Llewellyn's Virtual Author Forum: Why Psychic Skills Are Important to Witchcraft

October 21, 2022—2pmCT

Join us for our next Llewellyn Virtual Author Forum! This bi-monthly series of free online roundtable events will feature your favorite Llewellyn authors discussing topics important to you and answering your questions.

Our next in the series, on Why Psychic Skills Are Important to Witchcraft, will feature Psychic Witch and Mastering Magick author Mat Auryn, Intuitive Witchcraft author Astrea Taylor, Psychic Skills for Magic and Witchcraft author Cat Gina Cole, and Magickal Mediumship author Danielle Dionne. Join the live conversation, and ask them your questions!

We’ll be streaming live on Crowdcast—save your spot today!

We look forward to seeing you virtually!

Written by Anna
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