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An Interview with Jolie DeMarco

1. Your new book is High-Vibe Crystal Healing. What inspired you to write the book?

I had many influences. Mainly—I love how crystals make me feel.They rock my world! When I hold a combination of them I feel like a super woman with extra manifesting powers! [Laughing out loud.] I am totally serious. I needed to share their healing abilities and wanted everyone to experience a crystal healing layout. It's mind blowing.

Using crystals is similar to engaging in meditation; they activate endorphins in the brain just as meditation does. I crave that feeling: crystals give you a feeling of euphoria and elation, and with no brain cells destroyed—it's the healthiest habit you can create!

When I place crystals around my body, they take me to a level of high frequency, and pure happiness. Sometimes I set an intention to hit a level of super achievement! There are certain crystals that can ground you, some to promote wellness, and some to connect you with spirit or your source with their amazing frequencies. I have completed more accomplishments in my life since I began working with my crystal collection. I'm still in awe of how much my life has changed for the better! I want everyone to uncover the secret of crystal harmonization.

My quest of sharing crystal enlightenment started ten years ago, when I opened a retail crystal store. I also begin applying crystals on and around my clients' bodies during reiki energy healing sessions. The results were incredible! I diligently made notes and charts of what crystals work best together. I believe I was given spiritually guided knowledge from several archangels, St. Germaine, Atlanteans, and Lumerian light guides of how to harmonize the frequencies of the crystals so as to adjust a person's overall wellness.

The crystal healing layouts brought true balanced wellness to the entire body, mind, and soul. The bonus? Crystals are beautiful art and have adaptable high vibes for everyone. Crystal frequencies work seamlessly with our human electromagnetic field frequencies to adjust and bring to balance what is needed in our lives.

I love crystals so much and sharing about them in my teachings that I was named "Crystal Junkie" by my clients, as I am strongly attracted to crystals and elements—fanatical about them, actually!

2. Why are crystals (and pairing them with essential oils) such powerful healing tools?

Well, first of all crystals and essential oils both are earth elements—Mother Nature provides both of these powerful gifts, and certainly changing one's energy vibes from utilizing them both is a loving result. Together crystals and essential oils are powerhouses because they penetrate your physical body on the skin, and, once applied, go through the dermal layer of the skin to the bloodstream and can affect you within three seconds. Inhaling them is also affecting your senses, as certain aromas activate the brain and sensory system. All in all, essential oils that are pure and organic create a positive change to your body (which includes your energy body through your chakras and auric layers). For example: peppermint oil can assist in releasing headaches and negative vibes in a person's aura. Combining the oils with crystals will enhance any experience, maximizing the session. Gemstones and crystals hold vibrations that can influence one's experience in a crystal body layout as well, both of them accentuating a journey, releasing, self-realization, or a wellness healing. I call essential oils accelerators for any session especially when using oils with crystals.

3. The book includes 26 crystal layouts for healing. How does using crystals in a grid formation enhance their power?

Yes, the book does 26 amazing layouts! Can you say impactful, incredible, and amazing—grids certainly amp the energy rather than one lone crystal. I share 26 fabulous crystal body layouts from a simple balancing to calming ADHD, manifesting money to promoting wellness, uncovering past life regressions to entity removals. There is a plethora of crystal healing sessions for every need. I chose 26 because it is a spiritual number that combines to the number eight: infinity. Infinite healing, on all dimensions and all levels. How do the grids work? Well, the combining of the crystals and knowing the art of which crystals harmonize with each other is key. That is what crystal healing layouts and grids are about. Knowing what they can do for you and matching them to create a powerful grid adjusts your body for all its needs.

Everything on earth—people, rocks, trees, everything—is energy. Energy has frequency (another word is a vibration). It's simple science; however, most people have a hard time understanding it because we can't visually see what that energy looks like. When you choose a crystal combination, layout, and placement (on or off the body), the crystal energies can adjust our moods or assist healing frequencies, in a manner to unclog or motivate our entire being. Crystal harmonizing is knowing what crystal works best with other crystals to amplify and experience a crystal healing layout session. Using the 26 special grids makes it super easy to put together a session. You can do a self-grid, or for another person as a crystal healing practitioner. The formations and placements of each crystal makes a huge difference of how the vibratory frequencies of those particular crystals can harmonize with not only your chakras, but also your organs to regulate and balance what is needed for an individual.

For example, if you were using the grid named "Attracting and Manifesting Like-Minded Love," the crystals placed on the heart chakra would harmonize the heart emotionally and mentally for you to connect to a like-minded relationship. It instills a frequency that you want to attract and that can be intuitively felt by another person. The other harmonizing crystal would work in changing the mental and emotional levels to accept and know you deserve this love, and create vibes in those aura layers to be cleansed of old trust issues or other debris that needs to be filtered out before the person can allow newness of positive thoughts of love into the aura. This is just one example of how crystals can clear, cleanse, adjust, and attracte energy within a person's energetic body.

4. Do readers need previous knowledge or work with crystals to use the layouts in the book?

Nope! I created High-Vibe Crystal Healing specifically for everyone and for all levels. I include detailed information about the 66 crystals and how they harmonize. I created a "what you need" list to make it affordable and time effective. I include a list of which crystals are needed for each layout, a body outline chart to let you know exactly where to place each crystal, an explanation of how they harmonize, a crystal layout mantra and sound to create high vibes, an essential oil to enhance each session, suggested music, and how to professionally keep a journal of your findings and experiences.

5. What do you hope readers will take away from High-Vibe Crystal Healing?

I hope readers find the knowledge of how crystals will enhance their lives—my dream is that everyone will be drawn to the book and can use crystals to change their lives for the better! The crystal information is so organized and easy to understand that it's a no brainer.

I hope people take action: choosing a crystal body layout and loving the self-time out to relax. Everyone needs to receive a self-crystal healing, especially to experience the euphoric feelings and healing power of Mother Earths' crystals!

Then, of course, I hope they tell a friend—and then do it again and again and again! Once they try a high-vibe crystal layout, there is no stopping the rockin' life ahead of them!

About Jolie DeMarco

Jolie DeMarco is a master crystal healer, international author, inspirational speaker, and professional intuitive. She is the president and founder of My Flora Aura, a mindful meditation center and metaphysical retail space ...

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