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Queer Qabala

  Nominated for 'Coalition of Visionary Resources Award in 'LGBTQ+'' (2023)
Nonbinary, Genderfluid, Omnisexual Mysticism & Magick

Branch Out from Antiquated Interpretations of the Tree of Life

The Hermetic Qabala is a rich framework for understanding ourselves, our magickal workings, and the universe, but outdated descriptions often obscure its intrinsically queer and nonbinary nature. With updated, affirming metaphors and word choices, this guide makes it easy for any practitioner to understand and work with the Tree of Life.

Enfys J. Book welcomes queer people to see themselves in this esoteric practice and offers a variety of pathworkings, exercises, and spells to deepen their understanding of each of the ten spheres (sephiroth). This book also shows magickal communities how to co-create spaces and structures that are friendlier and more accessible to all. With a modern, inclusive understanding of the Qabala, you can enhance your magick, fully express your identity, and conquer life's challenges.

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"Queer Qabala is a much-needed bold and provocative book, asserting and highlighting the queer nature of the Hermetic Qabala."— Mat Auryn, bestselling author of Psychic Witch

"Incredibly clear, beautifully written explanation of the Hermetic Qabala and its inherent queerness, written with style and wit by an expert in the subject."—Yvonne Aburrow, author of All Acts of Love & Pleasure: Inclusive Wicca

"Sensitive and deeply intentional, Queer Qabala revels in the glory of the gorgeous strangeness inherent in existing outside the typical box. Enfys J. Book is a warm and kind guide through a complex system, providing an exceptional and deeply needed resource for modern Pagan practitioners."?Courtney Weber, author of Hekate and The Morrigan

"Book's exploration of the queerness inherent in this Hermetic descendant of Jewish mystical tradition is nothing short of revelatory."?Misha Magdalene, author of Outside the Charmed Circle

"Enfys carefully removes layers of misconceptions to reveal the truth that the Qabala contains everyone and everything, including all that is yet to be discovered or defined. This book is not just for queer people, it is for everyone. If you are a seeker of the mysteries and on the path of spiritual evolution, the material in this book is indispensable because it opens new realms of thought."— Ivo Dominguez Jr., author of The Four Elements of the Wise

"Enfys skillfully challenges long-standing assumptions and redefines an ancient system to bring it in line with the realities of the modern world. Their revisioning of the spheres and paths of the Hermetic Qabala to reveal its inherent inclusivity and remove limiting gender assignments is a much-needed change...If you've avoided learning or working with the Qabala because you didn't feel like you fit within its patriarchal limits, read this book."—Diotima Mantineia, astrologer and author of Touch the Earth, Kiss the Sky

"Enfys J. Book brings all the vitality and joy of queer culture to this book, combining serious magical reflection with a vibrant celebration of the diversity in human gender, sex, and sexuality. Queer Qabala shows us not only that Qabala can be welcoming to queer magical practitioners, but that it already is."—Jack Chanek, author of Qabalah for Wiccans

"Queer Qabala provides a fresh perspective to the understanding of Hermetic Qabala. It is an invitation to all magickal practitioners to explore, redefine, and ultimately claim the studies of Qabala as a system that is universal in its application and inclusive in its use."?Robin Fennelly, author of Poetry of the Spheres

"Thank you, Enfys J. Book, for being the one to guide us through the mists of binary vision that cloud so much of our current worldview...As Enfys reminds us: this is a system that seeks to describe the universe, so let's allow it to reflect the diversity of those who approach it and recognize its true depth and breadth."?Jane Meredith, author of Falling Through the Tree of Life

"What is so revolutionary about this book is that it doesn't project a queer sensibility onto an existing, oppressive paradigm, but instead explores the inherent (and traditional!) queerness of the Qabala, offering a lens that is at once both traditional as well as relevant to an evolving consciousness. Besides being an extremely important book for the queer occultist, this is also a sound introduction to the Qabala in general, offering practitioners a greater understanding of the Tree of Life and how to work with it toward the betterment of their lives."?Storm Faerywolf, author of The Satyr's Kiss

ISBN-13: 9780738769769
Imprint: Llewellyn
Pub Date: June 2022
Product Type: Trade Paperback
Page Count: 256 pages
Size: 6 x 9 x 1 IN
Case Quantity: 32

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