Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Andrea Taylor, author of the new Birth Chart Interpretation Plain & Simple.
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Self-knowledge brings wisdom. Remember that old phase, “know thyself?” How can we function well in jobs and relationships when our actions are instinctive and not considered, when we struggle to get a promotion at work, or when our relationships fail when we try so hard? Are we in the wrong job or with the wrong person? How can we find the answers to these questions without a lifetime of trying and failing?

Easy. Understand your birth chart.

My aim with Birth Chart Interpretation Plain & Simple is to make astrology—and therefore self-knowledge and self-awareness—accessible to everyone, not just to those who have the time and money to devote to years of expensive astrology lessons. All you need is the desire to learn about yourself and the awareness to accept and acknowledge what you discover.

Opening our eyes to who we truly are and our real purpose is not only enlightening, it’s releasing. We can stand back and view our actions, and the actions of others, from a new perspective. This is the start of wisdom, of truly knowing yourself, of finding out what sort of partner you need and why, of finding out what sort of job would suit you and how important it should be in your life, of discovering your true purpose in life; the real reason you are here and the lessons you are learning, and why.

My book offers all these answers at a fraction of the cost of lessons and in the time it takes you to work your way through it. You can even access free birth charts now. I use, which is a free computer program, and you can get free phone birth charts on; just take a screenshot.

Your birth chart is a map of your life, with the destination clearly marked. Unfold it now!

Our thanks to Andrea for her guest post! For more from Andrea Taylor, read her article, “Two Quick Clues in a Birth Chart That Tell You What Someone is Really Like.”

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