Toss the Fruitcake Spell

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Ginger

We love the holidays, but by early January we are ready to move on and embrace all the new year has to offer. Just as strange energies accumulate in late December/ early January, our refrigerators also acquire a lot of leftovers that need to be gotten rid of. Clear out both unwanted food and unwanted energy with this spell.

Peek into your refrigerator and find any items that are past their expiration date. For many of us in early January, that might include a fruitcake. Once you’ve gathered your unwanted/spoiled leftovers, take them out to the compost pile or trash can and say:

The holiday season has passed, and
I throw away all that doesn’t serve
me from that season. I shall be rid
of any negativity and bad feelings.
All will be renewed. So mote it be!

Put any lingering concerns about Yuletide out of your mind.

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