Mystical Renovations

Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Bay laurel

My village is gentrifying, and I often feel unsafe. On a bad day, I feel “less than,” unworthy, and worthless. I see how much time and money are being spent on the upgrade, rebuilding, and renovation of houses, and I am deeply aware that my financial resources are very different from “theirs.” Why do they deserve more than I? From there, it’s a quick spiral down into worthlessness. Ugh.

In order to change consciousness around this dynamic, choose to undertake mystical renovations. Renovate your spirit. Repeat after me:

I don’t need new windows;
I choose to see more clearly.
I don’t need to replace the doors;
I replace my fearful thinking.
I won’t add a sunroom or pool; I will
go out and commune with nature.
While I “live” in this home,
I dwell in spirit.
I don’t have to rebuild this
place; I rebuild my life.

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