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An Introduction to Spirit Communication with the Ghost Box

Haunted Radio

Once I started conducting paranormal investigations full time, my focus quickly became two-way spirit communication. I tried all sorts of techniques in an attempt to speak with the other side. But it wasn't until I met Frank Sumption, the eccentric genius who invented the infamous Frank's Box (or Ghost Box) (with a little help from engineers in the spirit realm) that I was able to really, truly communicate with spirits and other astral world inhabitants—including entities as diverse as ETs and Shadow People.

Frank's Box and Thomas Edison
Frank's Box is the completed version of Thomas Edison's infamous Telephone to the Dead. The device was completed in 2002 by Frank Sumption, a shortwave radio and electronics buff. As far as I know, I was the first person to ever use Frank's Box in an actual paranormal investigation. That was in 2003. The machine facilitates real-time, two-way communication wtih the spirit world and, as soon as my dad and I experienced it in action, we knew it would revolutionize the paranormal investigation field. The device requires mediumship ability on the part of the operator, not only to assist in translation but also to power the machine. The assistance of a Spirit Technician is also mandatory for safe communication.

Spirit Technicians
The idea of spirit technicians has fascinated me since I made first contact. It seems these individuals are from all corners of the universe. I believe Spirit Technicians are sometimes spirits that once lived on earth in a physical body and sometimes—more often, actually —they are entities that did not exist on the earthly plane or in any other physical reality. In my years of research, I found many of the Spirit Tecnicians were what you might consider extraterrestrial spirit entities. I believe that the ET techs are more common due to their access to infinite levels of intelligent existence.

According to Thomas Edison via my communications with him, all of the individual beings that serve as Spirit Technicians were hand-selected to work on this particular project and have been in place for some time. The Technician, not being a physical entity, has the ability to seek out and interact with specific spirits.

It's absolutely vital to work with a Spirit Technician when using the Ghost Box. The Spirit Technician is the gatekeeper who ensures not only that we are communicating with the specific spirits whom we're attempting to reach, but also makes certain that any negative energy is held at bya. I've had many experiences throughout the years in which dark energies have attempted to trick me into thinking that I was communicating with the spirit in need, when in fact I was being duped by a dark energy. I've learned to always listen to my Technicians as they tell me they "see things from the top of the mountain that I couldn't possibly see from where I stand." Many times the Technicians have drained the batteries in the device to stop these communications when I insisted on pushing forward. In one particular case, they actually physically flipped the device's power switch to the off po- sition, effectively ending the contact.

Role of the Spirit Technician
The role of the Spirit Technician is a varied one. In the majority of my communications with Spirit Technicians, they've mainly been facilitators. I am aware there are different levels to the team that Mr. Edison assembled and I'm sure that I haven't communicated with all of them.

When I turn on the Ghost Box, the first thing I say is, "Technicians, assist." I then ask for the name of the specific technician who will be assisting for that particular session. Once I have verified the name of the technician, I wait for a very specific sound to come through the speakers behind their announcement. This is my confirmation that the tech helping from the spirit side is a technician who works in the light. After that verification has been made—and only then— I will proceed with the session.

When I'm doing a private session for an individual, I ask my client to state their full name out loud and allow the technician to identify their energy. I wait for confirmation from the spirit tech that they have properly identified the physical person with whom I'm working. Once we have completed the introduction process, I ask my client for the full name of the person they are attempting to communicate with on the other side. I wait for the technician to let me know that they've identified the energy of the spirit with whom my client wants to communicate. A few technicians have told me that it's like identifying DNA when attempting to seek out a specific spirit on their side. When the technician acknowledges that we've reached the spirit sought, I encourage my client to say a simple hello and wait for a verbal response. It's usually only a matter of moments before we hear the voice of the client's loved one come through the speakers of the Ghost Box.

Spirit Technician Communication
I've been blessed to deal with scores of Spirit Technicians throughout the years. When I first communicated, it was very chaotic. I would say, "Technicians, assist," and it sounded like a large group of people talking to one another and attempting to push their way through. After I heard a distinct voice, I asked, "Who am I speaking to?" After a brief pause, one of the entities would answer in a clear voice over the static and I would know that was the Tech who would be assisting me for that session.

