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365 Days of Crystal Feng Shui for Your Home


The laying on of crystals, or crystal therapy, is a powerful way to align and balance the energy of our bodies. Even simply wearing crystals can have an effect on us. Similarly, through the placement of crystals in our homes, we can attract prosperity, augment relationships, and initiate changes in our lives.

A number of years ago, I became interested in the Chinese practice of feng shui mainly because of its use of crystals. I had been following my intuition and placing crystals around my home for years, but the principles of feng shui provided a structure. It opened the door to a whole new way of approaching what I was doing. While a traditional feng shui practice can be complicated, even applying the basic concepts with crystals can bring results.

The most fundamental principle of feng shui—creating flow, harmony, and balance—is often illustrated with the yin/yang symbol. Although the white and black sections of the symbol are equal, they do not split the circle in half down the middle; instead, they flow into each other, creating balance and harmony.

Yin and yang can best be described as the harmonious dynamic of opposites. They are regarded as the binding forces that hold the universe together. However, because the forces of yin and yang are constantly changing, the universe is anything but static. As anyone who has done energy work on any level knows, it's an ongoing process. Using them throughout the year keeps both our homes and ourselves in balance. What's more, crystals are such powerful tools for energy work because they are formed by the dynamic forces for Mother Earth.

According to feng shui theory, negative energy is called sha, and it occurs where yin and yang are out of balance. Sha can occur in two extremes: fast moving (too yang) or stagnating and depleted (too yin). In the home, when energy is trapped in a corner of a room it stagnates and lacks life-giving vitality. Likewise, energy can be forced into a straight line, for example by a long hallway, where it can gain momentum and become uncomfortable or destructive. Chi is the positive, calm energy in between the two extremes of sha. To keep things in balance, positive energy needs to flow unimpeded through the home.

The art of feng shui is a balancing act between neutralizing negative energy and fostering positive energy. Creating energetic balance in our homes lays the foundation for tackling personal issues or cultivating a particular atmosphere. Just think about it: how can you plan a romantic evening if your home has an undercurrent of tension?

The Three A's of Working with Energy
Okay, now that we know energy needs to be in balance, where do we start? With the three As: awareness, adjustment, and activation. First, be aware and assess your surroundings. Take a few minutes to sit quietly in a room. If something doesn't feel right, look for a source of negative energy. Make an adjustment by placing a crystal or two where you feel it. Choose a crystal that will calm fast-moving energy or stimulate slow energy. If you're not sure, use a crystal that will balance energy.

It is often helpful to begin your assessment by looking outside your home. The artificial environments of towns and cities with busy roads can have a strong impact on the energy of our homes. Assess how energy flows toward your house or apartment building. If you live on a busy street, you may be bombarded with fast-moving energy that can drain positive energy from your home. If you live on a cul-de-sac, energy may be stagnating and creating a pool of negativity.

To deal with negative energy that is outside, place a crystal or two on a windowsill or near the wall in the direction of the problem. If you need to calm fast-moving or chaotic energy, place a piece of amethyst in the direct of the flow. This will both calm and balance the energy. Alternatively, use one piece each of white quartz and opal to do the job. To get energy moving, try clear quartz or peridot and obsidian. Table 1 below contains examples of crystals that can be used for this process. Some crystals have a two-fold function in either calming or stimulating and balancing energy.

Table 1: Crystals for the Three As
Calm Energy Flow: Amber, amethyst, ametrine, aragonite, aventurine, azurite, beryl, blue lace agate, celestine, chrysocolla, diamond, dolomite, garnet, hematite, kunzite, larimar, lepidolite, moonstone, rhodonite, rose quartz, selenite, smithsonite, sodalite, tiger’s eye, topaz, white quartz
Stimulate Energy Flow: Agate, calcite, charoite, danburite, dumortierite, emerald, epidote, fluorite, iolite, kyanite, labradorite, opal, pearl, peridot, phenacite, clear quartz, rhodochrosite, sard, serpentine, spinel, sunstone, tourmaline, zircon
Balance Energy: Agate, amethyst, ametrine, apophyllite, aragonite, calcite chalcedony, chrysoprase, danburite, desert rose, diopside, dioptase, dolomite, garnet, hawk’s eye, jasper, jet, labradorite, lepidolite, moonstone, obsidian, opal, pearl, clear quartz, rhodochrosite, smithsonite, sodalite, spinel, staurolite, sugilite, tourmaline, zircon

Assess the Energy Inside Your Home
After looking outside, assess how energy enters and moves through your home. The front door is regarded as the main entry point for energy. Any blockage here will inhibit positive energy from entering and circulating freely to create a balanced environment. Blessings and abundance could get stuck on your doorstep instead of bringing them into your life. A crystal hung above the front door or placed near the door can help regulate the flow of energy.

Continue through your home. Look for areas where energy can get boxed in or where it may speed up. Place a crystal in the area where you want to change and balance the energy. Get creative; crystals can be placed just about anywhere.

As mentioned, after dispatching negativity and balancing energy you're ready to deal with personal issues or cultivate an aspect of your life. This also extends to the family. For example, the dining room and kitchen are places where families come together, not only for nourishment, but also for discussion and decision-making. Place several crystals, such as aventurine or charoite, around the room to foster a sense of family and community. Rhodochrosite, rose quartz, or tourmaline can be used in the dining room or kitchen to attract abundance to the family.

