Psychic Attacks

Colorful Psychic Representation

Not all psychic attacks are really deliberate "attacks."

Most are psychic interactions between people—some of whom have greater reserves of psychic energy or who have been moved by intense emotional reactions such that they have an enormous impact on an unwitting "victim." And some "victims" are persons who are just very open and sensitive.

Think of some comparable examples:

  1. A trigger-ready soldier in an intensely dangerous enemy territory. Something moves, and the soldier fires his weapon. The victim may have been a "friendly," or a civilian in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  2. The audience for TV is often practically in a state of hypnosis, open to the suggestions of sophisticated advertisements and even more to the hidden advertising of product placements within the television program. There is the star of Sex and the City wearing a particular brand of high-heels—she is attractive, sexy, successful, and devoted to the particular product. What is the impact on the viewer?
  3. A child hears her parents loudly debating something of considerable importance, and may fear they are arguing and that arguments lead to divorce.

We can think of plenty of examples. My point is that very few psychic attacks are intentional. Nevertheless, it is these that for which we need to build and maintain our defenses. It is similar to the need of a healthy body with a strong immune system so that we can function in normal social and work situations where we will encounter germs, pollution, and stress.

Dane Rudhyar
Rudhyar (he preferred that everyone call him just by his last name) was a very brilliant astrologer and artist (poet, musician, writer, and actor) of French origin. One time back in the nineteen sixties we were traveling together and the conversation ranged beyond astrology and publishing into international politics. I remarked on my dislike for the policies and person of then-French President De Gaulle. Rudhyar's reaction was intense! I received what felt like a punch to the stomach, and felt nauseous to the point of almost using the air sickness bag. I am sure Rudhyar had no idea of what he'd done, but it was an unintentional psychic attack of considerable power.

Ophiel was a very interesting occult writer in the nineteen sixties and seventies. His books on astral projection and creative visualization were practical and revolutionary for the times. And he lived his occultism every day. He, like Rudhyar, had very intense political feelings. In conversation one time I criticized the person and policies of President Nixon. Ophiel's response was verbal: "I love Nixon! And you are a betrayer to your class if you are not a loyal Republican." That was it: no psychic punches or anything else.

Yet both of these responses were very emotional and personal. In neither case did I anticipate the reaction I got to an otherwise normal conversation. Physically, Rudhyar and Ophiel were as different as night and day: Rudhyar was thin to the point of emaciation; Ophiel was overweight nearly to the point of obesity. Rudhyar always seemed to have someone to take care of his needs whereas Ophiel was a loner and loved to cook. Rudhyar was self-sufficient in the creative department while Ophiel needed conversation to stir and formulate his ideas. Both were teachers but their styles were totally different.

What any of this has to do with that difference in psychic impact, I'm not sure.

The Human Aura
However, one major difference is that Ophiel was an occultist. He practiced working with his aura and with visualization. I've referred elsewhere to that very valuable book by Israel Regardie (who also preferred that people call him simply by his last name), The Middle Pillar. The reader/student will learn a simple, daily exercise that will develop a strong and protective aura.

A strong and well-defined aura is not merely protection against psychic attacks of both the intentional and the inadvertent kinds, but it also protects you against psychic "leakage" and drainage of energies. Once you have started the practice you can instantly reinforce the aura with a moment simple breathing and visualization to restore energy, provide stability in social interactions, and defense against those seeking to gain influence over you.

Hubert Humphrey
Humphrey was an amazing man. First as mayor of Minneapolis, then as senator from Minnesota, and finally as Vice President of the United States—he was always a dynamic politician and seemed to have endless reserves of energy.

And he had a remarkable memory for people and facts. Think of the many, many people a politician encounters over the years—yet Humphrey never failed to remember on sight, my name, who I was, what I did, and when Sandra and I were married he sent a congratulatory telegram.

I was quoted once as saying, "Hubert Humphrey was a vampire!" But, obviously, not the kind Anne Rice writes about.

I remember once seeing him on the campaign trail. It was at night, and he had already delivered speeches to a dozen groups in perhaps as many cities. On the platform, awaiting introduction, he looked terrible; even his usually rosy complexion was gray. But, once he started speaking, the familiar human dynamo reappeared and his cheeks reddened and his energy radiated and drew the crowd. How did that transformation occur?

