie & the Ciceros: The Tree of Life – An Illustrated Study of Magic

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1.  An experience in which the conscious part of the self splits form the body for a period of time. The typical out-of-body experience is of short duration and comes unexpectedly. But it can be induced consciously and deliberately.

2.  A phenomenon in which the astral body disengages from the biological body to consciously experience distant realities. See Out-of-Body experience (OBE).

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The experience of moving around through the environments encountered during astral projection. This may include moving at the speed of thought to any location in the physical world, universe, or on the various more ethereal planes of the astral worlds.
See Also:  Astral Projection
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Astral projection is safe, practical, and very enjoyable. Although some people worry needlessly (“What happens if I project and can’t get back?), the real difficulty with astral projection is getting out of body in the first place. Your astral body has a natural desire to exist closely associated with your physical body. The chance of getting lost is hardly likely, especially during early attempts when people are not going to travel far from their bodies anyway. Because of this natural ...
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Just as we can speak of the physical plane and the physical world, so can we speak of the astral plane and the astral world. A "plane" (like a "level") is descriptive of the characteristics of the things that make up a world—the substance, energies, laws, etc. A "world," in contrast, is descriptive of how the things are put together, hence the landscape, the life-forms, the climates, and so forth.  The astral world has its own landscape, generally replicating the physical world, but ...
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Scientifically, the reappearance of a recessive genetic trait after multiple generations where there was a lack of such an appearance. In some shamanic and magickal practices, practitioners have a goal of causing such characteristics to re-emerge, bringing back primal aspects of their being.

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1.  An imaginary line that passes through a crystal around which its faces are arranged.

2.  In astrology there are six axes formed by signs directly opposite each other in a natal chart. They are:

 Relating the interpretations of the axes can add depth to a chart analysis.

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The recording of sounds that are then reversed when released on a musical or other work. Popularized by The Beatles on their album, Revolver (1966). In the 1980s, a few Christian groups insisted that rock musicians where including such reversed sound elements on their albums to lead people to Satanism. Although there was never any actual evidence to support the claim that backmasking coupe actually influence or “brainwash” anyone, some Christian groups and the Parents Music Resource ...
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In psychoacoustics and cognitive psychology, the masking of some stimulus by another, often louder or more apparent stimulus, that occurs a fraction of a second after the first stimulus. Often confused with backmasking wherein hearing something played backwards supposedly influences the listener.

