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A Sun Sign's Orientation to Change


Okay, for the sake of an open mind, try to forget everything you've ever thought about change. Accept one thing: it really does have a purpose, which is to get us to grow. Not just to upset our carefully laid plans or make us feel like we are perpetually living on a skateboard. The bottom line is change is inevitable. It's gift is to get you to step outside what you know and push yourself to new experiences, provided you want to do more than just get through the curve ball the Universe has just thrown at you.

Now, you belong to one of twelve Sun signs, and each one of you approaches change differently. Some view it as opportunity, others view it as trouble, still others try to avoid it. Of course, I won't name names. That would be unfair.

For each of the twelve Sun signs, change is meant to get them out of the rut that is built into their temperament. Trust me, every Sun sign has inner attitudes and beliefs they like to hang onto that leave them less able to express the best parts of themselves. So let's take a look at each Sun sign's attitude toward change, how that can inhibit their growth and, finally, the key to maximizing the best qualities of what it is to be everything from an Aries to a Pisces.

Okay, so your definition of change means activity—movement. But constantly running in circles, no matter how large they are, doesn't really alter anything. Activity might make you feel good in the moment, but when you come to a halt everything is pretty much where you left it. What you need is a goal that motivates you to extend yourself, to challenge yourself; and that, in turn, forces you to trust your instincts in the pursuit of growth. And those instincts are your greatest asset. You have a built-in capacity for taking the right risk at the right time. It's what leadership is really all about—forging into unknown territory and trusting completely in yourself. Stop worrying about whether you'll have to abandon your latest impulse. Look past the temporary exhilaration it gives you and take action that will lead to something that will profoundly move your life. The truth is you want to be like Neil Armstrong and not the guy who took a bungee jump. Summon all that inner fearlessness and show the world the path to real change. For Aries, the key to using change to create growth is purpose.

Now stop pretending you're hard of hearing, or that you can't spell. I know the word change strikes fear into your heart. Why? Because your assumption is that change will destroy everything you've worked so hard to build. It's upheaval, pure and simple. And no self-respecting Taurus is going to put out the welcome mat for that. But, hang on a minute. Change really isn't any different than winnowing out the plants in a garden that aren't flourishing. It gives everything else better chance to grow, to thrive. And the truth is you really love to grow things. Just remember to grow yourself as lovingly as you do everything else and you won't find change such a difficult thing to embrace or act on. In fact, you might even find yourself saying "bring it on." Okay, maybe that's pushing it. But change offers you the opportunity to finally realize that you are the rock on which you can build your life, that you are your own security and nothing can change that, only you. For Taurus, the key to using change to create growth is elimination.

You really don't stop to think much about change. You're too busy gallivanting around, bouncing from thing to thing, drinking in all that marvelous experience. However, curiosity is not a substitute for change. The one thing you have going for you is that you really are built for change. You just don't always know it. So use that considerable talent for mental expansion (for more than playing Trivial Pursuit® or being mesmerized by the latest gadget) to get your motor running. In truth, it's not that difficult to get your attention. The challenge for you is to assess what's being offered and then to ask yourself whether it will help you grow or if it's just another dose of mental candy. There's so much personal growth to be mined from your experiences. Take time to put them in perspective. Get past the initial that-was-interesting response and find a context for what you've done. It will lead to a deeper awareness and a deeper satisfaction, both with life and with yourself. For Gemini, the key to using change to create growth is reflection.

I know you want to barricade the doors and windows of your psyche whenever change comes a-knocking. It disturbs your inner equilibrium. Why? Because change means loss to you, and that leads to an emotional earthquake that leaves you broken. But take this into consideration. You love to nurture people, projects, and all kinds of stuff. And opening up to change can allow you to do more of that, not less. How? you might wonder. By letting go. By clearing all the emotional deadwood out of your life so you can nurture (another word for grow) in a deeper, more satisfying way. Letting go leads, dare I say it, to happiness as opposed to familiarity. And you know how you love to cling to old patterns and old experiences. You make the mistake of believing they are what's meaningful in your life when, often, they are just burdens, pure and simple. Clinging to the familiar isn't any different than rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Things might look different, but the ship is still going down. For Cancer, the key to using change to create growth is release.

Your mantra? If it ain't broke, why fix it? You might be heard to mutter, "What do I need to change?" Well, no one is asking you to change your essential wonderfulness, but you might need to recognize that potential isn't the same as manifestation. The acorn is not the oak. Take a look at the fact that not everything you say and do springs from the best part of you. You have your less-than-stellar moments just like everyone else. Your challenge is you ignore them. Just like you ignore anything that doesn't support your view of the world. It's all good, right? Why? Because I am good. In fact, I am great. The need to maintain that belief at all costs leaves you at a disadvantage when change comes, because, of course, it will come. You will fight it because you believe it is telling you that something is fundamentally wrong with you. Not so. The things you use to resist change—integrity and honor, loyalty and steadfastness—are the very things that will help you grow your life. You will become the oak. For Leo, the key to using change to create growth is humility.

