We Are All Spirit Communicators - All the Time

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We are all Spirit Communicators—all the time unconsciously broadcasting all kinds of "messages" to the Universe, and all the time unconsciously receiving messages from the Universe that is everything and everybody, including you and me. It's not just the visible "out there" Sun and Moon and distant Stars, nor the invisible spirits in higher dimensions; we too are spirit. Inner and Outer, we all are made of the same stuff, at the foundation of which is Spirit, the universal "subtle element" that is the source of all the other elements manifesting in both visible and invisible dimensions and both inner and outer levels. We, and everything physical and non-physical, all possess "spiritual" qualities and are, in fact, mostly composites of physical/etheric; astral; mental; causal; and spiritual substance, spiritual energy, and spiritual consciousness.

You Are—Potentially—A Power House
Each living person incarnates Body, Mind, and Spirit, and Feeling, Will, and Purpose within a single multi-level vehicle. Each person is a "power house" of near infinite potential, but, most people are barely "awake" at the physical level of conscious awareness, and have little control over the non-physical levels of feeling, thought, and will. Our bodies are alive at the deepest and most minute quanta levels, where we are constantly broadcasting messages from and between body cells and organs, and radiating it all from inner selves to all selves everywhere.

In addition to receiving these messages from all other people, and the natural and spiritual worlds around us, we also receive and automatically respond to a constant flood of physical stimuli and radiation, inducing emotional and unconscious mental "meandering," generating nerve impulses, producing stress hormones, and compounding chemical agents that lead to reactions in the tri-level brain (one part of which is divided into two halves). The brain is all lit up, but for what purpose? Without intention those messages serve no purpose—they are a waste of your energies and injurious to your long term health (and "wealth").

Reacting Without Thought
Mostly, if not entirely, we react without thought or full awareness to physical events. Our attention is drawn to news stories of crime and disaster, to political and "religious" grand-standing, celebrity-studded entertainment, crowd-thrilling spectator sports, and the bizarre antics of young people in search of their personal identity—all tending to produce unintentional emotional reactions with unforeseen consequences to our own health and well-being and in our immediate family and social environment, and the world around us.

We react unconsciously rather than acting consciously with understanding and intention, and don't even know the difference. We react because most of us are "asleep at the switch" and don't know it—and don't even know where the switch is. We're like a hot race car: all gassed up, engine roaring, and no driver, no map, no guidance, no flag to drop. Our physical self is up, the potential for greatness is there, but the only direction to go is nowhere. You have to wake up, understand who and what you are, discover and activate that switch, and take charge of your own life. Don't let others—not their institutions nor their automated systems—rob you of purpose and your precious assets and life energies for their self-serving benefit.

Know, and Take Charge!
It's all very complex, yet you are the one who can understand and must take charge, and the fact of reaction vs. action results from what little you really know about yourself and the Universe in which we all live and have our being. But you must decide that you want to know about both, accept the facts that you are more than a physical body, that your real self is the actor, that you live in an interrelationship between your whole self and the whole universe and all there is.

Your acceptance of this defines your Attitude towards Life and your relation with the Universe, and your attitude reflects and incorporates your knowledge and becomes your own inner Belief System. No belief system imposed from without by Church or State, or Parent or School gives you the knowledge and strength to be an active partner with the Universe around you and thus enabling you to become more than you and all you can be. You, each of us, is the Microcosm to the Macrocosm; we are all that the Cosmos is, but on a different scale and still lacking the whole knowledge and awareness to become full partners in this universe.

It's the Small Things That Count
The modern world is a New World of Mind & Spirit in a New Age of Higher Human Consciousness. It is a New World of what we increasingly know of our own Body, Mind, and Spirit, of the world about us and within which we live, and of our role with the Universe. The "World" is bigger than we are, but it is the small things that control bigger things. Modern Quantum Physics reveals a fundamental dimension of smallness that switches back and forth between manifesting as Particles or Waves, Matter or Energy in response to human attention and intention. In other words, each person does have the power to introduce change at the most fundamental levels of Reality as she or he lives it.