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One of the four brainwave patterns, the beta state is typified by patterns that repeat at the speed of 14-20 Hertz (cycles per second). People in their normal, waking consciousness are in the beta state. It is the brainwave pattern when you are focused on the outside world. The other brainwave patterns are alpha, delta, and theta.
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This expression is based on the concept that it is difficult to communicate with the spirits of those who have died. It is as if there is a veil between the living and the dead. Saying someone is “beyond the veil,” then, is a way to say that the person is dead. For some people it is a way to refer to death without using that term.
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A concept first proposed by geologist John Michell in 1783 and further developed in 1796 by mathematician Pierre-Simon Laplace of a body so dense that even light would not escape its gravity. The concept was extended to stellar objects by astronomer Karl Schwarzschild in 1916. However, the concept was only theoretical until the recent discovery of Neutron Stars. It is now believed that black holes form when heavy stars collapse at the end of their life cycle into supernovae. Such a Black ...
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I will quote Louis T. Culling for emphasis: “The dream state is the Borderland consciousness state. The importance of the ability to function in a quasi borderland-state may well be more than half of the technic of Magick. It is involved in *making the IMAGINATION to be SUBJECTIVELY REAL. Without this, a large part of Magick is a futile thing.”  He describes the Borderland Consciousness as approximately 15% awake and 85% asleep. Regardless of the actual percentage, these ...
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An alternative state of consciousness in which the demarcation between ordinary reality and subjective reality disappears, and that which is built in the imagination becomes magickally and psychologically real. The woman partner in Sex Magick becomes the Goddess incarnate.   The aim of the GBG practice of Dianism is to continue sexual union until trance occurs. This not the trance of hypnosis, or of spiritual or shamanic practices. It's a state characterized by poise and ...
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A fashioned talisman that usually has a convex shape on one side and which is flat on the other, although any fashioning that does not involve faceting or tumbling is often considered to be making a cabochon. They are often of oval shape, but irregular shapes are common.
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Literally meaning "Death's Head," the Caput Mortuum (also known as nigredo) is an alchemical term for a useless substance left over after an alchemical working. In artwork and in notes, it was represented by a stylized skull. This evolved into a circle containing three dots forming a triangle with one point down. A form of iron oxide (rust) derived from manufacturing sulfuric acid produced a purple pigment used in paints. Since rust was a "useless" substance left over after an (al)chemical ...
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The technical name is chatoyancy. This is caused by the dispersion of light due to tiny parallel “needles” within a crystal.
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A state wherein the body, or parts of the body, shows rigidity, and is not effected by exterior stimuli. Often used by hypnotists to determine the level of hypnotic trance. A common example it to have a hypnotized person hold their arm out straight. They will keep it extended and resist having it pushed down until given a suggestion to move it.
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A condition where the supply of oxygen to the brain is reduced. It has numerous causes, ranging from choking or smoke inhalation to shock or trauma. In mild cases, symptoms include difficulty in learning tasks and reduced short term memory. If it continues it can cause sensory distortions and hallucinations. This has been pointed to as a cause of some near-death experiences. However, it cannot explain the similarity of some of these experiences among people of all ages and cultures. Complete ...
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The disorganized, primal, state from which creation emerges. Chaos Theory is a field of mathematics with applications in various sciences, including physics and magick, concerning the level at which small changes can produce major, generally unpredictable, results—the so-called “Butterfly Effect.” In Quantum Theory and in Magickal Theory, intention applied at sub-atomic levels can create desired change.

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A time traveler.

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The natural ability of the mind to create imagined situations—false memories—to fill in gaps in the real memory that have been caused by physical trauma to the brain or psychic trauma to the mind. If a person is hypnotized and the hypnotist is not trained in procedures to help regain objective memories (known as forensic hypnosis), the subject may create false memories to fill in gaps or simply to please the hypnotist. False memories that were confabulated during hypnosis sessions led by ...
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A hypnotic induction where the hypnotist tells confusing stories that are impossible to logically follow. Eventually, the person being hypnotized gives up trying to follow them and simply listens to them. This can be seen by certain physiological signs. At this point the hypnotist suggests relaxation and hypnotic trance, and the person follows the directions.

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That part of the mind that gives us awareness of ourselves and things outside of ourselves.

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1.  The philosophical theory that concepts of what are and are not real must be agreed upon (not by a test or statement, but by “consensus,” a general agreement) by a group or culture. That is, if enough people believe some concept is “real,” whether it is or not, the cultural view is that it is real. An example of this is the concept that at one time it was believed by most Western Europeans that the Earth was flat. Maps and expeditions were made based on this belief. In reality, the Earth ...

2.  The concept that the physical world, as we perceive it, is an illusion—an illusion so powerful that it we accept it as “real” and in our endeavors to understand this reality we have given it still greater “hardness” through our accumulation of  history, myth, fable, and statements of physical laws. All of this has been limited to the perceptions of physical senses and rejection of the non-physical.

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A person who believes he or she is in contact with entities not usually encountered on Earth, most commonly extraterrestrials. They are most often consciously aware of this communication and believe they have a message to pass on to the people of Earth. Although some also claim to have been abducted by aliens, most often they have other forms of contact such as through dreams, visions, channeling, etc.

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An odd suggestion given by a hypnotist to a person the hypnotist is trying to lead into trance to see if that person will follow the suggestion, thus proving to the hypnotist that the person is actually in trance. Later, if the person doubts he or she was hypnotized, the hypnotist can remind him or her of how they followed the suggestion.

