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Jupiter in Sagittarius: What Does it Mean for You?

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Lucky planet Jupiter, the "bestower" of good fortune, opportunity and abundance, will move from the water sign of Scorpio and into the fire sign of Sagittarius on November 24 this year. With it comes a bundle of good luck for fellow fire signs, and for Aries and Leo, too. Of course, this period is expected to be one of the most fortunate for Sagittarius in over twelve years, which was the last time Jupiter came to call on those born between November 23 and December 21. However, all zodiac signs will benefit in some way, depending on where this "visitor" falls in their astrology chart.

Jupiter is Sagittarius' ruling planet, so there is extra strength when this transit occurs. Jupiter can bring good fortune to our lives, though sometimes Jupiter is not a good thing because it can force us to "overdo." In some cases, Jupiter brings on weight gain when it transits the first house of a chart, which represents the physical body. One can chose to expand their personal interests or their waistline! In some cases, Jupiter falls in the second house of money while transiting and earning potential zooms sky high—but at the same time, you could find yourself going off on many shopping sprees. Let's look at how each sign will be affected by Jupiter's visit in 2007.

WATCH FOR: Opportunities for more education, on-the-job training, and travel to foreign places. Spiritual growth is also quite possible during this time. On a mundane level, superiors and people in position of authority will play a prominent role in your life. It's easy to earn their respect. Legal matters tend to go well. Writing and publishing are also favored.

WATCH FOR: Money coming from sources other than your regular paycheck. This is a fine time for your spouse or partner's income to rise. Expect inheritances, settlements, rebates, loans, and scholarships. Your intuition increases as well.
WATCH OUT FOR: Accepting too many credit cards.

WATCH FOR: New and exiting relationships to enter your life. Good aspects for your current love affair or marriage. Beneficial partnerships of all kinds, including business. Opportunities to work problems out and come to agreements with others. Support and help from others.
WATCH OUT FOR: Extra-marital affairs.

WATCH FOR: Good health but the possibility of weight gain. Wonderful opportunities for work, especially if you are in a field of service to others. You will enjoy working with positive and upbeat people. You could get a new pet. An "ex" could come back onto the scene, and you'll have the chance to get reacquainted.
WATCH OUT FOR: Weight gain.

WATCH FOR: Romance and fun! You could also be quite lucky with investments and games of chance. This would be nice time to plan a trip Vegas. You just may hit the jackpot! There are also wonderful aspects this year for new love affairs. If you are hoping to expand the family, it's also a fine time to get pregnant. If you have children already, you can create stronger and loving bonds with them now.
WATCH OUT FOR: Unwanted pregnancy; having so fun much you neglect other responsibilities.

WATCH FOR: Good opportunities to move, add on to your current dwelling, and remodel, redecorate or expand your household in some way. You have wonderful aspects to expand the family too. Many Virgos may find there are babies being born and couples planning to marry as well as good news amongst family members.
WATCH OUT FOR:: Overbuilding a home for the area. You'll want to make sure you get your money back out of the house if you sell it one day.

WATCH FOR: Excellent negotiation opportunities. Creative pursuits are favored. Short trips are fun and you may buy a new car. Relationships with siblings and neighbors are good, too. Your communication skills are strong. You could also purchase a new computer, cell phone, and other electronic equipment.
WATCH OUT FOR: Restlessness.

WATCH FOR: Expansion and financial increases. These are wonderful times to make more money and ask for raises and promotions at work. You could be very lucky in all money matters. There's a tendency now to make big purchases and increase your holdings. You could accumulate a lot of material things.
WATCH OUT FOR: Spending too much, increasing debt.

WATCH FOR: Some of the best opportunities that life has to offer! With Jupiter conjunct your sign, wonderful things come your way. You will feel vibrant and happy, optimistic and hopeful. This is a wonderful cycle, in which many of your fondest dreams may come true.
WATCH OUT FOR: Weight gain and taking on more than you can handle.

WATCH FOR: Good karma to unfold. People from your past to come back into your life, that you are more than happy to reconnect with. You have hidden support and lots of people talking "good" behind your back. It's also a time when you can easily let past hurts and pain go. You can release pent-up frustrations from childhood once and for all.
WATCH OUT FOR: Clinging to the past and not moving forward.

WATCH FOR: Good luck with groups and associations. Wonderful friendships can be formed now that will prove to be quite beneficial in many ways. You will make many social contacts and have good experiences with any affiliation you are involved in. This could also be a time of financial reward.
WATCH OUT FOR: Socializing too much.

WATCH FOR: New and exciting career opportunities. This year could be a high point on the job front. Everything you have worked so hard to achieve is now within arm's reach. Some of you may change careers. Others may find success and fulfillment in your current position. Now's the time to act on a business plan. Things are especially bright before April and after August.
WATCH OUT FOR: Working so much that you neglect other areas of your life.

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