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10 Self-Care Practices for Earth Angels

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Have you ever heard the term earth angel? Maybe somebody once described your second-grade teacher, your mother's nurse—or you—as an earth angel. In my new book, Are You an Earth Angel?, I offer my take on earth angels, based on the earth angels I've been privileged to work with in thousands of intuitive readings over the years.

Earth angels are different from divine angels, but they share many character traits with their winged friends. Like divine angels, earth angels are very sensitive, compassionate, and giving. Earth angels are also generally nonjudgmental and optimistic—unless they are experiencing earth angel burnout. Earth angels love to help other people and be of service…so much so that they can over-give and deplete their reserves. When this happens, earth angels often don't feel very angelic at all. The following are some special self-care tips for earth angels, because giving back to yourself is the best way to insure you're well enough to give to others. And giving to others is not only what earth angels love to do—it's their divine soul mission.

  1. Get familiar with the signs of earth angel burnout. Are you a natural giver yet suddenly feeling resentful, pessimistic, and exhausted? Always connect with a healthcare professional to rule out other physical concerns first, but remember these are telltale signs of earth angel burnout. Catch it early and course-correct by temporarily limiting the amount you are giving to others so you can give more to yourself.
  3. Keep your lifestyle clean. Earth angels have sensitive psychic and nervous systems, and usually identify as both highly sensitive and empathic. Sometimes an earth angel's sensitive psychic and nervous systems come in the package of a sensitive physical body. Keep your diet clean and healthy, and avoid unnecessary chemicals in foods, personal hygiene products, and cleaning supplies. Take any supplements or medication you need regularly. Indulge in caffeine, sugar, and alcohol in moderation as you may feel the effects of these more strongly.
  5. Emphasize nourishing routines. An earth angel's sensitive system is hyper-perceptive, so it's more easily overstimulated by picking up on all the subtleties in the immediate physical environment as well as all the energies and emotions of others and even the collective energy of the larger world. Healthy routines—like waking up and going to bed at the same times, regular gentle exercise, and a harmoniously structured daily routine—are very soothing to the sensitive system.
  7. Find ways to give. Because earth angels love to be of service—to loved ones, clients, coworkers, friends, and the world in general—finding a way to give to others is excellent self-care for earth angels. Feeling aligned with your earth angel mission of service is deeply rewarding, and it's more about an attitude and intention you bring to anything you do rather than playing a specific role or having a specific career.
  9. Develop relationships where you are receiving. Since earth angels are wired to give, their default is to give very generously to anyone they are in relationship with. Don't forget to give people space and opportunity to give back to you—it's a gift to them. You may have to ask more assertively as people you've been in relationship with have gotten used to you being a giver. Practice setting firm yet loving boundaries with others and give them the chance to show up for you.
  11. Connect with divine angels. Earth angels have a unique connection to divine angels, since both are on a mission to help humans. Divine angels are also sensitive, compassionate, and nonjudgmental. Explore your relationship to guardian angels, archangels, and helper angels. Earth angels are usually gifted with a strong intuition and will be able to connect with divine angels intimately. Find out more in my book Angel Intuition.
  13. Learn about your special sensitivity. Navigating the world as a highly sensitive, empathic earth angel does require a roadmap. I love when I'm on the phone with a new client who tells me they already know a lot about the subject of sensitivity, and when I meet a client who doesn't I’m very eager to enlighten them. Being sensitive is an amazing trait, yet one that presents unique challenges as well as gifts. Learning about your sensitivity will help you stay more grounded, balanced, and empowered. Read up about highly sensitive and empathic people.
  15. Practice radical self-love. Because sensitive people are so attuned to the energies and emotions of others, they can also be very aware of the opinions of others. In addition to being sensitive, earth angels are wired to give, so they might struggle with feeling like they don't give enough even when they give so much! Find actionable ways to show yourself love every day, especially by being more gentle and loving toward yourself in your thoughts.
  17. Allow yourself to be hopeful, seeing life as meaningful, magical, and full of potential. Earth angels tend to see the cup as half-full and be naturally optimistic, unless they are in burnout. It's fine and even healthy to have loved ones who are more naturally pessimistic—it can add balance. But allow yourself to see life as meaningful, magical, and full of potential. You are not being naïve by being optimistic—just being yourself. That outlook is needed and part of why you're here. Remember to practice realistic optimism and keep your feet on the ground as you reach for the stars.
  19. Nurture your friendships with other earth angels.It's wonderful to have friends with all different types of dispositions. Make sure you work a few earth angels into the mix, as having people around who just get you is inspiring and comforting. Don't know any other earth angels personally? Identify some in the public eye you can follow or look for online communities.
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