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In 1917, in Cottingly, England, two young girls claimed that they not only played with fairies in their yard, but took photographs of them. People such as Sir Author Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes, investigated the girls and the photos and proclaimed that the girls were honest and the photos were real. One of the girls, late in her life, finally admitted that the photos were fakes, and one investigator actually discovered the source of the images: double-exposed photos using cut outs ...
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The search for and scientific study of animals whose existence is mythic or unproven, ranging from the sheep with the Golden Fleece to Bigfoot and "Nessie" (the Loch Ness Monster).
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The theory expressed by Fritz Leiber in his novel, Conjure Wife

"The way nails sometimes insist on bending when you hammer, as if they were trying to. Or the way machinery refuses to work. Matter’s funny stuff. In large aggregates, it obeys natural law, but when you get down to the individual atom or electron, it’s largely a matter of chance or whine."

Leiber, Fritz: Conjure Wife, 1968, Award Books, Universal Publishing & Distribution Co., New York

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The "new" Astral Plane. The role of the Internet as a search engine duplicates the memory resources of the Akashic Records; the instant transfer of communications via e-mail duplicates Mental Telepathy; the Social Networking tools duplicates the Astral Body as a kind of magic mirror; the role-playing Avatar duplicates the projected Body of Light. The expanding use of the Internet blends with similar functions on the Astral Plane to a degree that trains the user to function more directly, more ...
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One of the four brain wave patterns, the delta state is typified by patterns that repeat at the speed of .5-3 Hertz (cycles per second). People in deep sleep or who are unconscious are in the delta state. It is also the speed of the brainwaves typified by some forms of very deep meditation. The other brain wave patterns are alpha, beta, and theta.
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Pleochroism in two directions. A stone will appear one of two colors depending on from which direction it is viewed.
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Expression used by Dion Fortune meaning Astral Projection.

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1.  A term used by herbalists for the measurement of one handful of an herb.
2.  A Greek coin.
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Also known as “photographic memory,” the ability to recall things (usually visual items) with qualities so intense that it is as if you were looking at (or hearing or feeling, etc.) the actual thing.
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The act of bringing something from the non-physical into the physical.

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The belief fostered by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke and based on the Mayan Prophecy, that the world would end on December 21, 2012, that there will be a dramatic rebirth of the human spirit and a new global civilization structured to meet the challenges of international terrorism starting in 2001, religious extremism, the financial collapse of 2008, and other common threats to planetary survival. New institutions and international standards are required of nations to participate in new economic, ...
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An orgasmic experience that can be felt throughout or in specific parts of the body, with or without genital involvement. It can be induced by breath, movement, sound, visualization, or any combination thereof. 

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The Etheric Aura is also called the "Health Aura" because it reflects the physical body’s energy complex and provides the perceiver with the means to determine the health status and even—for an experienced reader with medical training—a means for diagnosis and perception of progress or lack of progress in treatment of diseases. For any medical practitioner, the ability to see inside the health factors revealed by the aura should be of immense value. This would be especially ...
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1.  According to some (especially Theosophists), the Etheric Plane is the level of energy and existence between the Astral Plane and the Physical Plane. It is also seen as an intermediary level between the Physical Plane and the Higher Planes. It is often considered to be a sub-plane of the Physical Plane, rather than being a distinct Plane of its own.
2.  The Energy Plane between the Physical and Astral planes. Its energies are in constant movement, like tides and currents, ruled by the Moon, Sun, and Planets and moving in cycles. In theory and practice, the etheric is considered to be the upper "layers" of the physical plane and consists of substance and energy not perceptible to the "hard" physical senses. However, its substance and energy permeates the physical plane and the physical body to provide the life force—mostly "regulated" by ...
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A portion of the etheric body, sometimes along with other etheric material for added substance, can be formed as a vehicle for the operator’s consciousness and projected to other physical locations. Being of near physical substance and energy, it is sensitive to certain physical materials, like iron and silver. It can be injured, and such injuries will repercuss back to the physical body. The etheric body can also be shaped to resemble other entities, and is a factor both in the lore of ...
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Etheric Substance is composed of the three higher molecular kinds of physical matter and is the substance of the Etheric Double or Energy aspect of the physical/etheric body.

