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20 Questions That Will Help You Discover (or Rediscover) Your Magic

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You are magical. Did you know?

Of course you did. Deep down, you've always known.

But popular perspectives in our culture can cause us to question our magic. We can question it in childhood when we're told, "magic isn’t real." We can question it in adolescence when we receive messages that we're not beautiful or perfect enough exactly as we are. And we can question it in adulthood when news outlets tell us how terrible everything is and how disempowered we are to change it.

Still, the fact remains: magic is real.

Magic is all around us.

And you are magical.

You are beautiful, whole, and one with the Divine. You have the power to create positive change according to your will. And you have friends in high places: divine beings and spirits of light that want to help you manifest peace, harmony, abundance, and every wonderful thing.

These questions will help you tap into that magic: to locate it, rediscover it, and own it. Answer them in a journal or notebook when you have some time to yourself.

(Additionally, these are great questions to ask someone you're just getting to know, or to share with your coven or spirit circle.)

  1. When have you had a psychic experience? What was it?
    We are all one, and we are all one with All That Is. As such, we are tapped into all knowing and all wisdom. That's why your psychic experiences aren't coincidence: they're your nature. Expect to have more and you will. Learn to trust yourself and your intuition more and more over time, and you will find your psychic gifts have awakened.

  2. What cultures and myths call to you the most? What attracts you about them?
    Your sparks of interest and inspiration are indications of your unique magical signature. Allow yourself the freedom to explore the deities and traditions that feel authentic to you, and you will tap into a vast wellspring of power.

  3. What is your favorite flower? How does it make you feel? Why do you love it?
    Flowers are like the crown chakra and spiritual emanation of a plant, and they resonate at the level of our emotions. When you define the feeling your favorite flower gives you, you are simultaneously defining your soul's unique expression and purpose in this lifetime.

  4. When have you felt most connected to the Divine?
    Experiences of extreme connection are clues to what awakens our magic and aligns us with Divine power. How can you create similar conditions in order to rediscover this degree of connection?

  5. What is a compliment you have often been surprised to receive?
    Other people often see our unique gifts more clearly than we do. If there's a compliment or comment you've received about one of your gifts or strengths that has surprised you (especially if you've heard it more than once), claim that gift or strength now, and take steps to own it consciously and completely. Doing so will have the added benefit of opening you up to your magic.

  6. What everyday moments or experiences can fill you with a sense of wonder?
    Wonder is magic's best friend. When the scent of rain on pavement or the sound of crickets fills you with wonder, magic is there too. Every time you notice these moments, and look for them, you will invite your magic in.

  7. What is your favorite animal? Which of its qualities do you most admire?
    Whether it's a lion's strength, a fox's beauty, or a unicorn's courage, the quality you most admire in your favorite animal is another sure indication of your individual magical fingerprint. Let yourself claim this quality as an aspect of your power, particularly when you allow your personal power to merge with, and be fueled by, the power of the Divine: of Infinity, Eternity, and All That Is.

  8. What is your favorite tree? What do you love about it? How does it make you feel?
    A tree is a universal symbol of spiritual connection: it's rooted in the fertile earth and draws nourishment from the infinite sky. It shares its beauty, oxygen, and bounty with the creatures that surround it. The tree you most connect with is a metaphor for how you channel power, and how you in turn share it with the world.

  9. If money weren't a concern, how would you spend your time?
    This classic journal question is a classic for a reason: it indicates where our passion lies and how our heart of hearts desires to spend its days. Your answer to this question fires up your true desires, and illuminates the intentions and goals that you can most successfully manifest with your magical work. That's because our true desires are a true expression of our soul. Moving toward manifesting them ignites our magical power like nothing else. Even if you've answered this question before, answer it again. Our desires and passions are like fire: constantly in motion.

