Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Natalie Fowler, author of the new Spirit’s Way Home.

Natalie Fowler
As we start counting down the days to the impending All Hallow’s Eve, ’tis the season for all things creepy and spooky. It is said to be the time of year where the veil is thinner and those things that go bump in the night…bump a little louder.

While it is fun to be startled and some actively seek the thrill of a good scare, this doesn’t have to be a time of fear. After all, we are the ones with a physical body. Anything existing in the nether is just a sliver of energy, a fraction of what it once was.

In school, our science and health classes taught us how to take care of our human bodies and keep ourselves healthy. But no one ever taught us that we also have an energetic body that we need to keep healthy and safe. And it’s a lot easier to protect our energetic bodies than we might have realized.

The first step is to acknowledge that as the ones with the physical bodies, our energy is infinitely stronger than anything making those bumps in the night. With a full set of energetic centers (our chakras) we are already equipped with everything we need to keep our auras safe and secure.

We just have to intend it be so. In other words, Obi-Wan Kenobi was right when he said to believe in and trust the power of the force. We have to believe in and trust our own ability to keep our energetic field safe.

But how do we do that, exactly?

For me, the answer is a simple visualization. I imagine a bubble of protection locking into place around my energy field. I fill this bubble with light and love and set the intent that only light and love is allowed inside.

While that may sound a little hokey, I’ve seen it work with my own eyes. Once, while up at the notoriously haunted Palmer House Hotel in Sauk Centre, Minnesota, I was working with a group on a paranormal investigation. We were using an SLS camera—a piece of ghost hunting equipment that was modeled after video game technology, in which a grid maps in commonly recognized points on a human body to create the image of a stick figure.

It’s pretty darn cool and a lot of fun evidence when something maps in and we ask it to wave its right hand…and it waves its right hand.

On this particular investigation, we were interacting with a stick figure that had mapped in, floating above our heads. However, this particular figure wasn’t waving at us, but rather, it was doing some rather inappropriate motions on my head.

Not wanting to alarm the others in my group, I kept my voice light and asked the figure to please treat me like a lady. Instead, he continued with his obscene gestures. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and imagined my bubble expanding further around my space.

The stick figure vanished.

So the next time you hear an inexplicable thump or a bump that sends the adrenaline rushing through your veins, bubble up…and THEN reach for your K2 meter.

Our thanks to Natalie for her guest post! For more from Natalie Fowler, read her article, “My House Is Haunted: Now What?.”

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