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The theoretical examination of political institutions and methods used by extraterrestrial societies. This can be an important study in determining how best to communicate with (or whether to communicate with them at all) any such civilizations.

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A classic form of hypnotic induction that involves focusing the eyes on an object, most often while listening to a verbal set of instructions. 

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Focusing on a thought, sound, image, etc. Used by some hypnotists to help in inducing hypnotic trance.
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The ritual act of repeatedly striking a person, or oneself, with a whip or flail of some sort. In ancient Mystery Cults flogging was an act of purification. It was believed to drive out evil spirits and sharpen the senses. In this sense flogging was an act of regeneration. From an occult perspective, flogging can be used to induce a state of trance. The rhythm of the lash creates a hypnotic effect, and this then combines with the release of endorphins into the brain. Some Wiccan/Witchcraft ...
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Both a verb and a noun, it is the directing, and projection, of consciousness on to a specific object, persona, idea, feeling, place, etc. It’s like a searchlight focused on a single spot in the darkness to reveal what’s there, or like an index finger pointing. 

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Physics recognizes four primary forces: Gravity, Electro-magnetism, and the Strong & Weak Nuclear Forces. In occult theory, East and West, and in classical natural philosophy, there are the four elements: Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. In magickal practices, the four elements are used as "forces" and often imbued with consciousness as when they are identified with particular archangels. Might these really the same as the four forces of physics? In occult theory, East and West, Spirit is the ...
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The use of hypnosis during a legal/criminal investigation such that evidence collected during hypnosis will be acceptable in courts. This usually requires specialized training and not all legal jurisdictions will accept evidence discovered during hypnosis.
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Some esoteric groups believe that there is a Plan guiding the evolution of human consciousness to its eventual reunion with the ultimate Source. They further believe that Humanity has a role to play as co-creators able to accelerate the Plan in its application to human consciousness. See also "Divine Plan."

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Talismans made from the minerals of the monoclinic crystal system that have an internal structure that is composed of parallelograms. The parallel structure of their crystalline lattice gives Guardian talismans their power to protect us in the physical world and in the spiritual one. Guardians are amulets that focus our energy and help us use the life force to protect that which we value.
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A sensory experience in contradiction to external stimuli. Most people have hallucinations; however, when they become a guiding factor in a person’s life it may be a sign of a mental disorder. There are two types of hallucinations. Positive hallucinations are when you experience something that is not actually present. (“I could have sworn I saw you at the party last night.”) Negative hallucinations are when you don’t experience something that is present. (“I looked at that table five ...
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Any substance, such as a herb, that causes the mind to experience something which is not objectively present.
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A circle of light that was said to surround the heads of saints. Often shown in art, primitive artists often showed this as a disk behind the head of the illustrated person. Also known as a “numbus,” some occultists believe it is related to the aura. High-energy electrophotography, also known as Kirlian Photography, show discharges around parts of the body such as fingertips, and may be related to this phenomenon. In the Bible, when Moses descends the mountain with the Torah, it is written ...
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Talismans that form in the Class VIII-4 “Chain and Band Silicates” class. They contain silicate tetrahedrons bound together in a long chain. They distribute energy in a balanced, long-term way promoting harmony. For efforts aimed at smoothing a path through difficulties, or aiding in promoting a harmonious relationship with a larger group, like a family, then a Harmonizer brings us the chemical Earth power we need.
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1.  L(afayette) Ron(ald) Hubbard (1911-1896) was a science fiction writer and founder of Scientology.

