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In the Kabalah, a name of God associated with the Sephira Chesed. The name itself is usually translated as “God.” It may have been the name of a Semitic bull god.
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The 22nd rune of the Elder Futhark, representing the sound ng. ING is almost always a positive rune, and only in the most negative of runecasts does it even suggest failure.
See Also:  Inguz
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1.  Also AUM; the Universal sound of Creation that manifests in all things.
2.  In Hinduism, the sound that is the source of all. It has its own symbol in Sanskrit. It is traditionally pronounced Ah-oo-mm, starting in the back of the throat, moving to the center of the mouth and ending with closed lips, metaphorically representing all sounds. Also pronounced in other ways (such as “ohm”) depending upon purpose, dialect, etc. It is used as a start to most Hindu mantras.

3.  A symbol that predates written language. Om is often described as being the primordial sound; it is also called the primordial or liberation mantra. Chanting it, even just for a few minutes, can produce changes in consciousness.

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An ancient phrase that means “so must it be.” Originally used in Freemasonic rituals, it has been adopted for use in modern Wiccan and ceremonial magick rites where it functions as an ending or “seal” (to keep in the power) of a section of a ritual or of the entire ritual. This is similar to the use of “amen” at the end of prayers.
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Babylonian water god. Also considered the god of wisdom, art, magic, and a creator god.
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An expression used by some Witches and Wiccans. In ritual, it is used to mean “let this be blessed.” Sometimes it is used with an officiating member stating it followed by the participants repeating it in a call-and-response fashion. Also used in farewell statements similar to the Hawaiian “Aloha” or Hebrew “Shalom.” Derived from part of the Gardnerian Witchcraft Initiation ritual’s “Five-fold Kiss.” Abbreviated BB.
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1.  Mythologically, the daughter if Inachus, a Greek river god; she was a nymph seduced by Zeus who impregnated her. He turned her into a heifer and eventually restored her. She was the ancestor of Heracles. The Greeks also associated her with the Moon, and she was referred to as the “horned virgin,” associated both with the Moon and the bull.

2.  One of the larger moons of Jupiter, sometimes used in astrological interpretations. It was discovered in 1610 and given that name by Galileo.

3.  A repeated expression in Aleister Crowley’s famous "Hymn to Pan."

4.  A cry of victory, celebration, or triumph used by some Pagans and Thelemites. It was originally pronounced “yo!” but most magickal people today pronounce it “EE-yo!”

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The 22nd rune of the Elder Futhark, corresponding to the sound ng. The name of this rune refers primarily to the god Yngvi Frey.... Inguz is also a fertility rune.
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1.  Magic is the art of affecting the manifest through the Unmanifest. The manifest is all that can be seen, touched, perceived, manipulated, imagined, or understood. The Unmanifest is none of these things. It is the place, or rather the non-place, from which everything issues. All that comes into being comes from the Unmanifest. All that passes away goes back to the Unmanifest.
2.  According to the famous occultist Aleister Crowley, magick is "the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will." ... In fact, Crowley... says that "every intentional act is a Magickal Act." If you follow his line of reasoning, there is a great deal of validity in what he says, although it is not what we are seeking at this time. We need to make the definition of magick a bit longer: Magick is the science and art of causing change (in consciousness) to occur in conformity ...
3.  The movement of natural (but little understood) energies from the human body and from natural objects to manifest change. Once a world-wide practice, Christianity attempted to stamp it out because magic placed power in the hands of the people. Early Christians linked magic with “Satan,” a false association that continues to this day.
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According to the famous occultist Aleister Crowley, magick is "the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will." ... In fact, Crowley... says that "every intentional act is a Magickal Act." If you follow his line of reasoning, there is a great deal of validity in what he says, although it is not what we are seeking at this time. We need to make the definition of magick a bit longer: Magick is the science and art of causing change (in consciousness) to occur in conformity ...
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A humorous reference to carbon monoxide. When charcoal for incense is burned, it can exhaust the air of oxygen and replace it with carbon monoxide (chemical formula: CO). The lack of oxygen can cause dizziness, sickness, unconsciousness, or death. A magician should always have plenty of air in a room when burning incense.
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The 18th letter of the Ogham tree alphabet, representing the letter U and meaning "heather."

