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Calls to Mystic Alice: How One Woman Embraces the Gift of Spirit Communication

Crystal Ball and Water

People often ask me how I get the information when I do psychic readings for other people. The answer is easy: My Spooks. They come up with the truths and insights and revelations, and all I do is pass it along.

Who are my Spooks? They are primarily my guides—the two souls who assist me in this lifetime—a couple of master teachers, and my mother, who was also a reader. Then there are the guides or helpers of the person I'm reading for, and any other soul or entity from the other side who wants to add their two bits at that moment.

Who is with us during a reading very much depends on the subject matter being discussed during the reading. On one occasion, for example, I was reading for a woman who put her son on the phone because they were both very interested in UFOs and the possibility of contacting someone from another galaxy or planet. In the process of the reading, they mentioned that they were planning to go to an area high in the mountains with a large group of people to try to contact these beings, and possibly hitch a ride on their spacecraft. Suddenly, I heard my voice saying, "Don't go. There are different groups who visit this planet, but they are not all friendly. You don't know what you are getting into!"

This was probably good advice. But the peculiar part is that my voice became a man's voice, very deep and very strong. It was so out of character that my husband dropped his paper and stared at me. I had heard my voice change, but I had absolutely no control over it. That has never happened before or since, but apparently the Spook who was supplying the answer for this couple was concerned enough to make sure we all heard the message! We did—loud and clear!

This was long before the movie Ghost was made, and I had never even considered the possibility of having another entity control my speaking voice. Once was enough for me. Since it has never happened again, the Spooks apparently respect my choice in this matter.

Why do I call them Spooks? When I first started doing readings, I tried to call them guides, guardians, angels ,or all of the other names people use. I just wasn't comfortable with any of them. They all just seemed too formal and dignified for me. "Spooks" just seems to fit their playful nature and relaxed attitude, so the name evolved naturally.

For me, writing is much like doing a reading. When I start writing a chapter, article, or anything else regarding the paranormal, the Spooks take over and the information just flows from the end of my fingers to the computer keys. They determine the content and the flow of information. For that reason, I give them full credit or blame, whichever the case may be!

I have read several books from famous authors who say their books are written completely through automatic writing. Unlike them, I still have complete awareness of my surroundings and what is being written. I just listen to the voice in my head and follow their lead.

Some people do truly write automatically. In my book Calls to Mystic Alice, I discuss my daughter's ability to do automatic writing. Years ago, we had a series of episodes in which she held a yellow legal pad in one hand and a pencil in the other. She would write so fast that the pencil practically flew across the page. The writing was in different handwriting each time and would be as complex in content as the Psalms in the Bible. We had to look up certain words in the dictionary to determine the meaning! By this means she was able to communicate with her oldest son before he was born. He gave her the choice for his name and even how to spell it.

You can improve your life dramatically by letting your own Spooks communicate with you by writing. I recently did a reading for a client who needed to allow her guides to contact her through automatic writing. I suggested she set aside a certain time each day and either allow the contact with a pad and pencil, or by placing her fingers on the computer keyboard, and allowing the information to flow. She started doing this and was able to regain control of her life by giving her Spooks a means of communicating with her. She had been experiencing periods of blacking out which her doctors had decided were related to petit mal seizures. Thanks to her Spooks' insights and suggestions, the problem stopped.

Listen to your own Spooks and give them the opportunity to communicate with you. It doesn't need to be through writing. Just listen to that funny little voice, for instance, that cons you into taking a different route home when there is no apparent reason for it. You may find out later you avoided a serious accident or at least a nasty traffic jam. People are quite often puzzled by the inner urge to change their plans—until they find out they avoided trouble or walked into an opportunity.

One of the keys to getting reliable information from your Spooks is not to try too hard. When I am doing a reading, thoughts seem to come into my conscious mind from some unknown source. I know it's not me, because very often these thoughts run in an entirely different direction than my conscious mind is taking.

In Calls to Mystic Alice, I mention my first contact with my oldest grandson prior to his birth. At that time I was standing in the bathroom, combing my hair, when my daughter-in-law came into the room and tucked her maternity smock under her nine-month-pregnant stomach. She said, "Isn't that gross? Isn't that obscene?" She then walked out of the room. I continued combing my hair, but was thinking about the poor little soul who was connected to the baby. I was busy being a grandma, worrying about how he felt about his mother's thoughtless remark, and trying to send a message to the baby that the mother hadn't really meant that she thought the baby was gross or obscene, just the size of the stomach.

At that moment I distinctly heard a man's voice behind my right shoulder saying, "Well, frankly, I think it's a little gross and obscene too, but it's the only way to get here!" I whirled around expecting to find either my husband or my son standing behind me. No one was there!

I had just heard the voice of the unborn baby. I started laughing and went into the living room where the rest of the family was visiting and told them they would have a boy in the next few days. He had just talked to me! I told the rest of the group what had happened and the boy, my oldest grandson, was born the next week. He is now thirty-one years old and apparently none the worse for the wear due to the remark. He has a doctorate in planetary geology and is currently doing research on volcanoes in Mexico.

The proof that the comment was not from my own imagination was the fact that my conscious mind was busy running down an entirely different path. The voice, by the way, was from behind my right shoulder. Many individuals that I have read for have had similar experiences. The voice could be one of their guides, a deceased relative, or just an unfamiliar Spook. They just know it was an external voice, and from the right shoulder area. As with me, the information is usually contrary to the direction their conscious mind was taking at the time. You have very possibly experienced the same phenomena but you just weren't ready to accept this explanation at that time.

Calls to Mystic Alice is helping a lot of people to accept their own psychic ability and connection with the astral or other side. Many people have contacted me, completely amazed by the how the information in the book has changed their lives.

The purpose of the book is to help other souls accept who and what they are. Many of the individuals who were used as examples or their stories appear in the book have called to exclaim over the facts and admit they have been helped once again. I tell them all the same thing: The Spooks do good work!

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