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The 6 Spiritual Roles Animals Play in Our Lives

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Animals play important roles in our lives and can assist us greatly in numerous ways that might not initially be evident if we don't take the time to examine them closely. As our spiritual companions, they offer us a deep transformative power, and they generally fall into one or more specific roles in our lives.

While there are several ways animals help us, we;re going to discuss six of them that stand out as some of the more common ones we might experience. The more attuned we are to animal communication and their subtle nuances, the more clearly we are able to see how they guide and direct us in these ways.

My work as an animal intuitive and master healer has taught me that our animal companions have clear and purposeful communication and direction for us. My book Bark, Neigh, Meow: Awaken to the Transformative Wisdom of Your Companion Animal to Activate Your Soul's Highest Calling, details through real-life stories and examples some of the common ways our animal companions help us and impart their divine wisdom into our lives. Let's take a look at the most common roles and some of the ways they impact our lives.

  1. Partner
    When we form a bond with an animal, it goes much deeper than just a friendship, although they are certainly excellent friends to us and provide wonderful camaraderie. Animals can be our soulmates—our spiritual companions divinely partnered with us for a very specific reason or purpose. In fact, we might discover a bond with our animal companion that goes as deep as—or even deeper than—our bonds with other people. Many find that the partnership is stronger than the human bond due to the unconditional love with which our animals shower us—which makes it easy for us to connect on such a deep level with them. Our hearts and souls seem to merge, and therefore, we can easily link our energy fields as well. This spiritual connection creates a strong bond that lasts even beyond death—our animal partners are still able to be with us from the spirit realm and are able to communicate with, comfort, and guide us from there while we're still on the earthly plane.

    It is my firm belief that animals were put on this earth not only to be friends and companions for us, but to share their deep, divine wisdom with us; each of them possesses it and eagerly wants to impart it to us. It may not always be evident in the moment, but in hindsight, we can almost always see just how important an animal friend was or continues to be in our lives. All beings are equal, and any species can partner with us and help to enhance our lives, even unexpected ones such as hedgehogs, tortoises, and goats that aren't typically thought of as pets. When we make a conscious decision to attune to them and link our spirits, we work together in unison and awaken a fulfilling and often magical existence.

  2. Teacher
    Animals come into our lives to teach us many things, both subtle and obvious—and in both physical and spiritual ways. From the smallest of lessons, such as, "Slow down and enjoy life in the moment," to deep, personal, and very specific divine messages tailored to our lives and experiences, we can learn a great deal from our animal friends. Being attuned to an animal companion as well as animals in general can reward us with many lessons they desire to teach us and can drive us forward on both our individual and collective spiritual journeys. Each nugget of wisdom we receive can open us up to further teachings, guide us toward our purpose, and propel our spiritual growth as we fulfill our own divine missions.

    Animals are excellent teachers, and when we open ourselves up to what they have to share with us, we can grow exponentially simply by being in their presence and experiencing day-to-day life. It takes careful attention at times to recognize and absorb the lessons they wish to impart, but once we attune to them, it becomes second nature for us. Animals teach us unconditional love, patience, and living in the present moment. Even observing interactions between two cats, birds, or hamsters can teach us a lot about life, nature, and the oneness of all. Adopting an attitude of learning from animals can benefit us a great deal and allows us to grow and share what we learn with others.

  3. Guide
    Spiritual guides can come in many forms, and animal companions are our furry ones, put here to guide us in both the physical and unseen realms. Whether they are guiding us toward a decision, a breakthrough, or our divine paths—or maybe away from danger—animals can provide clear and directed guidance in our lives when we are attuned to and communicating with them. The deeper the bond we share with our animal friends, the more we are in tune to their guidance. At times, the guidance may surprise us—but when we are receiving clear or multiple messages in one direction, we can pause and ask our animal companion for more information, and ultimately, we can trust that they almost always know what's best for us in our lives.

    Animals can guide us in many ways and areas—toward something, through something, or away from something. For example, maybe a dog barks incessantly to alert you to an intruder, or a flock of birds alerts you to an incoming storm. But there can be intensely personal guidance we receive from animals as well, such as a prompt to move forward in an area of our lives or back off and try a different approach. Recognizing the clear guidance of an animal leads to many benefits in our lives, so it's important to be attuned to this important element they offer us.

