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What Would You Ask a Ghost?

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"If our personality survives death, then it is strictly logical or scientific to assume that it retains memory, intellect, other faculties, and knowledge that we acquire on this earth."—Thomas Edison

All Hallow's Eve is rapidly approaching. What better time to discuss ghosts, ghouls, and goblins; how they communicate with us; and, more importantly, why?

October 31st is a time when we celebrate Halloween with a mixture of anticipation and spine-tingling veneration. This is a time when the veil (vibrational frequency) between our dimensions and those of ghosts is at its thinnest. This is also a time when dimensional portals are opened to the fairy realms as well as to other realms of existence. Halloween is a magical night—a night of ghostly communications and spectral visitations! If one is seeking to establish contact with ghosts this is the perfect time to do so. It is also a good time to explore other worldly beings and how they communicate. Being a ghost hunter, a paranormal investigator, and also a parapsychologist, I am always excited at any opportunity to explore this amazing phenomenon.

Ghosts are disembodied entities who have retained the power to reason and communicate. However, our fear is the greatest barrier to first-hand communication. Without a doubt, when someone suddenly comes face to face with a ghost any chance of speaking to it, much less understanding it, is usually lost. Initial shock and fear render the person speechless, and then denial or disbelief totally alters their entire perception of the event.

The ghost may be trying desperately to communicate a message to its unsuspecting host. However, if the person with whom it comes into contact is fearful, this usually negates the possibility of establishing contact. It's hard not to react fearfully, especially if this is a startling first encounter with a ghost. The person who is contacted is usually running in the opposite direction so fast that they lose any possibility of communicating with their unseen visitor. This, of course, is why there is so little reported communication between ghosts and humans.

Communication with "Ghost Worlds" is a fascinating area of study and research. Parapsychologists and paranormal investigators seek confirmation of spiritual voices in various ways, such as allowing the ghost to communicate when and where it is ready to do so. Although it isn't a two-way communication, it is at least a way of receiving their messages by the use of recording devices. This way the encounter will not be a total loss because of a natural human reaction to seeing a full apparition, ecto-mist, or by hearing a disembodied voice from beyond. From my perspective, before any assessment of communication can be established it must be acknowledged and accepted that ghosts contact us—not the other way around.

Ghosts may attempt to communicate their feelings in several different ways:

  • They may try to send thought impressions to us or use mental telepathy to allow themselves to be seen. They may appear in period dress, as full apparitions, or merely as an ecto-mist floating in front of us. Of course, they could appear in a frightening persona if they are intent on scaring us.
  • They may appear to speak; however, a discernible voice may not be forthcoming, due to the misalignment of energy vibrations. A voice transmission that may have started out as a full sentence may become mere gibberish. As a result we may only be able to receive bits and pieces of the original message that the ghost is trying to relay to us.
  • They may use their own mysterious language to try and convey a message to us. By paying close attention to them, their gestures, and their projected smells, colors, and manifestations, we can often get a clear picture of what it is they are trying to communicate. I believe that most ghosts try to communicate in simple terms that are not scary.

Ghosts communicate when and where they want to, and even then their contact may be very subtle. Sometimes a whispered voice or perhaps a silent game of charades is all that one may hear or see. They may point to something or indicate a direction for us to follow. They may lead us to doors, walls, staircases, or mirrors and pictures in an effort to relate their messages. These ghostly mannerisms and activities may be clues which will aid you in piecing together their cryptic communications.

Ghosts also contact us through our dreams. This is possibly the easiest and least threatening way for them to deliver messages. We are more receptive in our sleep and not usually aware of the fact that communication is actually taking place. When contact is established and messages from our loved ones are received, they are very often heart-warming and become treasured memories that never fade.

Ghosts may also manipulate electrical objects such as phones, appliances, clocks, and lights in an attempt to be noticed. If messages are received by phone, they are usually initiated to say a loving farewell, or issue a warning, and may take place on special occasions, especially if the messages are from family members. They will sound exactly like the deceased, leaving little doubt as to their ghostly identity.

Although no special skills or supernatural abilities are needed to make contact with a ghost, it must be remembered that communication is a two-way endeavor. The ghost must lower its vibrational frequency to find a receptive human who has perhaps raised their frequency through emotions such as fear, anger, excitement, or meditation. It takes a tremendous amount of energy on the ghosts' part, to convey messages through a swirling sea of vibrational frequencies and electromagnetic energy fields.

There are other ways to entice ghostly conversations and once again, Halloween is an opportune time to explore these avenues of expression because of the thinning of the veil.

Although I don't personally recommend using a Ouija board as a method to contact ghosts, some people do have success with it. If one's desire is to just have fun with few expectations for anything else, possibly no real harm will be done. However, there are always exceptions, and a seemingly harmless game of ghostly communication could turn into an eerie haunting experience. Be warned!

On a lighter note: there are other methods that are far less dangerous and much more exciting.

  1. Visit a clairvoyant medium for fun and enlightenment.
  2. Gaze into a crystal ball for in-depth inner vision.
  3. Attend a séance for messages from the other side.
  4. Ghost-hunt in cemeteries and haunted houses.
  5. Explore divination for guidance and knowledge.

These are all very effective ways to communicate with ghosts, and Halloween offers the ambiance and atmosphere for tantalizing results.

So this Halloween, if you had the opportunity to talk to a ghost, what would you say? Or better yet, what would you hear?

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Melba Goodwyn (Texas) is an experienced parapsychologist and shares her psychic impressions on ghost hunts with the Texarkana Paranormal Investigators. Blending clairvoyant wisdom with traditional psychology, she has ...

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