Something for the Pocketbook

Color of the day:  Coral
Incense of the day:  Cypress

It’s a wise idea to carry some sort of financial charm with you, especially in your wallet or purse. This sort of magick is practiced across the globe in some form or another. Indeed, we are all dependent on this made-up thing called “money” for certain things in life. But, as with any other energy, we are allowed to open ourselves to it so that we can use it for the greater good.

Find a fancy piece of paper (papyrus and parchment are my favorites) and cut a square of ten centimeters (approximately four inches). On one side, write your country’s symbol for currency. On the flip side, draw an infinity loop, with two arrows pointing to it.

Anoint the paper with patchouli and/or vetiver oil, and always store it with your cash or cards. Replenish the spell anytime by anointing it with the oil.

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