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Everyday Peace Shrine

Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Lilac

Today is the International Day of Peace. A shrine for peace can externalize our intentions for inner peace and remind us that we can choose it over reactionary emotions.

To make a shrine for peace, collect items throughout your home that help you feel peaceful, such as angelite, amethyst, chamomile, and lavender. Place a peaceful-smelling essential oil there, such as lavender or frankincense. Include small scraps of paper, a pen, and a jar.

When your shrine is complete, open the oil and take a deep breath. On a scrap of paper, write:

Today, I choose peace.

Place the paper in the jar and take another deep breath. Envision how you will choose peace.

Throughout the day, recall the peace you felt at the shrine. If you feel overwhelmed, imagine standing before it, and take a few deep breaths. Over time, the combined intention and action can reprogram our brains to be more peaceful.

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