2.  A still controversial figure, Lafayette Ronald Hubbard (1911–1986) appears to have been largely self-educated despite having attended prestigious private schools and two years at George Washington University. As the son of a naval officer, her traveled twice to the Far East and claimed to have traveled to India and studied with holy men. He wrote many pulp fiction stories, over a hundred adventure and science fiction novels and was reputed to have written a million words yearly at a ...
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A trance state in which totally new abilities and highly developed skills may emerge through self-hypnosis including instantaneous command of a new language and sudden mastery of an artistic or scientific skill, each of which could be explained as the retrieval of skills acquired in a past life.

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A person who leads another into a state of hypnosis. A hypnotist will then give suggestions to the hypnotized person. If the purpose of the suggestions are to create a change in the hypnotized person’s behaviors or thoughts, the hypnotist is frequently called a hypnotherapist. If the purpose of the suggestions are to create a behavior in the hypnotized person that will entertain an audience, the hypnotist is frequently called a Stage Hypnotist.

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Motion produced as a result of an idea without the use of conscious thought. The most common experience of Ideo-Motor Activity is when using a pendulum. A person thinks about a question and the unconscious mind gives an answer expressed through the pendulum without needing the conscious mind to direct the pendulum.
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1.  Something that deceives at least one of the common senses.

2.  Among entertainer magicians, a very large effect, usually presented on a stage. It may involve other people and large boxes or other props.

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1.  Although often discounted as meaning “unreal,” the imagination is actually the ability of the mind to invent and/or organize information from any of the senses (real or hallucinated) into something new. Magick, hypnotherapy, NLP, creative visualization, and many other systems use the imagination.
2.  The ability to form and visualize images and ideas in the mind, especially of things never seen or experienced directly. The imagination is an amazing and powerful part of our consciousness because it empowers our creativity – the actual ability to create. On the >a href="http://www.llewellyn.com/encyclopedia/term/tree+of+life">Tree of Life, imagination is found in Tiphareth as part of Ruach, the Conscious Self. Imagination is the making of images, and magick is accomplished by ...
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The entrance of a personality or soul into something physical. Most often refers to when a human soul enters a human body. When this is repeated it is called reincarnation.

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More spiritual levels of existence or consciousness that transcend our ordinary world or normal consciousness. Sometimes used to mean the astral plane.

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Acting with a goal in mind. However, "Intention" has become a key word in applied Quantum Theory where it is demonstrated that directed thought and image can effect changes in the Universal Field at the foundation of physical reality.

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That hemisphere of the brain that physiologically appears to be related to thinking that logical, and rational, and deductive.

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1.  A continent, perhaps mythic, in the Pacific that sank around 10,000 B.C.E. Sacred Tibetan texts remember it as “Ra-Mu”; inscriptions on the American continents refer to it as the “lost Motherland of Mu;” and Edgar Cayce, who had access to the Akashic Records, names it “Muri” or “Lemuria.” “Lemuria” may have originated from the word lemures, which the Romans used to describe the spirits of their dead ancestors who walked by night. “Lemuria” also stems from the ...
2.  Hypothetical lost continent in the Indian Ocean suggested by 19th century geologists; the name was borrowed by occultists in the late 19th and 20th centuries and used for visionary material related to Sundaland.
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The belief that some aspect of consciousness continues after a person dies and can incarnate again in a new body. See Reincarnation.

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A rapid remembrance of one's life, often in the form of flashbacks of important events in one's life. This is most often reported as being associated with some near-death experiences.

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Literally neaning “clear,” being lucid was also an early term for clairvoyance. It is now rarely used for this purpose.

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An invisible force that is seen throughout the universe, it is created by the movement of electricity found in elementary particles of the atom. All materials are affected to a greater or lesser extent by magnetism. This is most obvious in permanent magnets with their pull on metals and especially on each other. Most magnets are "bipolar." That is, they have two aspects for attraction, usually known as the north pole and the south pole. That the north attracts the south, and vice versa, has ...
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More accurately, archetypal male energy. Based on the idea that only the ultimate divine source (i.e., God) is totally unified, the nature of energy is divided into two parts, represented by male and female. In most Western traditions, archetypal male energy is said to be outgoing, aggressive, and constructive. It is also known as electric, positive (in the sense of the positive pole of a magnet), and the Chinese Yang. In some Eastern traditions, such as Tantra, male energy is seen to be ...
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Energy that has slowed down its vibration rate enough that it can be perceived by the physical senses. The “stuff” that makes up the physical plane.

