Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Shelley A. Kaehr, PhD, author of several titles, including Heal Your Ancestors to Heal Your Life, Blast from the Past, and the new Journeys Through the Akashic Records.

Shelley A. Kaehr, PhDI’m incredibly excited about the release of my latest book, Journeys Through the Akashic Records: Accessing Other Realms of Consciousness for Healing & Transformation, because for the first time in my over twenty years as a past-life regressionist, I am finally sharing all of the many journeys that I’ve been taking clients on over these many years.

The Akashic Records are typically viewed as a huge cosmic library or storehouse where all of the information from the past, present, and future are stored. Answers to all questions, all thoughts, and all possibilities are out there for us to access. Rather than a physical space, however, we should perceive this realm as a multidimensional storehouse, a cosmic energy that contains this information. For many years now, I’ve accessed this realm and I believe this is exactly what happens when people go into past-life experiences.

What I’ve found is that with some people, they need much more than a past-life regression to receive the help they need with various issues. The guided journeys in the book will help you gain access to the wisdom of your own soul. I truly believe that everybody has answers to big questions within themselves if only they can find the way to receive that guidance.

Here are a few of the many pieces of information you can receive via the Akashic Records:

  1. Past Life Details: Of course that’s one of my favorite areas and who you were in the past is definitely contained within this realm.
  2. Soul Purpose: Why are you here? What is your unique gift that you bring to the world?
  3. Soul Groups: There are very few coincidences in this world. We go around with the same people again for healing, support, and sometimes for life lessons. Who are you here with and what are you learning together? This is very helpful to know and understand!
  4. Grief Healing: You can meet with your deceased friends or loved ones and have those conversations that you perhaps did not get a chance to experience in waking life.
  5. Forgiveness and Blessings: Meet with others who you need to forgive or who need to forgive you and again, say what needs to be said.

Interestingly, these otherworldly visits can yield incredible positive results in the here and now. You can often emerge feeling lighter and more able to move peacefully into your current life future. The Akashic Records and realm can help you access those brighter states of being and by so doing, you will empower yourself to greater heights. I hope you’ll check out the new book and use it to find those meaningful answers.

Our thanks to Shelley for her guest post! For more from Shelley A. Kaehr, PhD, read her article “Past Life Healing: Take Your Heart Back!.”

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