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An Interview with Mark Anthony

1. You have been a lawyer for over twenty years. When in your life did you recognize your psychic gifts?

My abilities as a psychic medium emerged when I was about four years old. In Never Letting Go, I explain what it was like to have parents who understood that I could see spirits. In fact, both of my parents, along with my sister and brother, all have psychic and mediumistic abilities, so this wasn’t looked at as weird or strange. For me, growing up in a psychic family was my reality.

On the other hand, it seemed that my siblings and I really couldn’t get away with anything. Mom and Dad always seemed to "know" what was going on with us and what we were doing. However, there was another side to this that was extremely beneficial. Because of her intuitive abilities, my mother saved my brother’s life when he was about fifteen years old. She had a "bad feeling" about him going out one afternoon with some of his friends. Trusting in her feelings, she decided to send him to a neighbor’s house before his friends drove up to our house.

When they arrived, Mom explained my brother wasn’t home. She then insisted the boys to be careful and told them to drive safely. Twenty minutes later, these three teenage boys were killed in a high speed car accident. It was a horrible tragedy, and one my brother was rescued from because of Mom’s intuitive sense. Needless to say, we learned pretty early in life to listen to Mom.

2. How do you incorporate your intuitive gifts into your everyday life?

I use my intuitive gifts every day and often without even realizing it. As an attorney, psychic intuition and the ability to communicate with spirits is extremely useful. Psychic ability helps me to "read" people to understand what their true feelings are. This enables me to help people find resolution with grief, and to help them resolve their legal problems.

My psychic abilities also help me to avoid dangerous situations and people. In Never Letting Go, I explain how my intuitive gifts allow me to spot a sociopath. These charming and charismatic amoral predators move stealthily among us looking to prey upon unsuspecting victims. While our prisons are full of sociopaths, not all of them are criminals per se. Many of them are sitting across the table from you during negotiations and might be wearing a Brooks Brothers suit. It helps to know what and who you’re dealing with in any situation—this is one of the many reasons I thank God everyday for this gift.

3. Have there ever been occasions where your two careers were at odds with each other?

Being both a criminal defense attorney and a psychic medium can be challenging at times, but I don’t see the two careers at odds with one another. I’ve established a harmonious balance between law and psychic mediumship. What I have also found is that my two professions often meld to help people on several levels. For example, as a criminal defense attorney, my psychic abilities are extremely helpful during jury selection. They give me insight into how a prospective juror feels toward a particular client, or a particular crime my client has been charged with.

In the first chapter of Never Letting Go, I describe how during the jury selection phase of a trial, the spirit of one juror’s sister appeared to me. My client was on trial for a battery charge, and the juror had a real problem with crimes of violence since her sister had been brutally murdered. My ability to communicate with the spirit of the juror’s sister aided me in identifying a potential bias against my law client. At the same time, the spirit conveyed an important message from the Other Side to her sister. Having a spirit pop in during a trial can be tricky, but in this case, it was extremely important for both my client and the juror.

4. Your new book is titled, Never Letting Go: Heal Grief with Help from the Other Side. What is the basic premise?

The basic premise of Never Letting Go is to let go of the sorrow created by the death, but to never let go of the love for the one who died. This is easier said then done, but in Never Letting Go the reader learns how he or she will have help from the Other Side. Spirits come to the rescue by reaching out to help the bereaved heal from the crushing effects of grief. One of the lessons in Never Letting Go is how to recognize when a spirit is making contact. The contact might be subtle, or much more direct, such as through a medium like me. The book guides the reader on his or her journey through grief, and inspires the reader by providing evidence for the existence of the Afterlife. Most importantly, it provides messages of healing from the Other Side that will help anyone coping with the death of a loved one.

My experience is that information doesn’t change people—stories do, and Never Letting Go is full of stories the reader can relate to. These stories are taken from several readings I’ve conducted about people dealing with real life and death situations.

5. How can we heal our grief over the loss of a loved one if we aren’t in touch with our intuition?

It doesn’t require psychic intuition to heal from grief, it requires faith. To heal grief you must start with belief. It is essential to realize that God exists, the Other Side exists, and our soul is an immortal living spirit. Never Letting Go does not advance one belief system over another. It is for all people of all belief systems.

However, faith in a Supreme Being or an Afterlife is often difficult to achieve. Never Letting Go explains how attaining faith is not always easy, but it is essential to your growth as a person and for surviving the loss of a loved one. As Mother Theresa once said, “God never gives me anything I can’t handle. I just wish God didn’t trust me so much.”

What must be understood about grief is that it isn’t something you "get over," but rather is a process you get through. Never Letting Go aids the reader in their journey through grief by showing how people the reader can relate to endure the grieving process, and how therapeutic communicating with the spirit of a loved one can be.

Someone doesn’t have to be intuitive to accept it is possible to communicate with spirits. For those who wish to take this extra therapeutic step, it may be beneficial to have a medium like me establish contact with the loved one in spirit. It is also comforting to comprehend that when it is your appointed time to leave this world, that you will be reunited with your loved ones on the Other Side.

6. What advice do you give people that are looking to develop their intuitive gifts?

For people wanting to develop their intuitive gifts, realize you already have all of the tools you need. Intuition is an emotionally-based activity, so it is something you were born with. At the risk of sounding like Yoda from Star Wars, "You must trust your feelings." Never Letting Go is full of stories about people who learn to trust their feelings and accept the reality of spirit contact.

The second step to development of intuition is to quiet the mind through meditation. Meditation is the key to all intuitive development because it calms our emotions and removes all the chatter from our thoughts, which enables us to find clarity in the quiet stillness of the consciousness. Llewellyn has published several excellent books about meditation that can teach you how to develop this skill.

However, I’d like to focus on step one: learning to trust your feelings. Women have the advantage here, because, overall, women embrace their feelings much more readily than men do. We’ve all heard of "women’s intuition." This is more than just a colorful term; it is a real phenomena. Women’s intuition is merely a more culturally acceptable term for psychic ability.

Men, on the other hand, are socialized to resist embracing their feelings. For a man to acknowledge, much less publically display sensitivity, is somehow looked at as a sign of weakness. The truth is that when a man listens to his feelings, this enhances his situational awareness and enables him to cope with the challenges life presents. I know a lot of men who are police officers and in the military who’ve told me that trusting their instinct saved their lives. Therefore, let’s rephrase "men’s intuition" as "instinct." Instinct is a more Harrison Ford- or Clint Eastwood-like term, so it is a socially acceptable description for a man who trusts his feelings.

Now that we’ve gotten archaic social stigma out of the way, I believe most of you are already using your intuition without consciously realizing it.

To demonstrate, I would like you to answer the following question. Every time you have ignored your woman’s intuition (or for men, your instinct) are you:

  1. Happy you ignored this intuition/instinct,
  2. Regretted not following your intuition/instinct.
If you have answered "B" (as I know the majority of you have), then you have accepted how important it is to trust your feelings. You’ve also just taken the first step on the road to developing your intuition and trusting your instinct.

Well done! Keep up the good work.

About Mark Anthony

Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer® is a world renowned, fourth generation psychic medium who communicates with spirits. He graduated with honors from Mercer University Law School, which included the study of law at Oxford ...

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