Sometimes we carry tension home with us from work and sometimes a conflict in the family can create unsettled energy. In addition, the energy of a room may just feel "off" without an apparent reason. Use calming crystals to change the quality of the energy. Blue lace agate, celestine, larimar, and selenite are particularly effective to restore harmony. Table 2 below provides an overview of crystals that can be used for specific purposes.

The time of year and weather can also effect the energy of our homes. During the excitement of the holiday season with an increase in family and friends visiting, we may need to tone down the energy to avoid an atmosphere of chaos. However, after the holidays, and especially in northern areas where it is cold and dark, we may want to ratchet-up the level of energy.

Table 2: Crystals for Specific Purposes
Attract abundance and comfort: Agate, apatite, calcite, chrysoberyl, chrysoprase, citrine, diamond, dioptase, dolomite, garnet, jade, moonstone, peridot, rhodochrosite, rose quartz, salt, smoky quartz, tourmaline, zircon
Improve communication: Amazonite, amethyst, angelite, apatite, aquamarine, azurite, beryl, blue lace agate, calcite, carnelian, celestine, cerussite, chalcedony, danburite, dumortierite, fluorite, fluorite, garnet, hiddenite, iolite, kunzite, kyanite, malachite, phenacite, quartz, sardonyx, selenite, tiger's eye, topaz
Foster healing: Amethyst, ametrine, apatite, aquamarine, aragonite, aventurine, beryl, bloodstone, blue lace agate, calcite, celestine, chalcedony, chrysoberyl, danburite, diamond, diopside, dioptase, fluorite, garnet, hawk's eye, hematite, hiddenite, jasper, jet, kunzite, lapis lazuli, larimar, moonstone, peridot, petrified wood, rhodonite, rose quartz, salt, sapphire, smithsonite, sugilite, sunstone, tourmaline, white quartz
Kindle love and romance: Agate, alexandrite, amethyst, apatite, aquamarine, beryl, calcite, chrysocolla, danburite, desert rose, diamond, diopside, dioptase, emerald, epidote, garnet, jade, jasper, kunzite, lapis lazuli, larimar, lepidolite, lodestone, moonstone, opal, pearl, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, rose quartz, ruby, sapphire, sardonyx, selenite, sugilite, topaz, tourmaline, zircon, zoisite
Attract prosperity and wealth: Agate, alexandrite, aventurine, calcite, cat's eye, diamond, dioptase, emerald, herkimer diamond, jade, jasper, malachite, opal, peridot, ruby, salt, spinel, tiger’s eye, tourmaline
Engender reconciliation: Apatite, beryl, diamond, herkimer diamond, kunzite, lodestone, rose quartz
Support relationships: Amazonite, amber, apatite, aquamarine, barite, beryl, chrysocolla, cuprite, garnet, herkimer diamond, hiddenite, kunzite, lapis lazuli, larimar, lodestone, obsidian, onyx, peridot, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, rose quartz, ruby, sapphire, sardonyx, smithsonite, sodalite, spinel, tourmaline, zoisite
Relieve stress: Agate, angelite, apophyllite, aragonite, beryl, blue lace agate, celestine, diamond, dioptase, dolomite, howlite, kyanite, labradorite, larimar, lepidolite, petrified wood, rhodonite, rose quartz, selenite, smithsonite, sodalite
Achieve success: Agate, alexandrite, amazonite, amber, amethyst, andalusite, aventurine, bloodstone, calcite, carnelian, chrysoprase, citrine, epidote, fluorite, garnet, jasper, labradorite, lodestone, malachite, sodalite, spinel, staurolite, sunstone, tiger’s eye, turquoise, zircon

Before Using Crystals
While there are many ways to do a crystal cleansing, one of the easiest is to use your own energy. To do this, hold the crystal in both hands in front of your heart. Close your eyes and bring your awareness to the energy above your head. It may help to visualize it as a soft white, pink, or lavender glow. Feel it gently touch the crown of your head, and then move down activating your third-eye chakra, located between and slightly above the eyebrows. As this energy descends to the throat and chest, it activates the heart chakra.

From here, visualize the energy moving along your arms to your hands and into the stone. Visualize the light pulsing and glowing around the crystal. Now imagine it moving back up your arms, and then down your spine, legs, and into your feet. Become aware of the bottoms of your feet. Visualize the energy moving from your feet into the floor and eventually into the ground taking away old energy and any negativity with it. If you are not going to use the crystal immediately for energy work, wrap it in a cloth and put it away.

A cursory glance at Table 2 shows that crystals sometimes serve a number of functions. When you are ready to use a crystal for a specific function, use your energy to program it. Hold the crystal in front of your heart and think of your particular purpose for it. Visualize your energy moving from your heart, down your arms into the crystal to pattern it with your intention and willpower. Hold an image of this energy in your mind for a moment, and then place the crystal where its energy is needed.

After each use, cleanse the crystal to have it ready for the next purpose. Of course, if you're like me you probably enjoy having your crystals out where you can see and enjoy them. When you want to use a crystal that's on display for a specific purpose, go through the energy cleansing and programming, and then place it where it is needed.

The key to success with crystal therapy for the home is to start small. Don't try to take on the whole house at once. Start with any exterior source of negativity. After that, focus on the front door to make sure positive energy is coming in. Follow that by working individually with one room or one area within a room. Take your time to make adjustments and live with the results. Most importantly, let the crystals speak to you. Use your intuition to help you tap into the deeper power and wisdom of the mineral kingdom.

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