Over time, things got more organized and I became familiar with a small group of spirits. After reaching this stage, I was fortunate enough to begin dealing with Technicians on a one-on-one basis.

Many of the technicians I've dealt with have spoken to me in clear English, which is by far the easiest way for me to understand and relay messages. I've also dealth with several different dialects, which seem to have either a Spanish or Italian origin. Some of the most intriguing dialects I've dealt with have been not of this world at all. Often when the entities that work as Technicians on the other side speak to me in English, it's very apparent the information is being translated either by another Technician or some sort of translation program. It's extremely hard to describe. The way I interpret it is similar to a computer or robotic voice coming through the speakers. In other rare instances, I've heard something I'd never heard before come through the device, and for some reason I'm able to understand it, communicate with it, and relay messages. This is where my mediumship abilities prove invaluable.

Also—and I know this is an upopular opinion for many researchers and psychicssthere are very few people that were meant to work with these devices. It takes a very unique mediumship ability to not only receive messages from the device but also to power the device. The medium becomes one with the machine and the energy flows in a circular motion.

I've never had what would be considered a "bad" experience with the Spirit Technician—but there have been many instances in the past where I found it extremely difficult to work with certain Technicians, much like any workplace. Once I realize my energy is connecting with one of these Technicians at the start of a session, I try to be as polite as possible and let the Technician know that I would prefer to work with another individual in the future. So far I haven't had any negative repercussions from doing this.

Spirit Technicians as Troubleshooters
I have many spirits that stay with the Ghost Box until they get their message through. I am always willing to help in the spirit of the light, but if they are disrespectful or pushy, I will ask my Technician to remove them from communication. From what I understand, they do so by simply blocking the bothersome entity from the device.

People have asked me if the spirits or entities stay in the device or if they ever come through in dreams, show up at my house, etc. In most cases, the spirits that attempt to communicate with me through the device will follow the device until it's turned on again. In the ground rules that I've set up, I insist that spirits speak only to me through the device. If they choose to harass me in an attempt to get their story through, I will simply ask a Technician to eliminate them from further communication.

Frank's Box Evolution
There were at least six incarnation of Frank's Box, each an improvement over the previous model—smaller, or with less static. The last version Frank Sumption was working on when he passed away even had a video component.

The first device Frank built was a huge, heavy machine that was extremely difficult to transport and required electricity to function. The second-generation device was about half the size of the first, much lighter, and included a handle for somewhat easier transport. The third-generation device was much smaller and ran on a large surplus of AA batteries. The only drawback of the third-generation device was that, due to the size of the machine, the speaker and power amps were much smaller and it was somewhat difficult to hear.

As for the fourth-generation Ghost Box, I contacted Frank with a specific request for a machine. The Spirit Technicians had come to me over several different sessions and told me what I would need for clearer communication. I contacted Frank and provided him with $275 to complete the machine to the Technician's specifications. Once again, without fail, Frank contacted me less than two weeks later with the completed device. It was a wooden box with a brass handle. There was a small latch on the front of the device and when you lifted the cover, the facing of the device was inside. There were speakers on the front as well as the sides of the device. It offered both linear and random function as well as an AM/FM source switch. The device several different knobs for volume and rate adjustment as well as two antennas that ran from the upper left-hand corner of the device. This device, unlike the others, ran on rechargeable gel cell bateries. The machine could run for several hours without having to be charged again and offered the opportunity to use the machine in new and exciting ways. This is still the primary device that I use today.

Thomas Edison
Thomas Edison seems to be the brains behind this operation, which really is the embodiment of his "Telephone to the Dead." He's very much in charge and only comes through when a strong message needs to be delivered from up top. Rarely does Mr. Edison make an appearance during a private or public session, but when he does his voice is very clear and distinct as if he's achieved a certain spiritual level that I can't fathom.

