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Rule Your Magic: Carving a Unique Path in Witchcraft

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Individuality and building practice that is unique to us are paramount. After all, each individual is just that—an individual. Each of us is a product of our genetics, culture, and our life experiences. In essence, we are a diverse group of individuals who are part of a larger collective.

The next time you're in a public space, I encourage you to participate in some good-natured people-watching. You'll notice both our subtle and apparent differences—albeit superficially. We are all different, even amongst those with whom we share culture and values. There is no exception—even identical twins have variances in appearance and personality.

This only meets the surface of our diversity. Our inner worlds are a kaleidoscope of varying opinions, preferences, and perceptions. Each of us experiences the world in a slightly different way.

There is an existing philosophical question of whether the shade of green one person sees is the same shade of green that another person sees. There isn't a way to verify this—but the question is intriguing all the same. What if their green is your purple? We could very well be experiencing nature in a way that differs greatly from another person or practitioner. Not one of us would be the wiser. Truth be told, we can never truly experience another person's subjective experience.

We see the world through our own unique lens.

Due to this, our spiritual practices should be shaped by our own realities in order to be authentic to ourselves. Even if we practice a specific tradition, there are likely subtle differences in our practices and, more importantly, our experiences with the divine. By allowing ourselves the freedom to exist as we are and embrace our most authentic selves, we can achieve true spiritual fulfillment.

Creating Connection
While we are all individuals, this does not negate the importance of connection. Remember, we're individuals within the collective. This connection can be one with others, one with the earth, or, perhaps most importantly, a connection with ourselves. Through cultivating these relationships, we have the ability to enhance and deepen our experiences on both the physical and spiritual planes.

That said, before we can develop an outward connection, we must go within. This can be accomplished in several ways, but one great practice is the use of journaling. This can serve as a method to both check in with ourselves as well as a form of self-care. We must tend to our own garden first.

Another such practice is the use of meditation. While meditation can be a practice to go within or clear the mind, it can also be a method of connection. What we connect with through meditation is dependent on our practice and technique, but through meditation, we may connect with the universe, spirits, or humankind as a whole.

By practicing meditation, we become more aware of the subtle energies surrounding us. This shift in perception often grants us the ability to begin energy work. In working with energy, we can further deepen our connection with the world around us as well as the spiritual world, as this is one of the fundamental building blocks to channeling our will.

Follow Your Passions
Another such way to stay true to ourselves is by following our particular passions, and this can present itself in a myriad of ways. Allow yourself to be guided by what appeals to you and what you're interested in. For instance, if you have a passion for gardening, you can explore topics like growing your own herbs as well as learning their medicinal and metaphysical properties.

Alternatively, perhaps you've always felt a connection to the cosmos. Astrology can be an excellent tool for divining our future and assisting us with personal growth. That said, astrology is hardly the only tool for divination. You may find other mediums such as tarot, scrying, or reading runes to be more advantageous to your practice.

The interests that call to you are yours to explore if you so choose. We all start at the beginning, and, in life, we must grow and evolve. It takes time to develop our practice and, oftentimes, our interests grow alongside us. By giving ourselves the freedom to pursue our passions, we're able to truly reflect our most authentic selves and embody our own personal power.

Honor Your Uniqueness
In honoring our uniqueness, we embrace our own distinct qualities and strengths. Through this process, we cultivate an understanding of ourselves and gain the ability to accept ourselves for who we are. This radical self-acceptance is empowering. We become more aware of our own particular brand of greatness and find comfort in our methods. In doing so, we both realize our personal power and how to embody it.

That said, who we are is only a fraction of what makes us unique. Again, while we are individuals, there are many contributing factors to that uniqueness. Remember, we are a sum of not only our experiences but also our culture and our ancestors. Our ancestors exist within us, as they've contributed to our very DNA. Traces of those before us exist within our blood. We are one.

Exploring our ancestry can lead us down interesting paths. Oftentimes it leads us to research things we might not have come across otherwise. Other times, if we're lucky, we may be able to explore traditions that are uniquely available to us.

Experiment with Tools, Techniques, and Traditions
Practice is often developed through experimentation. One such way to carve our own paths is by studying various traditions. Doing so can allow us to home in on the practices and belief systems that resonate with us. However, if one such tradition doesn't satisfy your needs, you needn't worry. Spirituality can be customizable, and you're allowed to follow your intuition to create a practice that aligns with you, fully.

Aside from traditions, we can also experiment with tools of the trade. While it is true that it isn't necessary to use any tools at all, many practitioners find them helpful. Finding out what you need in your own practice is a process that is largely developed through trial and error. You may find items such as a ritual knife, herbs, or particular divinatory tools to be a fundamental part of your practice. Similarly, you may not connect with these methods at all, and that's okay, too.

Another process we can (and should) experiment with is technique. It takes practice to cultivate our own techniques and, oftentimes, we may find what works for one practitioner doesn't necessarily work for another. An example of this is visualization. For instance, with energy work, one may find that the way energy presents itself to them differs from another's description. This is not only acceptable but also entirely normal.

Personalize Rituals and Ceremonies
Another way to ensure our practice is authentic to us is by creating our own materials, spellwork, and rituals. This practice puts us squarely in the driver's seat of our practice. We are the master magicians.

To get started, much like I advocate for journaling, I advocate for keeping magical records of our practice. These can be kept in our grimoires, book of shadows, or our magick book of choice. Once we've created a spot to house our practice, we can begin to fill the pages by recording our own spells and rituals. We can personalize our work by applying what we've learned about tools, ingredients, correspondences, and practices.

Then, we start to experiment. Since we are building a personalized practice, we may find that some of our rituals fall flat, or our spells don't pan out as we expect. That's okay. Record your results, dust yourself off, make adjustments, and try again!

Witchcraft is called a practice for a reason.

It is through the exploration of ourselves and the energy surrounding us, that we develop an understanding. Following our passions and experimenting can help us carve our own paths and develop a personalized practice that feels right for us. When we honor our spirituality in a way that is unique to us, it emboldens us by curating a practice we connect with on an intimate level—and that is powerful.

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