For you, change equals improvement. And in your world that's always a good thing. Why else would you change something if it wasn't going to lead to something better? However, you always get side-tracked by two things. One, you're never quite certain you're going to make the right decision, so your commitment to change can get high-centered while you analyze, analyze, analyze. It's hard for you to accept that you cannot anticipate everything. The need for perfection meets the reality that the outcome can never really be predicted. At best, every decision is a really good guess. Second, change isn't always tidy or straightforward. It can be equal parts messy and confusing. And that just drives you crazy. You hyperventilate and become hypervigilant. Every little thing that happens has to be a sign of success or failure. You're never sure which. This makes it hard to grow because the growth of a human is not something easily measured or quantified. The solution? Relax. Embrace your capacity to make the best of any situation. It's what helps you grow away from criticism toward healthy self-respect. For Virgo, the key to using change to create growth is adaptability.

In your world, change is just another word for compromise, or is that accommodate, or maybe it's appease. Now, there's a trifecta and one that's certain to please everyone but you. That's okay as long as the boat doesn't get rocked and you don't have to deal with things head-on. You're always afraid that the purpose of change is to shine a light on something in your life that's not very pretty. And that's probably true. Still, you're not having any of that. So, you continue to gloss things over or you look for the tiniest of positive things to reassure you that everything is okay. And, when things keep on cracking or collapsing or becoming downright painful, you wonder why you're being picked on. However, always being nice can make you brittle. The winds of change really want to free you from this self-imposed exile and grow you into the idea that subservience does not make for harmony or balance. Take all those things you've learned about making others happy and plunk yourself in the middle. Make you the focus of your grace. See how good it feels. For Libra, the key to using change to create growth is self-awareness.

Yeah, you love change. In fact, you'll tell anybody who'll listen that you're not afraid of it. As long as it doesn't expose you too much. But that's the trouble with change; it tends to blow things wide open, mangling both your carefully constructed outer cynicism and all that camouflage you invest so much emotional energy in. After all, you have the do-not-disturb sign on your emotional cave 90 percent of the time. So, let's get real. You often need to hit full-blown crisis before you'll push yourself to get in the game and use your mighty transformative powers to grow past that pantheon of fears that are buried deep within you. Open up a little, let down your guard and cancel your security system. It's not really protecting you after all. It's just keeping you from discovering your deeper desires and living your passion. Trust that infamous Scorpionic radar to tell you what's really going on, and instead of deciding not to play anymore, change the rules of the game. Get rid of the crap; give yourself permission to live life wholeheartedly. For Scorpio, the key to using change to create growth is purification.

You think your middle name is change, largely because you hate to be pinned down. You always keep all your options open and that leads you to believe that you love change. But, you carry around one hefty condition that keeps you from experiencing full-on enthusiasm that you are so famous for: Change is good as long as it doesn't lead to any kind of burden. That leaves you prone to passing up things that will truly benefit you because you mistake substance for inhibition. So all those lovely little adventures you are so fond of don't add the meaning to your life that you seek, because meaning only comes from investing something of yourself in the things you value. And no, this isn't a trick question. Or answer. It might seem like a double-edged sword, though. The challenge is to know that embracing what is meaningful to you truly does give you more freedom and that's what you need to grow. Forget running away, because it ultimately leaves you with nothing. And that is your biggest fear—that life is about nothing at all. So, pick a destination. For Sagittarius, the key to using change to create growth is discernment.

If there's one thing in life that haunts you, it's change. You know what I am talking about. The kind that threatens the feeling that everything can be controlled. After all, if you don't believe that, then how can you achieve the goals you've set for yourself? Not for you are the zigs or zags of life. Just straight lines please—the ones that take you from point A to point B with no diversions in between. What you fail to comprehend is that going off the beaten path can actually create a better end result than sticking to the script. However, that means you'd have to see change as something other than random, and that's hard for you. Try taking a deep breath. Step away from the "Über plan." Take your absolutely fabulous gift for sizing things up and plotting the right strategy, figure out what the unexpected is trying to show you and incorporate that into your overall approach. You'll grow more appreciation for your own skills and make good things happen. That's bound to be a whole lot more productive than moaning about the upside-down apple cart. For Capricorn, the key to using change to create growth is flexibility.

You believe change is necessary. In fact, you think you invented it. Heaven forbid that anything should ever be stagnant! But shaking things up for the sake of shaking them up doesn't always create change. Knocking down a wall isn't that productive unless you have something with which to replace it. Otherwise it's a lot like looking at Humpty Dumpty after his great fall. So let go of chaos and turmoil. Use what's been shoved in your face to get beyond the need to resist. Admit it. You resist anything that isn't your idea. And that includes change. No matter how much you embrace the idea, when change barges in you're still taken by surprise. You knew it was coming, but hey, not like this. You bluster and complain until you morph the whole thing into something you planned to do anyway. Well, make life easier. Welcome things without resistance. Ignore the messenger and pay attention to the message instead. Use your vaunted objectivity and your capacity to see outside the box to grow things, not just tear them apart. That way, people might actually listen to what you have to say. For Aquarius, the key to using change to create growth is acceptance.

You are definitely the most fluid person on the planet. You change realities with ease and grace, often moment to moment. However, what you don't see is that dabbling in many dimensions can leave you out of the loop in this earthly one. And on Earth is where you live. So when the call for change comes, don't fly off to another part of the universe. Life ultimately may be transitory, but you still have to live it. And that means being fully engaged, not dropping in and out like a flower child. To grow, you need to be present. All that visionary capacity that you have will go to waste if you don't take time to focus. A dream is just a fantasy unless you do something about it. Put your considerable visualizing capacity to work. Use your magic to create growth. Sit down with your feet firmly planted on the ground and create the necessary framework to get the job done. After all, you can see it, can't you? For Pisces, the key to using change to create growth is grounding.


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