Becoming a Spiritual Psychic: The Path to Conscious Awakening

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If you're starting to open intuitively—as so many of us on the planet are—you'll soon realize there are many ways to becoming psychic.

Some are ancient ways, some are new, and I won't list them all here. However, to my mind, there is only one path that serves our highest purpose or possibility for this lifetime: that of the Spiritual Psychic.

To live as a Spiritual Psychic means that you approach the practice of intuition from a spiritual perspective; that is, you choose to look at intuition as:

  • A connection with the Divine/God/One/All
  • An expansion of consciousness beyond the everyday
  • A transmutation of earth being into Divine self
  • A tool for soul growth
  • A life’s practice; a particular way of living

What I have found is that we when choose to work in service to the Divine in this way, our lives change, our hearts heal, and miracles most certainly happen.

Two Paths, One Destination
There are two pathways to become a Spiritual Psychic: one is spiritual, and the other is psychic. The funny thing is, both paths journey exactly the same road—just traveled from opposite directions. One road takes you from Point A to Point B; the other road takes you from Point B to same A. Same journey… different approaches!

For example, let's say you were a guru, a holy saint, or mystic deep in spiritual practice. You pray, you do ritual, you sit in meditation and connect deeply to the Now, the present moment, to the absolute energy of the Universe; in everything you do, your sole (and soul) focus is your spiritual development, to the exclusion of all else. You are rigorous and devoted to the spiritual practices that will take you there.

You aren't at all concerned with becoming psychic, because that's not your spiritual goal. In fact, you don't really care if you become psychic or not.

And yet, over time, as you sit on your prayer rug in deepest trance, and as you expand your consciousness further and further… something happens. You become psychic, simply because your consciousness has shifted—and this is what happens when our consciousness shifts.

Now, let's say you're walking the other road. You're a person deeply intrigued by the possibility of becoming psychic. You train with the highest level teachers, you take workshops, you do readings and healings for those who come your way, and as you practice your skills, you get better and better at dancing in those layers and levels of the Universe. You learn how to work with guides, angels, the departed. You understand how to skip time and distance, you understand the ineffable wonder of pure energy. You spend countless hours of your practice in trance, simply listening to the hum of the Universe. And as you follow this practice over time, you become more than just a psychic. You also become spiritual.

The level of consciousness it takes for you to do psychic work, to sit in trance and to consort with guides, is a consciousness shift that transforms you into spiritual being.

In other words: walk on the spiritual path long enough, and you become psychic. Walk the psychic path long enough, and you become spiritual.

Becoming Illuminated—Sans Ego

The trouble I see is that at the beginning stages, not everyone's able to see this far ahead. We stumble, we get confused, we are unsure where we are headed. For example, when my own psychic awakening was happening, I was so enthralled by my new abilities: channeling, talking to guides, conversing with the departed. I was so entranced by all my new tricks and techniques that for a while there, I was in danger of missing the point.

I see this frequently now with those who are beginning their journey as a Spiritual Psychic, and even those who've been practicing a long time. Why is this? Mostly, because the ego tends to go a little crazy with the perceived power that being psychic brings. Suddenly, you're able to look at people in the grocery store, and know their life story? You can talk to the departed, and bring comfort to their loved ones? You can tell a confused wife if her husband is cheating or not? You can tell a person who's sick, that they will soon become well? The ego likes this kind of thing. And there is nothing spiritual about that at all.

So often I see psychics, even those who work in the light (and thank goodness there are so many of you!) stumble upon their ego a bit, all the while, professing to not have ego at all. This is just a stage, and those working in the light will soon break through… their consciousness shift will create this next step for them.

You can't deny the Divine if you want to be a true psychic. And you can't deny the psychic, if you want to be a conscious, spiritual being.

We can't always define what we mean when we say "Divine." But once you have experienced the consciousness shift that arrives when you exist, even for a moment, as one of One, you'll never forget the feeling.

Bliss. Nirvana. Absolute Joy.

This is the light of consciousness, and it comes to all who are spiritually aware and to all who are psychically open. When you practice as a Spiritual Psychic you lock into this hum of the Universe, and you recognize this as yourself.

Let the Divine Do the Work

At the heart of being a spiritual or psychic practitioner, we move aside and allow the light to do its work. To rephrase: we don't do the work. The light does.

