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13 Candle Spell Hacks That Anyone Can Use

Candle and Quartz

Candle Magic Doesn't Have to Be Overwhelming
If you've never done a candle spell before, candle magic can seem a bit daunting. Even if you've done a few candle spells, you might feel bogged down with the details.

I hear from panicky spell casters all the time who are overwhelmed by too many moving parts in their spells. They are unsure if they have to start on a certain day or use a certain candle or say certain words to get the result that they want. While timings, candle style, and incantations can all add power to a spell, if they are causing "analysis paralysis" then all that anxiety around your spell is actually working against you.

Are You Overthinking Your Spell Work?
We've all seen those Hollywood movies with witches doing elaborate candle spells with eye of newt and toe of frog, and it's natural to worry that, if our spell isn't Instagram-worthy are we doing something wrong?

"What if I pick the wrong candle?"
"What happens if I make a horrible mistake?"
And, the big one..."Where do I even start?”"

The good news is that not every candle spell has to be an elaborate set up with rare ingredients on a dedicated altar. Even a beginner witch can do powerful spells with less complicated magic and see amazing results.

I'm going to share 13 of my favorite easy-breezy tips and tricks for candle spells that bust the myths you might be carrying around in the back of your head and give you the encouragement to go for it.

  1. If you need the results now, do your spell now. It might be lovely to wait until a certain special moon phase or day of the week, but if you need those spell results ASAP, do your spell right now.
  3. More is not always better. More candles, more herbs, more oils. We can overload our spell with too much stuff, confusing the energy, or worse, creating a flammable mess. A single candle charged with a clear and focused intent can be more productive than twenty candles imbued with 13 different herbs and spices and some wishy-washy energy. Which bring me to...
  5. Your emotions and focus are the most important ingredients. Sometimes you might feel like you can't do your spell because you don't have the correct "stuff," but don't forget that your confident emotions and your positive focus on your goal are the most important ingredients of any candle spell.
  7. You don't always need to do all the work. While I am a total advocate for empowering people to create their own candle spells, sometimes we don't have the energy or the time to learn everything needed to craft a particular candle spell formula from scratch. That's where reliable and trusted shops come in. Purchase a spell kit or prepared candle from your favorite magical candle shop and you will be able to do a spell that's as simple as lighting a wick.
  9. Size matters! (But probably not the way you think it does.) I love big pillar candles (and I cannot lie!) but for a spell where you need results right now, a candle that burns for a long time might not be the best choice. A smaller candle such as a chime candle or even a birthday candle may be just the thing if you need to get that spell out there into the ether right this minute!
  11. You can't mess up the words. If you're not sure what spell words to use, speak from your heart. Extra bonus witch tip: When possible, try to phrase things in the positive (for example, "I am protected" rather than, "Bad things are not going to happen to me anymore").
  13. There are plenty of great substitutes for the rare and endangered. There are a lot of old candle spells that utilize herbs or roots that are endangered or animal parts that may be harvested in unethical ways. Don't feel pressured into using ingredients that don't mesh with your own ethical standards. You don't necessarily need a rare and expensive mandrake root for every (or even "any") love spell. There are dozens of amazing plants that you can add to your magic that can probably be found in your spice rack or your garden (I see you, cinnamon and rose!)
  15. You can do a candle spell without a dedicated altar space. I love a good altar (the five altars in my house will testify to that) but you don't always need a formal altar to do a candle spell. Clear a shelf, window sill, side table, or even a kitchen table and it can serve as a space to do your candle magic. Just be sure that all flammable things (such as curtains or papers) are kept far away from your flame.
  17. You don't need to wait to be initiated to do candle spells. Becoming an initiate into a mystery tradition can be an amazing and enlightening journey, but it's not required for you to do candle magic. Candle magic isn't a part of any one spiritual path. It belongs to everyone. It's the people's magic!
  19. If your candle does wonky things, fix it! Candle spells aren't called spell "work" for nothin'! Sometimes you have to give it a little effort. If your candle is doing something weird as it burns, don't just stand by and watch—work on it! Pour out excess wax, add a helper wick for a candle where the wick gets drowned in the wax pool, or trim back the wick for a candle flame that is burning too high. The goal is to have an even and steady burn and if you have to tend to your candle to get that, then do it.
  21. Trust your magic. One of the simplest concepts to know but most difficult to master is the idea that you have to have trust. Trust that your candle is sending lightwaves of positive intention out into the universe. Trust that your herbal allies are supporting your magic. And most importantly, trust your own power to transform your life through magic.
  23. Have patience with your results. Sometimes a few things have to unfold in time and space before you can get your candle spell results. One phrase I love to add to my candle spell words is "...the perfect outcome in perfect timing..." By saying that, I remind myself to be patient and aim high for the very best outcome. 

  24. Don't be afraid to try a different approach. Once in a while, even the most adept magicians casts a candle spell that does nothing. Don't beat yourself up about it. It's just feedback that's telling you that you need to approach the matter in a different magical way. Try the same candle with a slightly a different intention, try a different candle spell, or try a spell that doesn't involve a candle at all. Make notes about what works and what doesn't in your Book of Shadows (or your spiral notebook) and you'll start to see what magic is most effective for you.

K.I.S.S. (or, "Keep It Simple, Sorceress/Sorcerer")
If you find yourself hesitating before doing a candle spell, remind yourself that people have been playing magically with fire for hundreds of thousands of years. Your ancestors probably didn't stress about whether or not they had all the things that they thought they needed for a spell and neither should you.

Remind yourself that it's better to do a simple and focused candle spell with what you have available than to do nothing at all. Candle spells are meant to be exciting and fun. Free yourself to play with candle magic in simpler ways and watch your magic soar.

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