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Spell for Demeter

Color of the day:  Blue
Incense of the day:  Magnolia

For many magickal folks, Demeter reigns supreme as the goddess of early autumn. Every year in early September, we give her a place of honor on our house’s main altar and invoke her blessings for the harvest season.

For this spell you will need either a statue of Demeter or something that represents her. Demeter can be represented by a cornucopia, a sheaf of grain, a flower, or fresh produce. Place your Demeter statue (or object) in a prominent place in your home and then invoke her blessings:

Great Demeter, goddess of the grain,
Mother of the Earth, we honor you
in this place and time and thank
you for the many blessings you have
given us. May what we have sown
this past year be reaped in love and
abundance. Hail great Demeter!

For best results, follow this by leaving an offering for Demeter outside.

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