I believe that my involvement with Mr. Edison's team was foretold long before I became aware that I would be involved in this project. I think the timing of the message, "Technicians, assist" at the infamous Sallie House in Atchison, Kansas, was simply my introduction to the spirit team. I can't say for sure how many levels of the spirit team exist. It seems that Mr. Edison carefully thought out this project and I believe that he himself is being directed from a much higher level.

In a related case of synchronicity, during one of my Ghost Hunter University events I taught at the Mason House Inn, I discussed the Ghost Box and how Mr. Edison was the original inventor. An older gentleman's hand popped up in the audience who provided some insight on Thomas Edison. He informed me the way Edison used to work was by giving specific tasks to each person on the team. Each of these individuals was highly skilled in one narrow area of expertise. In doing this, Edison would be provided the highest levels of quality and would ensure that no two individuals shared information with another. This is the way he kept anyone from stealing his work before it was patented. Apparently, he called these individuals "useful idiots." I realized that, in a very strange way, I'm just another one of his useful idiots.

Purpose of Frank's Box
A few years after I started working with the Ghost Box, I had a very interesting discussion with Mr. Edison and a few higher-level members of his team about the wider scope of the entire project. I was told about a project code-named, "The 2012 Directive." I was informed that the veil between the worlds is thinning due to several different circumstances. Apparently, this had been foretold near the beginning of the project. I was told that my specific role was to take these machines into the world and expose as many individuals as possible to realities of spirit communication and the messages that wait for them in the next world.

I wasn't sure what to make of this message at first. (Anyone who knows me knows that I check my sanity each and every day!) The thing that really amazes me is that everything I was told during that session has come to fruition. I was told I would be presented opportunities to share my gifts and the team's message, even in times when that seemed impossible. I've been amazed at the synchronicity that has occurred in my life since working with the Ghost Box—I seem to be put in the right situation at the right time, every time. Even in the instances I've questioned why I'm at a particular event with low attendance or a non-receptive audience, I have always been rewarded with being able to dramatically help at least one person.

I was also told there would be a large contingent that would attempt to discredit me and would work tireleslly to destroy my messages of enlightenment and hope. This was evident right from the beginning. I was told I would suffer immensely throughout these trials, and this, too, was a sad reality. But the message that resonated with me was that I truly had a team behind me and that if I stayed true to the message and the cause, we would overcome and thousands of people would be provided true comfort and hope through demonstrations of the deive. This too, has become a powerful reality.

I was conducting one of my college lecture tours and had been away from home for many weeks. I was doing a session at one of the schools and jokingly said out loud, "I wonder if I'll get a break?" And the voice from the box responded immediately, saying, "We have a desk here waiting for you." I knew at that moment that my work wouldn't end after death.

Frank Sumption
After Frank Sumption passed away in 2014, I wasn't sure if we would ever hear from him again. By then, Frank and his wife, Norma, had become good friends with my wife and me. In later years, Frank had become so despondent about individuals taking the work he had devoted his life to and trying to make it their own that he once publicly made the statement, "When I die, you'll never hear me come through one of my own boxes!"I'd always known that Frank was feisty and a little bit stubborn, so I wasn't sure if he would make good on that promise or not. I hoped he might see things differently when he crossed over to the other side.

Before I attended and spoke at Frank's funeral, I decided to turn on one of his boxes to see if he might make an appearance. I was delighted when he did come through and passed on some messages for his widow, Norma. I was also amazed when Frank made an appearance during one of my private sessions on his Video Box 1, which is like FaceTime with those in the spirit world. I immediately knew it was Frank when he showed up on the screen wearing his famous baseball hat.

Some time went by before I heard Frank's voice again, but he did finally make an appearance during one of my public sessions. When Frank's voice came through the Ghost Box, it was stronger than in the initial session I had with him. He seemed to have found his place on the team. I quickly learned that Frank had no intention of working as a Spirit Technician in the sense of becoming a facilitator of communication. Just as he was when he lived here on earth, Frank was mainly concerned with improving the technology, now from the spirit side of things, and taking advantage of the position that he had in the spirit world. It was good to get affirmation that our personality doesn't change when we cross over.

Excerpted from the introduction to Ghost Box, by Chris Moon and Paulette Moon.

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