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A concept invented (or discovered) by a Scottish engineer named Alexander Thom (1894–1985). By measuring numerous megalithic sites, he came to the conclusion that there was a standard of measurement, used anciently, throughout Great Britain. He called this measurement, precisely 0.82966 meters in length, a megalithic yard. 

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1.  It can be "psychopathic" to believe that all the ideas sometimes inspired when we're in the presence of a tree or a garden, an animal or bird, or the night sky or a glorious dawn, are personal messages whispered to our ears alone. But the source of inspiration knows no boundaries, and our openness to such stimulation is healthy and vastly different than pathology. And like symbols in dreams, our Higher Self may alert us to some needed idea by awakening our interest to something happening in our ...

2.  In Spiritualism, the name for a communication from a spirit to a living person by way of a Spiritualist medium.

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A symbolic image or expression. Metaphors are often used in hypnosis as the unconscious mind seems to understand them easily.
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Talismans made from minerals from the Class II “Sulphides.” They are usually volcanic in origin. They are normally opaque and have a metallic sheen or luster to them. This mirror-like surface is an outward manifestation of the power of these talismans to reflect what is normally hidden. These minerals have the chemical Earth power to help us in knowing ourselves, as they help reveal to us things that we consciously didn’t realize.
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Also Miz-Maze, the name for two of England’s historical turf mazes. Unlike most mazes, a Mizmaze is more like a labyrinth as it has no stems, just one long path to reach the end.

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The hallucination of not noticing the sensory input of something that is there such as not seeing one’s keys on a table even though they are in plain sight or not hearing one’s name being clearly called. Negative hallucinations can easily be created when a person is hypnotized.

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Another name for a halo, the circle of light seen around the heads of saints.
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The network of human thought surrounding the earth. See also Collective Unconscious.

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Being everywhere all at once.
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All knowing. A quality of God.
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See Also:  Astral Projection
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Pacing is a technique used by hypnotists and NLP practitioners to check the relative level of rapport the have with a client who has come to them seeking behavioral change. After the therapist uses rapport building techniques such as mirroring and matching, he or she checks on their success by doing some action first. If the other person does something similar—follows the pace set by the therapist—it is considered a sign of effective rapport indicating that the work they will do has ...
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An expression popularized by Spiritualists describing the process of changing or passing from one level of existence to another. This is commonly known as death.
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A type of hypnotic induction that breaks a person’s normal pattern of behavior or thought. During that time, the mind briefly seeks instructions, and if the hypnotist gives suggestions to go into trance, the person is likely to do so. This can result in a very rapid or instantaneous induction into hypnosis.

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A property of some minerals whereby they release an electric charge when pressure is applied.
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A phenomenon caused by the crystalline structure whereby a gemstone will appear as different colors when viewed from different directions.
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The use of phrases, repeated over and over, as a means of influencing your unconscious in order to cause a change on the Astral Plane that, in turn, will result in a change in the physical plane. Although a popular technique, by itself it is of little use to practical magicians.
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The hallucination of noticing something, as if you have received the sensory input of it, even though it is not there, such as believing you saw someone at a party even though they were somewhere else. Positive hallucinations can easily be created when a person is hypnotized.

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A concept popularized by Wilhelm Reich, it is the idea of being so caught up in the very animalistic enjoyment of sex that nothing can be thought of. An aspect of sex magick.
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In an ESP test, the mathematical likelihood that something will occur by chance.

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Strictly speaking, any of a class of plants or drugs which have the effect of modifying sensory input to the brain in ways not related to objective reality. Thus, colors can become brighter, walls may become plastic, etc. Commonly (and incorrectly) equated to substances that cause hallucinations, where the mind creates sensory input rather than modifies it.

