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Find Your Voice Spell

Color of the day:  Purple
Incense of the day:  Alder

January 13, 1910, was the first public radio broadcast in New York City, and it featured Enrico Caruso and other Metropolitan Opera stars. I love radio, so in homage to this day, I created this “Find Your Voice” spell.

You will need a pen and paper. Take three deep breaths, and think about where you feel you aren’t being listened to/heard in your life. Write a list. Example:

When my friends and I talk
about where to go out, my
suggestions aren’t used.

When you finish the list, take three more breaths. Now rewrite each item, turning them into positive statements. Example:

My suggestions delight my friends,
and we have a wonderful time.

Go outside with the rewritten list. Face south, for action and identity. Speak the list.

The next time you are in one of the negative situations, remember your positive rewrite, and speak up to make it happen.

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