Every cell in your body has consciousness and awareness of its purpose within the structure of your physical body. That consciousness is a manifestation of Spirit, and through the disciplines of Mind and Emotion you can willfully communicate through Spirit to heal the body and extend its lifespan. But, the more you know the deeper you can go and the better you can do these things, and more. That's the value of the full range of the Yogic Sciences—not just the Hatha Yoga of gym studios. It's not just physical control, but emotional control, mental control, spiritual control, and life control that must become your goal. That's the value of gaining the full range of psychic empowering skills, and the value of gaining the full range of self-empowering knowledge and understanding.

All Big things are built from small things. Big things may be beyond your control and direct influence, but small things are not. Small things are points of leverage from which you can influence and change Bigger things. No, you can't change the entire world all by yourself, but you can plant seeds that can grow and perhaps reach other people and "start the ball rolling" to bring about corrective changes in those big institutions that are out of harmony with the natural world in which we live and the fundamental cosmic purpose of individual growth and evolutionary development.

The Deeper You Go, the More You Know
The more you know, and the deeper you go, the more control over your world you have. The Big World is composed of many small worlds. Big Worlds are the Organizations and Institutions of the modern world, but all organizations and institutions are composed of individuals. Individuals can control the big organizations and institutions, but they have to understand their nature and structure, and know their purpose.

Big Institutions and Organizations thrive on individuals' ignorance of their nature and purpose, and dominate YOU by your faith in in the "Big Picture" they've drawn for you and for which they ask for your money and your "vote." They need you, but claim that you need them. Often they reflect antique ideologies based on out-of-date beliefs about reality, serving only to benefit their self-serving leadership who use their immense power to support wealthy and powerful special interests.

It's up to you to gain the knowledge, to train your mind, and to raise your "frequency" (a measure of vibrations; more about this in reference to your states of consciousness later) to see things for what they really are. Don't be guided by their fear-inducing slogans that are really selling you a "bill of goods" contrary to your best interests, contrary to the natural order, and contrary to the cosmic directive calling for your personal development.

It’s All in YOUR Attitude
Your attitude towards the world is either passive and reactive or active and cooperative. The truth is that "WE are the World." We and the World; Humanity and Nature; Body and Emotion, Mind and Spirit; Individuals and their Institutions—all are partners and must work together in cooperative understanding of our interdependent relationship. But it is now essential that we do this consciously and become more and more fully aware. We must BELIEVE in our own power to do so. It is "We, the People" who must assert our Freedom and take responsible control over our institutions that serve as communities of public interest.

In the past, "Belief" was largely imposed by Church and State, and both demanded and enforced obedience regardless of science, law, or personal belief. That Belief—imposed in the West by the dominant religious institutions—precluded people from all individual communication with Spirit and Spiritual Entities, basically defined as anything non-physical, hence not of this world! The Other World was literally owned by the Church, and only their authorized personnel could legally (since the Church dominated the State) communicate with other world entities.

Conscious vs. Unconscious Communication
What the Church knows is that we are all communicators, as already discussed earlier. Body, Emotion, Mind, and Spirit are always radiating and broadcasting subtle messages to the subtle fields of the Universe about us. But all that is at the automatic, unconscious, levels. It is unintentional communication without conscious messages.

Real Communication must be done consciously with a deliberate message intentionally targeting the desired communicant. Even if it is a message to an out-of-balance physical organ or energy center within our own body, it is Intention that focuses the power to knowingly bring change to heal disharmony and disease.

Everything and every entity vibrates, and the numbers assigned to that rate of vibration is a measure of speed and size of the energy keynote constantly radiating outward from the whole being—physical and non-physical. That keynote frequency is not absolutely fixed but does operate in a narrow enough range to serve as a kind of cosmic address for each person. Other people and other entities of both the physical world and the spiritual worlds likewise have such cosmic addresses (just like we use for email).

Getting in Sync!
But, to be fully effective, Communicator and Communicant need to be "in sync" with one another, be "on the same wavelength," the same frequency or at least in "parallel harmony" with each other. This will be explained shortly.

