Balancing Lunar and Solar Energies

Color of the day:  Gold
Incense of the day:  Hyacinth

Today is the full moon! We all know about today’s powerful lunar energies for working magic; however, we can work a special bit of balancing magic by bringing in some solar energy. Why don’t we have a meditation and a toast to balance?

This evening, after the moon is visible in the sky, pour or brew yourself a drink with solar energy. Try a nice glass of local mead, which is made from honey, or perhaps choose a hot cup or thermos of a decaffeinated tea of your choice with some honey stirred in. Honey has fiery, masculine, solar energies that balance out the moon’s watery, feminine, lunar energies.

Raise your drinking vessel in a toast to the full moon. Take a sip of your libation and bask in the moonlight, meditating on the fact we all contain a mix of these solar and lunar energies within us. As you take another sip, visualize yourself balancing these energies as your solar-inspired drink moves down through your body and you bask in the gentle lunar light.

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