Red heather is a sign of passion, while white heather acts as a protection against acts of passion. Ur is an indication that you should find a "magnificent obsession" for yourself, something big, imaginative, and a true test of your abilities.
See Also:  Uir
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1.  One of the trumps of the Major Arcana of the tarot. Numbered XII. In the system of Eliphas Levi, it corresponds to the Hebrew letter Lamed. In the system of the Golden Dawn, The Hanged Man corresponds to the Hebrew letter Mem and the element of Water.
2.  Sometimes called the Drowned Man, it is the 12th Major Arcanum of the Tarot. Image: Man hanging by one foot with the other crossed behind Hebrew letter: Mem Divinatory meaning: suspension, delay, reversal, personal sacrifice Path on the Tree of Life: The 23rd path connecting Hod to Geburah. Qabalistic Description. The 12th Key, the 23rd Path. The Spirit of the Mighty Waters. This Path runs between Hod and Geburah, the execution of judgment. It is also the self-sacrifice that leads to ...
See Also:  Le Pendu
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One of the three parts the mind that form the structural model in Sigmund Freud’s description of the psyche. The id is described as the basic, instinctual drives, including the libido. It is associated with the unconscious. In Transactional Analysis it is associated to the Child aspect of the psyche. The other parts are the Ego and Super-ego.

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The belief fostered by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke and based on the Mayan Prophecy, that the world would end on December 21, 2012, that there will be a dramatic rebirth of the human spirit and a new global civilization structured to meet the challenges of international terrorism starting in 2001, religious extremism, the financial collapse of 2008, and other common threats to planetary survival. New institutions and international standards are required of nations to participate in new economic, ...
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The fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, H. Represents the number 5. The first of the twelve "single letters." A Hebrew word meaning "window." Corresponds to Aries, the 15th Path (between Chokmah and trump IV The Emperor. (In the system of Aleister Crowley, Heh corresponds to the Tarot trump XVII The Star.)
See Also:  He
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1.  A phrase coined by Dr. Raymond Moody to describe the experiences reported by people who clinically die (or come very close to death) and are then revived. Only a small percentage of people who are revived report having such experiences. Although the most well known of such experiences includes “moving toward the light” at the end of a tunnel and being welcomed by deceased relatives or spiritual beings, other less than positive experiences have been reported, too.
2.  People near death, and sometimes those who have been resuscitated after dying, report common experiences of peacefulness followed by separation from the body. At first there is darkness then seeing a source of light and moving into the light, sometimes through a tunnel. At this point, many turn or are turned to move back into the body. Sometimes they see family and friends, and other times a "presence," who all advise that it is not yet the time for the person to pass over. Other times there ...
See Also:  NDEN.D.E.
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1.  Continuous and profound contemplation or reflection on a subject or series of subjects of a deep or impenetrable nature
2.  Besides contemplation and relaxation, Eastern concepts of meditation add another definition. Specifically, relaxation is the first step and intense contemplation of a single thing is the second step. Eventually, by focusing the mind entirely on a single thing, the conscious tires, resulting in the conscious simply getting out of the way. The result—what some might call “true meditation” or the goal of meditation—is an alternate state of consciousness that allows you direct contact with ...
3.  A long and thoughtful observation of spiritual matters (usually on religious or philosophical subjects)
See Also:  chi
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1.  The Japanese spelling of the Chinese “qi” or “chi,” the universal life force.
2.  Universal energy. Also known as Chi or Prana.
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A shorter version of Witchcraft and used instead of that term or Wicca. It is also used by Freemasons to describe their fraternity without publicly naming it.
See Also:  Craft, TheThe Craft
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