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Self-Hypnosis, Quantum Physics, and the Astral World

Crystal Ball and Water

The recent and on-going revolution in physics has not only added another dimension to our understanding of the "worlds" in which we live, but provides a totally new perspective in which consciousness is added to the basic duality of Energy & Matter to form a "Trinity of Power" through which any individual person can actively intervene and bring change to his or her own potential reality. Simply speaking, you can shape your future.

It is this active intervention that gives genuine meaning to our approach to "Self-Empowerment."

What is Self-Empowerment? It’s the power you have to take charge of your probable future. At the quantum level—more fundamental even then the sub-atomic—energy & matter co-exist as "quanta" in a constant flux of probabilities within the field of universal consciousness and can be isolated and made manifest by conscious acts of observation and intention.

The new Paranormal Science (shaped by the emerging new quantum physics, progressive developments in paranormal laboratories, and a new synthesis of Eastern and Western Metaphysics) provides us with advanced models of the psyche and the manifest universe that give new technological understanding to such practical applications as Self-Hypnosis, Psychic Powers, Divination and Magick.

In this new science the quantum level is the same as the Astral Plane of metaphysics, and quanta are fundamental units of astral "substance" pre-existent to potential physical manifestation. Important to quantum mechanics is the "field" in which all possibilities exist. This field of possibilities is the same as the "Causal" or Higher Mental Plane of metaphysics.

Evolution and Personal Growth
We start with belief in the existential Self and recognition of humanity’s continuing—and ever accelerating—evolution and in your ability as an individual to accelerate your own growth and evolutionary advancement that is called "The Great Work" of Western metaphysics. In other words, as a unique individual you can move into the vanguard of evolutionary advancement for yourself (and all of humanity) for the simple reason that the "Soul" above your manifest personality exists just for that purpose. Each individual is "here" to evolve and grow, to become more than you are, and thus benefit all Humanity, All Life, and All That Is according to "The Great Plan" pre-existent even to the birth of humanity.

To Become More Than You Are
To become more you have to realize that you are less than you want to be, or that you want to be in some way different than you are now. In today’s world, far too many of us are overweight, and we desire to lose excess weight to benefit health and appearance. Far too many of us have addictions to tobacco or alcohol, or other substances that are neither healthy nor legal, and we seek to be free of that dependency. Others of us seek to improve social or career skills, or to fast-learn specific academic or vocational subjects to improve their earning ability. Or we just want to quickly and efficiently learn something new for our own enjoyment.

For many years, Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis have successfully been employed for all these personal benefits, and all of them—all learning, all self-improvement, all directed consciousness applications—do help you become more than you are. To appreciate this fact just review your own life, from childhood to adulthood, and how learning is more than the simple accumulation of skills; it is transforming. A trained mind, like a trained body, is more than "the sum of its parts." Every skill, every developed function, every subject learned means more than just the abilities to add & subtract, to read & write, to reason logically and speak coherently.

If you accept the principle of reincarnation, you also perceive that the self-improvement work of each lifetime adds dimension to the evolving soul, for nothing is lost and what is gained is forever. Your current incarnating Personality is not your Soul, but all the lessons and experiences of each lifetime do become part of your soul and shape the new incarnating personality of the next lifetime.

How Understanding Improves the Technology
The more you know and understand how any technology works the better will it work for you. Fundamental to Self-Hypnosis is the I AM principle intertwined with NOW, the Timeless Moment. Essentially, you establish what you want to become as already existent. More simply stated: I AM NOW (at my perfect weight, smoke free, proficient in Spanish, etc.).

The difficulty is self-doubt. You know that right now you are not actually what the I AM NOW statement is asserting. We tell you to see yourself already at the desired weight, to see yourself free from addiction, to see yourself skilled, knowledgeable, and so on. But you can’t fool yourself or the mirror. You have to understand how the idealized Self-Image and command statement does function to change your future reality.

This is why we have to understand the new world of Quantum Physics and the new Science of the Paranormal with advanced models of inner and outer realities. You have to understand the "mechanics" of the astral world and how disciplined thought controls those mechanics.

Astral UP, Physical DOWN
If you are able to travel Out-of-Body or are clairvoyant, you would find that every physical thing—every object, every place, every animal, and every person—has a "replica" on the astral plane. But close study and examination will reveal that unlike the physical original, the astral replica is neither truly solid nor fixed in form. If you see an astral replica of your car, it may not be exactly the same as the car in your garage. For example, a recent small dent or scratch may not at first show up on the astral replica until you specifically look for it. And if you were recently very upset with your car and felt like kicking it, there could be a transient dent in the astral replica that will soon disappear without manifesting on the physical car.

