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Samhain's Rest

Color of the day:  Purple
Incense of the day:  Vanilla

For many in the magickal community, the celebration of Samhain (or Halloween) is a true highlight of the year. When it’s over, instead of just packing up the Halloween decorations without a second thought, we like to turn this bittersweet time of year into a magickal event.

Before putting away the various Halloween items you decorate with, sprinkle them with salt (or salted water) to cleanse them of any residual energy. As you pack them away, hold them in your hands and appreciate the energy and joy they bring. Visualize the items coming out again next fall to decorate your home.

Place all the items you are going to store in one place, then draw an invoking pentagram over them while thinking happy thoughts of next Samhain and saying:

Samhain’s celebration has
now come to its rest.
But it shall return next year,
for we are blessed!

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