Fruiting Vines for Sustainability

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Sandalwood

A living wreath is a vine that binds values of love, fidelity, loyalty, or fertility into a home. Displaying a living jasmine wreath is a wonderful way to explore aquaculture. Clipping and cloning jasmine is easy. As long as the water and containers are kept clean, new plants will thrive from each clipping. To make a wreath, you will need:

 Green string

 A small vase

 A 12-inch bamboo embroidery hoop

 1 mature jasmine plant

 Rooting solution

 A jade stone

 Fresh water

Using the green string, begin by making a loop from which to hang your wreath. Next bind the small vase and the bamboo embroidery hoop so they both hang and the vase is suspended inside the center of the hoop. Using bonsai or pruning shears, cut the longest shoot vine from the mature jasmine plant. Dip the cut end in rooting solution, then nestle it in the vase by adding a jade stone and fresh water. Weave the vine. Try looping patterns or pentagrams. Display your living wreath in a bright window. Fertilize it monthly with organic plant food, and continue weaving it as it grows. Repot the shoots to create a set of sister plants when the new roots are long and verdant.

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