The human being can intentionally alter the wavelength of the messages he or she consciously wishes to send to a communicant whether in this world or others in order to reach the designated target. But, it's not as easily done as said. Within this physical world, email (or postal mail or a telephone call) is more reliable because there is a vast and dedicated support system to transfer the message in its purity and reach the target communicant free of interference.

Most of us are still unable to readily free our consciousness of the interfering incessant "noise" and "garbage" from within our own mind and emotion, and then to reliably raise the level of our frequency to specifically focus our awareness on the target so as to communicate accurately across the divide between the physical and spiritual (astral/mental/causal) worlds and reach a desired entity. Without a dedicated support service we need:

  1. To bring out own mind under un-ambivalent control, and
  2. To understand how to address any particular entity.

Absent a trained mind and such self-empowering techniques as meditation and self-hypnosis, and psychic-empowering skills as astral projection and clairvoyance, just as we do to reach across the divide of physical distance by the use of an intermediary (today mostly by means of electronic devices that have replaced the older roles of the pony express and before that of the town crier and long-distance runners) we need some form of intermediary to communicate with any non-physical entity.

Intermediaries Between the Worlds
While various gadgetry and "black boxes" have been pitched over the years to allow spirit voices to be heard, deliberate two-way communication is largely dependent on human intermediaries who have the ability to raise their level of consciousness and focus their awareness on the desired communicant. Aside from shamans, we know these intermediaries as Mediums and Channels.

Both the Medium and the Channel function between the Worlds of Physical and Spiritual Life, yet Spirit and Consciousness are everywhere and in everything. "Spirits" are non-physical entities, each embodying a unique and particularized consciousness, or "personality," and some of these also represent a larger Cosmic power and function. Each Spirit entity is as individual as is a living physically incarnate person like you, also embodying a particularized consciousness. In each of these worlds we have individuals seeking to communicate with one another.

Even though this article is about the use of intermediaries, I want to remind readers that every physically incarnate person is more than a body with a physical brain. We all are physical (and non-physical) beings currently expressing ourselves primarily through our multi-layered physical vehicle. Even as you may use an intermediary to communicate with non-physical entities, this experience will help build your own ability to eventually communicate directly with non-physical entities through your own non-physical self. The use of the trance state, whether self-induced or aided by another person or entity, is a means to focus the mind and exclude external distractions in order to have a clear focus on the desired communicant and the messages being communicated.

The Ambassador Between This World and the "Other Side"
Just to give us a way to better understand the challenge of communication between the Physical and Spiritual Worlds, let's think of them like two countries on opposite sides of the planet—speaking different languages and having different histories and cultures, but sharing a common goal of world peace. Nations exchange ambassadors, and it is the job of each ambassador to not only accurately translate the languages but fully understand the difference in cultures so that every communication is founded on common ground.

Our ambassador, (we'll call her "Eartha Brown") is the intermediary, or "medium" between our Physical World on This Side and the Spirit World on the Other Side. The common ground is the universality of spirituality and consciousness. The difference is in the "vibratory" rates, or states of consciousness. Ambassador Brown has to move between these two levels, and this is usually facilitated by her entry into a self-induced trance state. It is by means of this trance state that our Ambassador Brown has focused and raised her consciousness to the level for communicating with the desired Spirit Entity on the Other Side (in this example we will call the surviving personality "Tom Smith.") Ambassador Brown translates and communicates our messages to the Other Side, and then does the same for messages from the Other Side to This Side. In our theoretical example, it is Tom's daughter, Sarah, who wants to ask her deceased father what do about the library of old and valuable botanical books he so dearly loved. Both her sister, who now lives in Portland, and a distant nephew, now living in Atlanta, are asking about the collection. Should Sarah sell the books or give them to one or the other person? Eartha Brown is able to bring Tom Smith through and he says to sell the books and split the money between Sarah and her sister.

Such exchanges between the Physical and Spiritual Worlds has gone on for many millennia, but was largely denigrated and forgotten in the Western World until a few hundred years ago, culminating in the Spiritualist movement today.

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