Before I enter a room to work with a client, the "me" that stands outside the door is gently asked to drift away, so that by the time I arrive to the person awaiting me, that vestige of my personality has gone. I open myself, I make myself available, I become conduit, channel, tube. I become willing servant to the light, to the guides, to whatever saints and Holy Ones arrive into the room.

Now, in most sessions, I'll also talk a lot… it may even seem like a normal conversation. But what is really happening is that in the moment, the possibility has been created for opening to Divine vibration, and the possibility has been created for heart's opening and healing. Maybe it's just a tiny crack that opens the heart to light. Maybe it's a full-fledged opening. I don't know. It's never for me to decide.

And thus, I enter the treatment room with gravitas... and I enter with responsibility. Responsibility not to heal or fix or dazzle or amaze my client, but simply to show up fully present, so that if the client is open to the light, this illumination will be facilitated.

I don't heal people. The light does.
I don't open people. The light does.
I don't do anything… except leave my regular, flawed, everyday "me" outside the door, and become fully present to what awaits within the room.

It is a mistake, no matter how brilliant of a psychic or spiritual practitioner you are, to think otherwise.

Playing "Oracle" Is Beside the Point

In the beginning, when I first started my practice, I would occasionally have people come to me who would scream, rage, and argue, demanding that I tell them their future. These unhappy people—for they were always deeply miserable—always wanted to know what would happen next: what job, what move, what partner, what financial situation…Now, I often do see people's future psychically; or more precisely, the possibilities they are currently headed toward. And yet, the future is always the least of our worries, when our present is all screwed up!

In the early days, I'd end up playing "oracle" to these clients, telling where I saw them headed. I'd walk away from the sessions deeply disheartened, knowing that all the future visioning in the world wasn't going to help these folks.

Nowadays, I refuse to play "oracle." If people ask me about their future, I invite them to first express what they'd like to create… and then to look within, and see if their actions, their intentions, and their consciousness in the Now align with that reality. If not, then how do we get there? What work needs to be done? Do we need to move through emotional states, such as to look at past pain? What needs to heal? What needs to shift?

As always, we hold vibration in session, at the highest level the client and I can co-create. For some clients, their contact with you as Spiritual Psychic may be the only light, the only contact with high level vibration that they are going to encounter that day. Please, gift them with this vibration! No matter how gifted you are as a psychic, please don't be just an oracle. Instead, give your clients the gift of yourself—of being the fullest person, the fullest presence, the most conscious spiritual being in earth form that you can be, in that minute, in that room.

Allow the light to come through you as conduit, channel, tube. Let the Divine work through you, without interference of ego or fear or doubt.

And… you don't have to reserve this for just your clients! Try it on your family and friends, the person standing next to you in line. Good energy is good energy. It makes people feel good, raises vibration, opens hearts—and tends to be contagious.

In Case of Spiritual Awakening...

Over the past few years, I've noticed something interesting: a lot of my clients tend to be in the midst of spiritual awakening, or began to have spontaneous spiritual awakening when we start our work together. Again…it's not me. It's simply consciousness, going viral!

It all sounds so exciting, this talk of awakening—suddenly you're in communication with guides, angels, the departed… and yet, it's not always easy to integrate that experience into your perceived reality. There is often a gap in our ability to have psychic experiences (channeling, guides, mediumship, energy healing, and so on) and to integrate these experiences into the paradigm in which we've been living. In fact, our perceived reality might even deny that we can have those experiences.

If this is what's happening to you, I invite you to take your time. In my own situation, it took a full eight years from the time of my Near Death Experience to my full spiritual awakening when I received The 33 Lessons. Eight years might seem like a long time…but it's what I needed, in order to integrate what was happening. Even now, years later, I am still opening, deepening, growing.

So, if you're in the midst of spiritual awakening, take your time. Allow your fears to release. Allow yourself to understand that what is happening is actually true and real—and yes, it is happening to you, just as it happened to all those psychics and mystics throughout the eons!

This stuff just happens to folks, and right now, it's happening more than ever. Believe it or not, we are evolving as human beings, and this particular aspect of human evolution—conscious awakening—is happening to lots and lots of us right now.

Believe it. Enjoy it.

Move forward into all the aspects of yourself: earth self, Divine self. Understand that these parts of you are ultimately intertwined, one and the same, and when manifest in full integration—as Spiritual Psychic—you will become capable of your highest possibility for love, joy and soul growth during this lifetime.

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