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Creating A Clearing & Aligning Crystal Grid in Your Home

Clear Quartz

The New Year is a great time to add a new energy clearing technique to your home. As we integrate positive changes for the upcoming year, creating a crystal grid in your home can really shift the energy in it. (Everything that happens in your home gets imprinted energetically in each room; the crystal grid transmutes that energy, so that it doesn't remain in the home.)

Crystal grids can cleanse, align, and shield the energy in any home. When we set the crystals in any space, the points emit beams of energy that are projected into the space. The beams of energy can go through walls and all physical objects. Multiple crystals create multiple beams. When we arrange the crystals in a pattern, they form an energetic grid that keeps the energy of the home at a high frequency. Anything below the grid's energetic frequency will be cleared from the space.

There are several different types of grids one can create depending on the energetic effect desired; the grid in this exercise is designed to clear and align the energy in a space.

When we speak of aligning the energy in a home, we want its inhabitants and those people who visit to feel that the energy is peaceful and comfortable. We also want to use the crystals to cleanse the energy of any lower vibrational imprints. If someone has depression and spends a lot of time in a den, the energy in that room will feel sad and heavy; it may even feel to some people like they are totally stifled and can't breathe in that room. Once the crystals are in place, people will feel a sense of peace. The energy will be cleared and lighter.

For the overall crystal grid in a home, I use clear quartz for a couple of reasons:

  1. It's the highest vibrational frequency of any crystal on Earth at this point.
  2. It is self-cleansing, so you do not need to remove the crystals and soak them in salt water or sunlight every week. Because it is self-cleansing, it is also energetically continuously cleansing the environment. So basically, you set the crystals in place and the clear quartz does everything else.

For gridding spaces in this way, we generally use 1-2 inch clear quartz points. Clear quartz has a very high frequency; if you hold a piece of the quartz in your hand, you can feel the vibration's strength. For this reason, we only need to use 1-2 inch points with this grid. (Anything larger might emit too much energy and energetically overwhelm people.) The quartz points can be double- or single-terminated (double-terminated means there is a point at each end, and single-terminated means there is one point and the other end of the crystal is flat.)

If your home is square or rectangular in shape, you will need one crystal in each corner of your home. For example, if you have a living room in the right front corner of your house and a dining room in the left front corner of your home, you will place one crystal in the far corner of each room. You would do the same for the back corners of your home. So for a one-level, square home, the grid will consist of four quartz points set in each corner of the home. If your home is more than one level, you will want to have a grid on each level. If your home is non-rectangular or square, you can add additional crystals to balance the grid. Position the point of each crystal outward if the crystal has one point on each end. If the crystal has two points (or is double-terminated), just place the crystal in the corner and it does not matter which point is facing outward.

When you place one clear quartz point in each of the four corners of the home, they can be positioned in the corners on the floor, but if you have concerns about children or animals being injured by them (or perhaps ingesting them), you can place them up higher on shelving or door and window moldings. Once the crystals are in place, envision them connecting energetically—each one emitting a laser of energy outward from its point. Each point's laser of energy contributes to the grid. Energy is emitted from the point as well as out of the side of each crystal. Each crystal is releasing a vibrational laser from its point and connecting to the crystal positioned diagonally from it. Thus the space is being cleansed, aligned, and shielded completely not only on the perimeter but also through all the rooms.

The exercise below can be used to grid a home or office space. (Clear quartz works great for offices.) I have a crystal grid on the floor in my office, along the chair rail in the middle of the walls, and and along the ceiling on all of the moldings. Since one side of my office comes up against a couple of doors that lead to other office spaces, I have separate grids at the bottom and tops of all doors, as well. This keeps the energy from my space contained in my office and the energy of other offices in their spaces. I recommend office grids for anyone doing any type of therapeutic work or anyone who just finds the energy of their work place.

What you will need for this exercise: 1-2 inch clear quartz points (single- or double-terminated)

  1. Set your clear quartz points over night in a bowl of salt water. Although they are self-cleansing, it is important to remove any elemental dust they might contain from the mining process.
  2. Decide if it is safe to place the grid on your floor, or if it needs to be higher up if you have animals and children.
  3. Place one crystal in each corner of your home. Be sure to face the point outward and the flat end toward the wall if you are using single-terminated points.
  4. Add additional points if needed to balance the space.
  5. Place a grid in the same pattern upstairs and on any other levels of your home, if you have more than one level.
  6. Allow the grid(s) to set in place for a few days. Then check the energy in the house by walking through each room. Decide if you need additional crystals or if the space feels peaceful and aligned.

Good luck with your grids and may the energy in your home always be peaceful, balanced, and full of light.

Adapted by Anysia Marcell Kiel from Discovering the Healer Within.

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