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4 Ways to Heal Using Divine Energy

Energy Healing
The Gospels of the New Testament, written records, mention several women as being associated with Jesus. Along with Mother Mary, there was Mary Magdalene. She worked as an energy healer and herbalist. She was not a prostitute as the Gospels wrongly portrayed her. She was closely associated with Jesus, who trained her in the ancient mysteries. Mary Magdalene used her secret knowledge and gifts and became a wonderful healer.

The above paragraph is a direct quote from pages three and four of my book Ancient Healing Techniques. You can apply the healing wisdom of the ancient world to your modern life. This is the same healing wisdom, the same knowledge, that Jesus used. It is a true blessing that more and more people are now employing these healing techniques as opinions and viewpoints shift. Everywhere you look someone is working with healing angels and spirit helpers. Gifted energy healers balance chakras, the energy centers of the body, and clear the aura or the Human Energy Field (as it is sometimes called). Many of these healers can see and sense this light that surrounds the body. Past life therapists, medical intuitives, and spiritual counselors full of the light from the Creator touch the souls and bodies of many on the planet.

Enlightened individuals are able to provide soul healing sessions for patients, clients, and loved ones. These special persons are linked to the heavens above and bring high vibrations of energy down to Earth in order to help others. Countless souls are awakening and seeking these services as well as embracing spirituality. As more people awaken and become enlightened they use the power of their minds, work with their angels, and help to change our troubled planet.

Psychic and spiritual abilities are developing at an unprecedented level as humankind links with Heaven. Simply put, you are now using more parts of your brain that are linked to psychic and spiritual attributes. This is the start of true enlightenment. The world is changing in a special, wondrous way. Humanity is raising its collective consciousness to a greater height. This means that many people have raised their personal vibrations to a new spiritual level. Jesus, Mother Mary, and Mary Magdalene are all a part of this monumental event. A profusion of literature, an explosion of knowledge and wisdom, and an inner knowing of the Truth is upon us.

As a medical intuitive, past life therapist, and spiritual teacher, I am vividly aware of these magnificent changes. I have had incredible experiences through the years. As a young child I was visited by angels and special spiritual beings. These visitations have continued into my adult years, and most importantly, into the present time. Most recently, I have received these special visitors while awake in a deep, altered state and during lucid dreams as I travel astrally; one of these visitors has been Mother Mary. All I can say is that she appears to me as a beautiful woman covered in a brilliant bluish-white light. Through the years, she has worn different clothing, and she has even worn a band of linked gold coins positioned upon her forehead. As a child I would tell my mother or a few of my other relatives what I saw beside my bed when I was awakened in the middle of the night. My relatives would negate my experiences with comments like, "Oh, it was only a bad dream." Or, "It's just your imagination, Dougie." I won't get into the "It's a boogie man" scenario. Needless to say, very few people believed what I had seen.

I now know how very real and important these visitations were (and in fact, still are!). The wonderful messages I received were about the coming changes on our planet, the closer connection to the angels and Heaven, and the possible great future that could be in store for us all. The only thing is, we had a choice to follow the loving, spiritual path or continue down the slippery, violent slope that we were on. Since we are all seeing the great, profound, and positive changes, I realize that there is a hope for Earth. We have the spiritual power and the opportunity to create a world of light and love, not war and death. The ability to see auras or lights around individuals, the opportunities to do chakra energy healing, and the gift of working with angels and spirit helpers are part of this spiritual growth and positive change. Below are four examples of healing that are part of this.

  1. Soul Healing is an advanced method of astral travel or soul journeying. When you fall asleep or even when you are in a relaxed, altered state, the following will happen: your soul will lift out of your physical body and start to travel. Sometimes you will travel about your bedroom or visit a friend's home. Time and distance are not obstacles for your human soul.

    When you become more experienced at astral or soul travel, you can start doing amazing things while in this state. Visits to the heavenly fields, healing temples, and learning temples are all a part of this ability. Essentially, you can think of it as a passport to Heaven. You can even visit the Akashic Records or Universal Library to access information about your previous incarnations.
    The most amazing gift that occurs is the ability to heal others while you are in your soul form.

  2. Distance Healing is the ability to send healing energy to someone at a distance. It is very similar to Soul Healing except you do not physically visit the individual, but merely send energy to the person needing the healing. Distance healing is the most commonly used phrase for this method of energy healing, but it also referred to as Absent Healing or Remote Healing.

    In ancient times, the healing temples and mystery schools of Egypt employed four specific symbols for distance healing:
    • The Ankh represents the symbol for life and is used for the healing of cancer.
    • The Solar Winged Disc symbol is used for emotional healing.
    • The Sun is representative of vitality and is used for the healing of most other diseases.
    • The Eye of Horus is used for spiritual healing and enlightenment.

    The use of these symbols is for the purpose of training, and can be eliminated from your procedure when you feel you are ready. As you become stronger and more proficient at doing distance healing, your focusing of energy followed by its release will be all that is required.

  3. Channeling Divine or Universal Energy can be accomplished through your crown chakra and into your body once you've opened and cleared your crown chakra. By simply asking for energy to come down through the top of your head, you will feel the Divine Energy entering through the top of your head; you will then visualize this healing energy flowing through the rest of your body. Let these feelings continue for a few minutes before returning to normal consciousness. Channeling this divine energy will bring a tremendous amount of healing to your aura, chakras, body, and internal organs. Additional benefits include stress reduction, the release of negativity from your spirit, the acceleration of spiritual growth and psychic development, and a dramatic slowing down of the aging process.

  4. Healing Colors can also be used to heal yourself and others. These colors are closely connected to the Universal or Divine Energy, and have an extremely high vibratory rate. People with the ability to see auras can see and sense these beautiful illuminations.

    Each of these colors has its own rate of vibration or frequency, and with their own purpose. These colors enter the crown chakra, and move downward through the aura and chakras. During all of this, these high vibrations of energy will step down to lower frequencies. As the colors flow into the major chakras, they will work into the sympathetic nervous system and the central nervous system.

    Healing colors, along with Universal Energy or Chi, will flow through both the nerve and energy meridians into the glands, organs, cells, and tissues of the human body. This ensures that high vibrations of healing colors and energy affect these areas of the body in a beneficial way.

These four techniques are merely an introduction to healing using divine energy, all of which and more I touch on in my books Ancient Teachings for Beginners and Ancient Healing Techniques.

I leave you all with this final message. As a human you are a multidimensional being. You can operate in both the earthly and the heavenly realms if you so choose. As a human soul you are a light being and a spark of the Creator or Great Spirit. As an enlightened or initiated one, you can use your potential gifts to help manifest Heaven on Earth.

May you receive all the spiritual blessings of life!

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Douglas De Long (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) is a spiritual/personal counselor, past life therapist, and chakra master. He has studied and developed his own psychic abilities and spiritual growth for over twenty-five ...

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