Sun Signs in Love

  Nominated for 'Coalition of Visionary Resources Award in 'Astrology'' (2023)
Relationship Compatibility by the Stars

Bring clarity and harmony to your romantic relationships with this book on sun signs and how each one approaches matters of the heart. More than a compatibility book, Sun Signs in Love proves that there are no bad matches—every sign can match with any other if you have the right knowledge.

Join Desiree Roby Antila on a thorough exploration of all twelve signs, including their general characteristics, how they interact with other signs, how they are in bed, what actions can cause a breakup, and more. This comprehensive book also provides a variety of associations for every sign, including element, ruling planet, flowers, crystals, animals, foods, and more. From each sign's mythology to advice for resolving differences, Sun Signs in Love helps make your current and future relationships sail smoother and happier.

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"Easy to read and can help you build extraordinary relationships with any partner."—Pamela Chen, author of Enchanted Crystal Magic

"Informative, intriguing, and so refreshing."—Valerie Mesa, celebrity astrologer

"An essential must-have for anyone interested in deepening their relationships or compression of themselves."—Lisa Stardust, celebrity astrologer and bestselling author

"Desiree's style is clear, accessible, and informative."—Skye Alexander, author of Magickal Astrology

"When [sun sign] interactions gets dicey, these pages help you navigate what’s going on."—Steven Forrest?, author of The Inner Sky

"An insightful astrological companion for falling in love and staying in love."—Catherine Urban, author of Your Astrological Cookbook

"Written in a refreshingly easy to read and understand style and is both pointed and poignant."—David Pond, author of Astrology and Relationships

"A must-read for those looking to the stars to help guide their path in all relationships."—Jen CK Jacobs, founder of Age of Sail

"Rich, appealing, and descriptive."—Louise Edington, bestselling author

"A helpful guide to understand your relationships on a deeper level."—Rebecca Campbell, bestselling author and mystic

"An incredibly in-depth overview of why each zodiac sign is the way they are."—Natalie Walstein, founder of Soulshine Astrology

"Students of astrology to the professional astrologer can benefit from Sun Signs In Love."—Wayne Gonzalez, Astrologer To The Stars

"A beautifully written book to help us understand our many relationships through the lens of the sun."—Kay Taylor, author of Soul Path Way

"Sun Signs in Love will become your tried and true heart-centered guide."—Liz Simmons, Astrology.com

"Desiree combines her years of experience and observations with her poetic writing style."—Cannelle Farnault, astrologer

"Sun Signs in Love brilliantly answers our most probing questions of how each sign navigates romance."—Nadine Jane, author of Magic Days

"The absolute best book on astrological compatibility out there!"—Narayana Montúfar, author of Moon Signs

"An amazing journey into the heart and soul of each astrological sign and how they can find connection and love."—Kira Sutherland, medical astrologer

"Desiree offers the magic of astrology to help you find the love you long for and to understand, deepen, and strengthen the love you have."—Phyllis Curott, author of Book of Shadows

"Desiree is an incredibly gifted and insightful astrologer."—Kasandra Martinez, founder of Style by the Signs

"This book is like alchemy for relationships, blending elements, aspects, signs, and modalities."—Tara Aal, author of Astrology by Moonlight

"Desiree masterfully details the signs, their personalities, and their relationship qualities."—Raven Brinson, radio and podcast host

"A bible for many who are seeking love and wanting to understand themselves and their partners."—Amber Harkin, professional astrologer

"When an astrology book makes you gasp and cover your mouth with the shock of astonishing accuracy, then you know the book is one you have to have."—Colin Bedell, astrologer

"An immersive and poignant entry into the nuance of dating and relating by sun sign."—Clarissa Dolphin, astrologer and writer at SiderealSoul.com

"Beautiful work...Desiree blends her wisdom and spellbound spirit to bring true magic to the reader."—Dr. Alyse Snyder, co-founder of Cosmic AF

ISBN-13: 9780738771656
Imprint: Llewellyn
Pub Date: November 2022
Product Type: Trade Paperback
Page Count: 280 pages
Size: 6 x 9 x 1 IN
Case Quantity: 32

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