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Signs that Square: Aquarius and Taurus

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Some sign combinations that have traditionally been considered to be stress-producing: signs that square. These are the pairs that often rub each other the wrong way, until they realize that they can also produce energy-releasing sparks. Any two signs that square each other are actually dynamic duos that help us powerfully grow, once we learn how to consolidate their energies better in a self-directed manner. After all, they represent two essential parts of our developmental process,and thus they each need to be validated and supported. We shouldn't let them pull us apart or make us feel split from within.

Squaring signs must find smart ways to get along. They need to help—not thwart—each other, even though they may start out assuming that they have absolutely nothing in common. In truth, they possess valuable resources that can be shared effectively. Yet to successfully do this will prove challenging. It seems the Cosmos loves to bring together such "odd couples" in our charts, perhaps just to see what transformative potential will be actualized by such frictional stimulation.

Each sign squares two other signs of the same mode in the zodiac. Squaring signs—like signs that oppose one another—are traditionally considered to be tensional. Unfortunately, traditional astrology believes in sidestepping conflict at all cost. However, twenty-first-century astrology acknowledges that a little creative friction can become the driving force that helps us bring out our best. Still, these signs are said to work at cross-purposes and are thus assumed to be incompatible and even combative.

Naturally, then, they are primarily the signs that mass-market astrology paperbacks eagerly tell us to avoid if we wish to stay happily married. The seemingly sensible advice here, for example, would be for Taurus to stick to its own kind—Virgo or Capricorn—but never to stray, let's say, into the stranger pastures of Aquarius. Yet what if we were born with a mix of Taurus and Aquarius in our own chart? Well, we'll just have to make this combo work for us, since these energies will be part of our makeup for a whole lifetime!

Any two signs share a few things in common—yes, even Taurus and Gemini—traits that materialize once these signs are pressured to interact. Even if they don't share many commonalities, each sign has qualities that could benefit the other. Any two signs also have dissimilar features that require a more tolerant, cooperative spirit on our part if they are to blend well. This applies even to signs of the same element, those that naturally trine each other. The standard line is that trining signs imply nothing but harmony and mutual understanding —let's even throw in good karma from past lives.Yet, since no two signs are exactly alike, attitude adjustments will be needed (for example, we shouldn't assume that time-efficient Virgo is always thrilled by the sometimes lethargic way Taurus can waste a whole day "relaxing").

Generally speaking, squaring signs don't easily understand why the other acts the way it does—feisty Aries is baffled by Cancer's moody behavior, showy Leo can't fathom secretive Scorpio, gung-ho Sagittarius finds wishy-washy Pisces too lacking in enthusiasm, and so on. Yet a wise and perhaps mischievous Cosmos seems to draw these signs to each other, again and again, to help them iron out their differences and instead capitalize on what they can effectively combine and make work. No sign is forever to avoid—or engage in battle with—another sign, since, as said before, all twelve signs comprise the essential parts of the ideal whole. Nonetheless, it will take effort and patience to learn the secrets of healthy integration.

This combination, at first, seems like it would be difficult to blend. Aquarius is an air sign that seeks to elevate mind power to electrifying levels of brilliance. Its mental world involves inventive, innovative concepts that are not bound by practicality or common sense. Taurus is an earth sign whose consciousness is firmly planted on the ground and is less stimulated by abstract thought or theoretical reasoning; it is more aroused by what tangibly exists.

The Water Bearer is the coldest of the air signs and the Bull is the warmest of the earth signs. Aquarius requires emotional detachment in order for it to remain clear-sighted and unbiased, yet Taurus depends on its feelings and instincts to better understand the nature of physical reality. The Bull likes to touch, while Aquarius is a touch-me-not (although it will engage in impersonal group hugs, as long as they're quick). These signs thus appear to have little in common. However, both are fixed, meaning that they both are steady, determined, enduring, and able to concentrate on their goals until desired objectives are met. These two are unlikely to quit, once strongly motivated to tackle a project, so they reinforce each other's tendency to have committed interests.

Taurus may be warm and affectionate (earth can contain heat), but the Bull can be so placid that it appears expressionless. That makes it harder for others to register what this sign is feeling, although it comes in handy when playing poker! You cannot read Taurus like a book, unless it's feeling very comfortable and relaxed around you—but at least it's habitual enough to be predictable. Aquarius also doesn't show much emotion on the surface—except when outraged by some social injustice, but that's not the same as expressing feelings of a personal nature. Together, then, these signs may seem unresponsive to more sensitive, human conditions (at least compared to a more emotive Cancer/Leo mix). If the Aquarian side of this combo dominates, expect a degree of emotional aloofness combined with Taurus' calm exterior.

At the same time,if we have these signs emphasized in our chart, our feelings won't get in our way while we're attending to more practical or societal concerns. Level-headedness is commonly seen,as we're not the excitable type. Aquarius likes to think before plunging into action—it's really not all that impulsive—and Taurus cannot be rushed until it deems the timing to be right.

With less energy feeding our emotionality, we probably won't suffer the anguish and anxiety others do when personal problems arise. We'll probably have few sleepless nights, no matter what our predicament is (here's where being detached and even-tempered is a blessing). Still, we'll have to watch out about becoming too opinionated. The Bull feels secure in its perceptions and doesn't waver, while the Water Bearer "knows" when it's right about the "truths" it intuitively flashes on, even if the rest of the world thinks otherwise. Adaptability is not easily found.

When well managed, this combo provides suitable, durable outlets for fresh, experimental ideas. Taurus is good at finding the right material in which to clothe well-defined concepts (but it doesn't care to waste time on anything vague and ill-conceived). Thus, to get the Bull interested, the Water Bearer will need to "talk some sense" and plainly show how its innovative notions can be applied in useful ways. The pressure is on for Aquarius to come down from the clouds and ground its ideas better, which is good.

On the other hand, Taurus needs to become less earthbound in its evaluations of "reality" and instead allow Aquarius to bend the Bull's mind and convince it that alternative possibilities do exist. It'll just require a completely different perceptual framework to realize the wisdom in this. But is a somewhat rut-tolerant Taurus willing to budge? If so, its world can transform into a more exciting place. Both these signs only limit themselves—and us—when they resist exchanging their valuable resources. The blend of uncommon intuition with good, old-fashioned "horse sense" seems to reward us with the best of both worlds.

Aquarius/Taurus Astro-lebrities
Tony Blair, British prime minister: (Sun in Taurus, Moon in Aquarius)
Uma Thurman, actress: (Sun in Taurus, Moon in Aquarius)
Andre Agassi, tennis pro: (Sun in Taurus, Moon in Aquarius)
Ronald Reagan, US president: (Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Taurus)
Germaine Greer, writer: (Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Taurus)
Jackson Pollock, painter: (Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Taurus)


Excerpted from All Around the Zodiac, by Bil Tierney

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