Astral substance lacks solidity because it made up of quanta, and astral replicas are composed of astral substance given shape by organizing consciousness.

I recognize this is difficult, but let’s just change over to the idea of creating a "Thought Form"—an imagined form of astral substance organized by mental action.

The Organizing Field for anything starts at the higher mental (causal) level, and then replicates at the astral level. These Astral Replicas and Thought Forms are quantum states of probabilities. The astral image—like quanta—is holographic and human emotion is like a laser that powers even a fragment to manifest physically. A Thought Form serves as a "Matrix" for organizing astral substance. It’s rather like a three-dimensional blueprint, although, actually, the astral has four dimensions.

What interests us here is that what happens on the physical goes UP to shape the astral replica, and what happens on the astral goes DOWN to shape the physical reality. But that astral transition to the physical is rarely instantaneous. Remember that I said that the astral has four dimensions: that fourth dimension is Time. Our Self-Hypnosis I AM NOW principle is a method of manipulating time as well as physical material. Sometimes that best way to accomplish materialization of a Thought Form is through a progression of smaller steps in the same way that a physical building is constructed through a progression of smaller steps.

In our practice of self-hypnosis we are generally working with a self-image that embodies our goal. The visualized self-image on the astral plane is a state of probabilities that can be altered by a mental act. The new image then becomes actual through a charge of emotional energy that shapes physical reality. It is important to note that astral substance is often characterized as "emotion" and it is controlled feeling that charges—empowers—the mental Thought Form collection of astral energy and substance to shape physical reality and thus manifest our stated I AM NOW goal.

Your self-image of a slimmer you will not make you twenty pounds lighter over night, but your use of self-hypnosis has started the process of moving one state of possibilities into another state of possibilities—the present reality is shaped to actualize the future image.

The Power of the Subconscious Mind
The physical body is a very complex organization of "information." Each body shares certain fundamental similarities of bone and flesh, of hormones and nerves, etc. However, the way these are all organized in your body is individual and specific to you.

It is your subconscious mind that knows your personal organization, why you are overweight (to continue with that example) and how to make informational changes that will result in the necessary re-organization to bring about your desired goal.

Your Sub-Conscious Mind is an infinite resource of memories, knowledge, and innate powers. It is not limited to your personal memories and learned knowledge; rather, it enables you to tap into the Collective Unconscious and into the Universal Consciousness, both of which are infinite and timeless and divine in origin.

Self-Empowerment Through Self-Hypnosis
Self-Empowerment involves the conscious mind taking control of various sub-conscious processes. In what many people call "Conscious Living" this happens slowly and naturally, but it can happen faster. Self-Empowerment can be more skillfully achieved through Self-Hypnosis. Simply stated, guided programs of self-hypnosis and meditation can accelerate what otherwise may require years devoted to sensible changes in habits, in nutritional decisions, programmed exercises, etc.

Self-Empowerment through Self-Hypnosis replaces the slower process of conscious living by drawing upon the wisdom and power of the subconscious mind. Through Self-Hypnosis, the astral replica is given form by thought and energized through feeling to manifest in material reality.

Dr. Joe H. Slate has created a Self-Hypnosis audio CD employing a carefully crafted script based on his many years of experience as a clinical psychologist and experimental researcher in the laboratories at Athens State University. The voice and script is that of Dr. Slate and the CD is richly supported by specially produced background music that deepens your self-induced trance.

Why do we use Self-Hypnosis for Self-Empowerment? We need to reach the unlimited power in the Subconscious Mind that normally isn't available to us. Through self-hypnosis, we bring about a productive partnership between the Conscious Mind and the Sub-Conscious Mind as directed by your focused will and intention. Focus is the key here, and self-hypnosis is our method for its accomplishment.

Equally important to Self-Empowerment, the use of Self-Hypnosis to draw from the Subconscious Mind opens pathways of communication between the Conscious Mind and the Subconsciousness in the process of their integration into the Superconsciousness.

The Self-Empowerment Through Self-Hypnosis CD Companion includes both the audio CD and a special supplemental booklet with everything you need to know in order to benefit from the use of Self-Hypnosis to take control of the magnificent powers of the Astral World for becoming more than you are and all that you can be.

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