  10. Have you ever had a dream that felt like it was a divine message, or a message from the beyond? What was it?
    Whether your dream involved a message about the future, a visit from a deceased loved one, or an illuminating spiritual journey, when you had it, you were certainly tapped into the realm of magic, power, and the Divine.

  11. What places or spaces feel sacred to you? What is it about them?
    The earth is sacred, and every place on the surface of the earth is a sacred space. When you recognize a particular space for what it is (sacred), it means your magical power is in resonance with the magical power of the earth. There is significance in the places that awaken your sense of awe: notice them, honor them, and allow your magic to be charged up and nourished by them.

  12. When you were a child, what were your favorite things to do? How did you like to play?
    Creativity is magic and magic is creativity. And our inner child is our inner creative genius. So revisit the games and activities you adored as a child. Consider how you can employ them into your adult life and spiritual practice in ways that spark your playfulness, creativity, and magical power.

  13. What songs transport you to another realm? What are they about, and what feelings do they give you?
    There is a reason why Merlin is famous for being both a bard and a magician. Music is magic. Music is auditory sacred geometry. That's why the songs that feel transcendent to you are significant. They can be a key to the locked door of your magic, and you can revisit them again and again to connect and reconnect with your magical power.

  14. Who are your favorite characters in fiction (movies, graphic novels, or novels)? How do you identify with them?
    Stories are powerful. Finding the characters you most identify with provides precious clues to your personal hero's journey in this lifetime. What do these characters want? What do they learn? What are they learning to overcome? How can you incorporate these desires and lessons into your magical practice and spiritual path?

  15. At what moments in your life have you felt the most magical? What happened?
    You've felt magical before, and you can feel that way again. Your magic is not dependent on being a certain age, or being in a certain circumstance. Revisit these past moments, and set the clear and powerful intention that you will, in the future, feel just this magical and more.

  16. Have you ever felt connected to deceased loved ones? Who, when, and how?
    Our ancestors and deceased loved ones are often still very present in our lives, via the spiritual realm. Remembering and honoring these loved ones lends strength to our connection with them, and allows us to draw on their wisdom and support.

  17. If you had to guess the name, appearance, and personality of one of your guardian spirits or spirit guides, what would you guess?
    Relax, take some deep breaths, look deeply, and guess. When you phrase your questions to your intuition by adding, "If you had to guess," you bypass the part of your mind that questions and discounts your clear inner knowing. So take a "guess," and trust the insight you receive. The more you do this, the easier it will be to access your intuitive and magical power.

  18. What are your favorite kinds of landscapes? Forest? Desert? Ocean? Meadow? Somewhere else? Why, and what feelings do they give you?
    Your answer to this question indicates your elemental orientation as a magic worker. For example, while landscapes are always a combination of elements, the desert is predominantly fiery. The forest is earthy. The ocean is watery. Meadows are more on the airy side. Knowing what element feeds your magic is a helpful insight. Fire witches can charge up their energy with a bonfire, or even a candle. Earthy practitioners can receive a boost by walking barefoot on the earth, hanging out with plants, or holding a crystal. Water folks can receive a powerful tune-up and boost from a dunk in a natural body of water, or even a bath. And air people can charge up their magic by taking deep breaths in the open air, or by standing in the wind.

  19. Do you feel particularly alive during a certain type of weather pattern, such as rain, wind, snow, or sunshine? Which one(s), and why do you think that is?
    This question also indicates your elemental orientation: it may provide a repeat of what you learned in the previous question, or it may give greater dimension to your elemental profile. Additionally, it will indicate more ways you can charge up or wield your magic: by standing in the rain, for example, putting a rainbow crystal in a sunny window, or working some wintery magic on a snowy day.

  20. When do you feel the most alive?
    When you feel alive, all aspects of you are alert and thriving. Feeling this way is a sure sign that your magic is awakened. Notice the situations and conditions that stir your sense of aliveness, and leverage them to consciously awaken to your magical power.

If you enjoyed answering these questions, you'll love my brand new book, You Are Magical.

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