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A non-physical entity that would guide the soul of a newly deceased person to his or her place in the afterlife. Depending upon the religion or tradition, it might be an angel, a spirit, a deity, and it might manifest as an animal. Metaphorically, a psychopomp is any sort of guide that leads you from one level of existence, or mindset, to another. For example, in Jungian psychology, the psychopomp is a type of mediator between the conscious and unconscious mind.
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A property of some minerals whereby they release an electric charge when heated or cooled.
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A concept in Quantum Physics descriptive of extremely “primitive” sub-atomic matter and possible a source of zero-point energy.

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A subatomic building block of matter. Quarks come in 6 types, known as flavors: up, down, strange, top, bottom, and charm.
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Phineas Parkhurst Quimby (1802–1866) attended lectures on mesmerism in 1838 and came to believe that the mind was the source of all illness and the mind could cure all illness. His teachings heavily influenced Mary Baker Eddy, founder of Christian Science. As the interest in spiritualism faded, his various teachings, under the name of “New Thought,” became popular. This was a source for some concepts in the modern New Age movement.
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(1865–1946) Important figure in the history of British publishing of occult books and topics. In 1905 he founded the Occult Review and edited it until 1926. It ran articles by famous occultists and became the most important metaphysical magazine of the time, focusing on occultism, the paranormal, and many other topics. Shirley wrote several books, including Occultists and Mystics of All Ages, and was the director of William Rider & Son from 1892–1925.
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The state of being in harmony with another person. Often used to describe people at a séance in preparation for receiving messages from “the other side.” A necessary quality between a hypnotist and his or her subject.
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The study of the meaning of signs and symbols, their use, and how they relate to the objects or ideas to which they refer.
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A way of reducing or eliminating external stimuli in an effort to improve a subject’s receptivity to paranormal phenomena for ESP testing or meditation. This may be done in a sensory deprivation chamber or through other means. See Ganzfeld.

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A device used to reduce or eliminate external stimuli. The chamber is usually partially filled with heavily salinized water so a person floats in it as if it were a womb. It is often completely dark, resulting in a womb-like experience. Used for ESP testing and meditation.

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The spirit of a deceased person that choose to remain on the physical plane. A ghost.

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A closed state of mind where one doubts or questions things, sometimes to the point where these doubts obscure the truth.
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See: astral whiplash

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Term used by some for extraterrestrial beings, especially when channeled by certain psychics or mediums. Used derogatorily by some who do not believe in the existance of aliens or that a particular person has channeled them.

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1) The animating life force. 2) A synonym for the soul. 3) A synonym for ghost.
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A non-physical entity who guides and protects people who communicate with or visit the spirit realms.
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1.  Phenomenon that exists below the regular perceptive abilities of our senses.

2.  A message made at a subliminal level intending to influence the person who receives the message.

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The idea that an advertising message presented to someone at a subliminal level will move them to action. Although the concept was popularized in books such as Vance Packard's The Hidden Persuaders (1957), the success of of such advertising is debatable. The idea that subliminal advertising works was attributed to James Vicary (who coined the expression). Supposedly, he placed messages such as "Hungry? Eat Popcorn" for 1/3000 of a second at various times throughout a showing of the movie ...
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The name given by modern geologists to a landmass off what is now Southeast Asia, flooded at the end of the last ice age; visionary material relating to Sundaland may have helped shape occult traditions about Lemuria.
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The concept that when a variety of things work together harmoniously, the combined effect is greater that the sum of the effects of the various parts.
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The subject that remote viewers have been assigned to observe.
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Nikola Tesla (1856–1943) was an inventive genius, a contemporary and competitor of Edison. He developed electrical alternating current, the universal standard of electrical transmission used today. He also developed technology earlier than Marconi that could have been adapted to radio. He also developed the induction motor, discovered the rotating magnetic field, and was responsible for numerous other practical inventions. Tesla had an idea for sending electricity wirelessly around the ...
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See Tesla.