  4. Healer
    Animals possess extraordinary healing abilities, and stories of animals healing and helping to heal humans abound. The healing our animals provide can encompass a variety of areas, from physical ailments to emotional issues and even a broken heart. (Anyone who's spent a lot of time with an animal companion after a painful loss can attest to that.) But animals are also able to heal themselves, help us heal them, and help us heal ourselves. The deeper the connection, the deeper the healing—and our animal companions also help us to cultivate our own healing gifts. When you're feeling sick or experiencing an ailment, pay attention to your animal friend's actions in relation to you and even your chakras. Animals will often lie on or point to a specific area that needs healing or chakra that needs balancing, and this is but one incredible way animals share their healing abilities with us.

    Animals are like sponges for us; I’'e seen them absorb and take on the illness of a human in their efforts to heal them. They can also balance your energy or alert you to something physically off in your body with their persistent demonstrative actions. I've even had animals tell me what was wrong with them during times of acute illness, the specificity uncanny, even lifesaving! This is yet another reason a deep connection with animals and being attuned to them can help and change our lives, and we would do well to notice details of their healing actions and abilities.

  5. Catalyst
    When we are deeply connected to our animal companions and are in a place of receiving their divine wisdom, they can serve as catalysts in many areas of our lives. Oftentimes, the guidance or wisdom of an animal friend in our lives presents us with an opportunity for change that may sometimes feel daunting for us, but in the end, we learn that all was divinely orchestrated. Further, when we are listening to their guidance and teachings, we can not only learn more about ourselves and our own purpose, but we may just be inspired to take a step or leap toward following our dreams. Sometimes, the subtle nudgings of an animal friend are just what we need to move ourselves in the direction of our divine mission and purpose.

    Often, the mere presence of an animal in our lives can be the catalyst we need to push us toward the next highest version of ourselves. Perhaps a stray cat appeared in your yard unexpectedly or a relative dropped a dog off to you, and even though you hadn't planned to add another member to the family, you kept them. Before long, you're noticing that the animal is showing you something about yourself that you'd forgotten—or are just becoming aware of—or in some way, the animal is inciting positive change. Attuning to the wisdom of an animal can be the catalyst we need to open up certain areas of our lives and allow them to help us follow our dreams.

  6. Bridge
    There are many bridges we traverse throughout our lives, and our animal companions are there to guide us—or even be the bridge themselves. Communication with animals can deepen our connection with the spirit realm, other animals, and all that is around us. Each animal comes into our lives at a specific time and for a specific purpose, and sometimes that purpose is to bridge the gap toward another part of our lives or to further communication, healing, teaching, and guidance from other animals. Think about a time when connecting to one animal has led you to meeting another that needed your help—the first animal was the bridge. An animal friend can bridge the gap between spiritual and physical realms also, such as guiding a soul to the other side or sending us communication from another being that has crossed over.

    Animals can serve as bridges in many ways—for example, an animal's message from the "other side" may be so meaningful and profound for his or her person that it is enough to help heal or greatly lesson the pain and grief of their loss. Even a non-domesticated animal such as a hawk that's still on the earthly plane will often be the bridge to deliver a message from a beloved animal friend that's already crossed over. Receiving it can be absolutely heartwarming. Simply learning that the love we share with our animal companions does not end with their passing from the physical plane is one of the most important and meaningful messages an animal lover can learn. Since all of life is interconnected, animals can bridge many connections with and for us as well as helping us to become a bridge for others.

It's important to remember that each role that an animal companion plays in our lives leads us toward something greater in our lives, whether that's recognizing our own spiritual gifts or nudging us toward healing or following our dreams—or something else entirely. When we are deeply bonded, connected, and communicating with animals, we open ourselves up to receiving infinite richness from them. Animals are a vitally important part of our lives and can teach us, guide us, heal us—and so much more—when we allow them.

For a deeper dive into some of the various roles that animals play in our lives, you can read my book, Bark, Neigh, Meow: Awaken to the Transformative Wisdom of Your Companion Animal to Activate Your Soul's Highest Calling.

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