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St. Elmo’s Day Energy Spell

Color of the day:  Pink
Incense of the day:  Thyme

St. Elmo’s fire was not just a film from the 1980s that defined a generation; it is an actual weather phenomenon. St. Elmo’s fire emits a blue or violet glow around a tall object and is often seen around the tall masts of ships at sea. Sailors came to view it as an omen of protection, but it can also be seen during times when there is a buildup of energy, such as before an earthquake or a volcanic eruption. It is commonly seen during violent electrical thunderstorms, but it is also seen dancing around tall objects such as chimneys, church spires, and other tall buildings. It emits a strange buzzing or humming sound, like an electrical field buzzing round it.

This weather phenomenon is named after St. Erasmus, who was also known as St. Elmo and is the patron saint of sailors. But it is that energy that makes it explode in an array of beautiful splendour. That energy lives inside of us when we start a creative project and we want to explode and show everyone its power. If you have been working on something dear to your heart but are frightened to show it off, call upon the fire of St. Elmo and use his energy today to show the world your talent, no matter what it is. Have your project close to you and safely light a purple candle. Stare into the flame and then close your eyes and see the flame in your mind’s eye still burning bright—this is your talent and your potential. Feel the power in your project and believe in yourself, then recite this spell over it:

St. Elmo’s fire, this energy abounds,

Lift my talents off the ground.

Make my magic soar and zoom,

Make my project go boom.

Igniting all who see,

Inspiring all, not just me.

Then concentrate on your magic and imagine what you want to happen with your project. Do you need to send it to an agent, a publisher, or someone else? Then do it. Send it off, and as you do so, blow out the candle and imagine the rising smoke taking your project to the person who needs to see it. Good luck.

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