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An archaic magickal alphabets first published by Francis Barret in The Magus in the 1801 but probably much older. Used by some Pagans and ceremonial magicians as a code. 

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One of the four brain wave patterns, the theta state is typified by patterns that repeat at the speed of 4-7 Hertz (cycles per second). People in deep meditation are in the theta state. It is also the speed of the brainwaves typified by people using their imagination and being creative. The other brain wave patterns are alpha, beta, and delta.
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(1847–1931) Famed American inventor and strident businessman, known as “The Wizard of Menlo Park.” Edison is sometimes associated with the paranormal because, during an interview in 1920, he said he was working on a “Spirit Phone” to communicate with the dead. In an interview given six years later he claimed he was just making a joke.

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An altered state of consciousness, often giving the appearance of sleep. During trance, some of the physiological functions, such as respiration, may slow. The focus of the mind also changes, often allowing easier access to the unconscious

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When someone channels or is possessed by another spirit, and their appearance changes in some way to match the spirit, it is known as transfiguration.
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A term that means changing one thing into another. In alchemy it refers to changing base metals and elements into precious things. Some people take this literally and others take it metaphorically. 

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Pleochroism in three directions. A stone will appear one of three colors depending on from which direction it is viewed.
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A posthypnotic suggestion of a sensory input—such as a sound, word, color, touch, taste, etc.—that results in the conscious or unconscious stimulation of the behavior that has been suggested. Thus, the taste of a sweet food might be used to trigger a sensation of fullness during weight normalization hypnotherapy.

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A stone structure composed of two uprights crossed by another lying on top of those two. Although they may be small enough to serve as an altar, they are most commonly known from large ancient structures such as those at Stonehenge.
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The scientific theory that all the earth’s landforms were shaped by the same slow process of change at work in today’s world, and that major catastrophes had no role in geological history.
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An entity or person that lives on the energy of another. A parasite. A mythical creature that rises from the dead to live off other people. In popular Western mythology, the vampire drinks blood to survive. In other countries, they kill and eat their prey. Name form members of any of several cultish and faddish groups focused around novels, TV and movies, and role playing games that involve vampiric characters. Often attractive to younger people and confused with Goths and people into SM/BD ...
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The practice of subsisting on the vitality of another. Although in popular culture it is believed that the vitality is found in the blood of another, it is actually more commonly taken directly from a person’s life force by a psychic vampire. 

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The appearance of something unreal; a hallucination or apparition. Often, the term vision is limited to appearances of a religious or spiritual nature.

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In Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s novel The Coming Race (1873), a mysterious energy extracted from the atmosphere by the Vril-ya, inhabitants or an underground civilization. Wielded through a vril-staff, a metal wand, vril could accomplish almost anything. The term was borrowed almost immediately by occultists as another name for etheric energy.
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Hypnosis at a very light depth, so light that it may seem as if there is no hypnotic trance at all. While in waking hypnosis, a subject will accept and follow hypnotic suggestions even though the subject appears to be awake and alert.
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Also known white sound, it is a random selection of pure waves at all frequencies at equal power. The result is a “hissing” noise such as can be heard on TV stations that are not broadcasting or between radio stations on the AM band. It is frequently used as background noise during EVP, giving unembodied spirits the equivalent of vocal chords with which to communicate. It is also used in some paranormal experiments to block out unwanted sounds, as well as in some systems designed to isolate ...
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(Quantum Theory): The “lowest” point in Physical Existence where even motion ceases and everything is potential rather than manifest.

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In traditional Newtonian physics, when something becomes so cold that it reaches absolute zero (-273 degrees Celsius), all motion, including all molecular, atomic, and subatomic motion ceases. However, according to quantum physics, particles at absolute zero—the zero point—still show energetic behavior. This means that enormous masses of particles in the cold depths of virtually endless space produce huge amounts of activity: zero-point energy. The possibilities and potentials for ...
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