Intentional Tarot by Denise Hesselroth

There are a lot of reasons to love Intentional Tarot by Denise Hesselroth, such as her unique approach which brings practical benefits and her lovely writing voice. I love her gentle, pro-active approach to living. I also love her practicality. In the excerpt below from Intentional Tarot, Hesselroth suggests a way to practice reading for yourself, learning about larger cycles of energy in your life, and manifest blessings and beauty in the world.

Proactive Activation

If you have a goal that you would like to put forth to the universe, you don’t have to wait to find someone to give you a reading. You can begin a reading for yourself for the express purpose of laying down the activation cards you have in mind and sending out the energies to manifest the outcomes you desire in your life.

Look at the list of common types of tarot readings that follow. You probably have hopes and dreams for many of these topics, not only for yourself but for friends and family, too. You can practice both your tarot reading and your tarot activation by doing readings on a few topics every day. This will fill your week with cycles of energy, from the universe to you and from you to the universe, as you put forth your desires for many of these topics.

  • Relationships: love, romance, friendships, partnerships, family dynamics
  • Finances: work or other sources of income, career, major purchases, making ends meet, clarification on major influences
  • Health: specific concerns, upcoming procedures, general healing, improving habits
  • Recreation: vacation plans, work life balance, finding joy
  • Inner World: spirituality, self-understanding, life transitions, working through grief, looking for fresh insights, manifesting dreams

It feels to me that all traditional tarot readings are some version of a request to “help me know what to do” or “tell me what’s going on” in relation to the question at hand. Coming at a traditional reading from the perspective that you already know what outcome you desire will make an amazing difference in how you will interpret the cards, and even in the actual cards that the universal energies will cause to appear in the spread. The cycle of energies involved will be flowing full circle from the beginning, making the cards you receive and the cards you send out even more meaningful.

Written by Barbara Moore
The tarot has been a part of Barbara Moore’s personal and professional lives for over a decade. In college, the tarot intrigued her with its marvelous blending of mythology, psychology, art, and history. Later, she served as the tarot specialist for Llewellyn Publications. Over the years, she has ...