Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Ivo Dominguez, Jr., co- author of the new Aries Witch and the rest of Llewellyn’s Witch’s Sun Sign Series.

Ivo Dominguez, Jr.One of the first things I learned as a witch is that names can call power, and that power is often shaped by the use of symbolic language. Just as a poet seeks the proper words to string together to resonate with meaning and convey their intention, so does the witch arrange symbols to bend reality toward their goals. Astrology is more than a tool for divination or the exploration of one’s personality. It is a highly descriptive symbolic language that provides a coherent set of concepts, symbols, and words that expand the vocabulary of a witch. With each word gained, your capacity to perceive and to affect the universe increases.

Astrology is a vast field of study that has been developing for thousands of years. It is a daunting and impossible task to learn all of it. The good news is that you don’t have to learn all of it to put it to use in your practices. Moreover, like learning any language, you start with the building blocks and add to your knowledge as you learn to comprehend and use the basics. I recommend starting with studying your sun sign and its ruling planet because they are an integral part of you and your magick. Whenever you use your psychic gifts or move energy to work spells or rituals, you are already accessing the Sun that lives within you. The physical sun warms and feeds life on Earth and the bright spark at the core of your spirit is your inner sun that powers all that you do.

Your sun sign describes the default settings, the textures, the styles, and the natural tendencies that your energy takes. This inner sun also resonates and connects with the sun that you see in the sky and the hidden, spiritual, sun that radiates throughout the world. As you learn about your sun sign you become more aware of where power comes from, how to call it, and how to collaborate with it. Your sun sign is the most active power and pattern in you.

Your sun sign’s ruling planet reveals the types of natural affinities that you have for specific types of practices, spiritual talents, spells, and so on. Researching the qualities and attributes of your ruling planet can lead to discovering parts of your witchcraft that have lain dormant or been underutilized. Paying attention to what your ruling planet is doing in the heavens will also help you understand your tides, the ebb and flow of your abilities and interests as well.

I’m the anchor author for Llewellyn’s new twelve-book Witch’s Sun Sign series and it is a great guide to beginning this journey. These also include a good starting point for learning about your moon sign and your rising sign. As time goes on you may wish to learn about all the planets in your chart, and each will offer additional tools and insights.

Our thanks to Ivo for is guest post! For more from Ivo Dominguez, Jr., head over to his Author Page.

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