Spirit Guide Communication Amulet

Color of the day:  Brown
Incense of the day:  Sage

Both the Sun and the New Moon are in the sign of Aquarius today, ushering in a flood of positive energy that is sure to inspire, move, and even tantalize us. Ride the wave by directing this energy into projects that make you feel connected to your life’s purpose and by reaching out to spirit guides that help you see the big picture. This is also a good time to create magical tools, such as this amulet, that can help you connect with your spirit guides. All you need is a small piece of clear quartz.

Cleanse your stone in whatever way you prefer, then draw the energy of Aquarius into it by holding it with both hands and visualizing a light blue light sparkling within. Chant this incantation three times, allowing the light to grow brighter each time:

Water bearer, pouring light;
stars and spirits, guide my sight!

Carry your amulet with you to enhance spirit guide communication.

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