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Birdseed Blessing

Color of the day:  Rose
Incense of the day:  Thyme

Today is World Wildlife Day. It is important to remember to contribute to efforts to save exotic animals in far-off lands, as we are all connected; however, don’t forget the importance of your local wildlife, whether you live in an urban area or someplace more rural.

At this time of year in late winter, it is still appropriate for many of us in the Northern Hemisphere to keep our bird feeders well stocked. Today, top off your bird feeder or hang one if you do not yet have one, and enter into a symbiotic relationship with your wild siblings in the animal kingdom. After you fill your feeder but before you hang it, hold your hands with palms over the birdseed and say a blessing. Here is an example for inspiration:

Hand to wing we join together,
Even in chilly winter weather.
In this season I offer seed to you,
So we may sustain a relationship
all year through.

Health and happiness to
both you and me.
We are but fellow animals
on this earth, blessed be.

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