He was a "psychic vampire" in that he got energy from the crowd. He drew it in, and he returned it like a transformer processing one level of voltage into another. I don't think any one can be a successful politician if they lack this ability. For most people, it is a talent you either have or you don't have.

But many people are, at times, psychic vampires. A few are consciously so, but most are unaware of their effect on others. A crowd generates energies, and all share them through the exchange handled by the leader, but in common personal interactions the single person will be drained just as the psychic vampire gains energy through the encounter. You can read about the many common instances of his phenomena in Vampires by Konstantinos (another writer who prefers being known only by the last name).

I mention this because it is an important to our understanding of the value of maintaining our psychic health and well-being just as we need to do so with our physical health and well-being, and our financial health and well-being.

As we grow older, we begin to deplete our natural energy reserves. The vitality of the growing child is replaced by the seemingly inevitable decline of mind and body. We can fight back with better nutrition, with health and medical care, and with activity and a positive attitude.

But there may be other ways to extend our active and productive years. We are here to learn, so we have an obligation to continue learning the lessons of each lifetime. The basic middle pillar exercise to strengthen the aura is a starting point. The auras, and the chakras, are transfer energy points between the physical body and infinite cosmic resources. A program of auric exercise and "nutrition" may be as vital as physical and mental programs.

Perhaps physical life can't be extended indefinitely, but the average life span has already been dramatically increased and will continue to increase. I remember reading many years ago about experiments that claimed to demonstrate that the average life span of the human being should be 120 years. That means I've got a potential of another 46 years in which to accomplish the many things I put aside over the years of building Llewellyn, raising a family, and participating in many civil activities.

The years of my life have been exciting, and I enjoy many good memories. I was very involved in the civil rights movement in the fifties and sixties, and active in the defense of constitutional rights and civil liberties. I've known many wonderful people and only a few who were not.

But the one thing that stands out is that no one, me included, comes anywhere close to fulfilling their potential as human beings. It is a common phrase to say that we rarely use any more than ten percent of our mental capacity. I believe that. I also believe that we rarely tap into even our physical capacity. And that can be a good thing. We should not have to operate at full capacity—we need reserves that we can draw upon to meet critical needs. But our potential is not limited or fixed in some way.

As we grow, our potential grows. It is like the horizon. Look out from wherever you are and you see the line where earth or sea meets the sky. Find a landmark, and then climb a nearby mountain or tall building and note how the horizon has expanded beyond that landmark. Think of the vast differences among the people you know. And marvel at what that shows you about people who have different horizons and different levels of potential.

Noel Tyl
Noel is a brilliant, and sometimes controversial, astrologer. And he has been a very good friend for nearly a half-century. He used to be an opera singer, and sang in six different languages. For a while he lived on Summit Avenue in St. Paul and used to stop over to borrow our copier to print out the pages and pages of opera scores he had to memorize in a matter of days for appearances overseas.

He did this while he was at the same time carrying on an extensive astrological practice and writing books. He could easily turn out a book in a month. Most authors take six months or longer for similar sized books.

He utilizes a lot of his potential, and he is a very disciplined man. He works with schedules that efficiently utilize his time and energy. Today he lives in Arizona, and will sometimes call me to ask about the weather in Minnesota—always on days that he can favorably compare to that in Arizona. But then he will report that he has been working since four a.m. on the next book, and that he is on schedule. At noon he and his wife go out to lunch, and then he goes on to working with clients and the students of his Internet astrology course. In the evening he indulges another of his talents and prepares superb meals for their dinner. And then plays the piano. His horizon is very large.

Yes, he has written a cookbook as well: The Sophisticated Gourmet. It's as enjoyable to read as it is practical to use.

Schedule and Discipline are essential to focusing our skills and energies, and to growing and living our potentials. But knowing that you can grow is even more important. We are not limited by birth to one place or one potential. Look around you and perceive that growth is the common denominator of life everywhere. We need not stop growing and learning at a certain age. I believe we have a divine obligation to constantly grow and to constantly expand our horizons.

Expand your Awareness, Expand your Consciousness, Expand your Physical Potential. Grow and Succeed. Chant the mantra: "Success, Success, Success," and know that success is part of your life.

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