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Color of the day:  Red
Incense of the day:  Cinnamon

The Egyptian Nephthys was the sister of Isis, wife of Set, and mother of Anubis. When Set murdered and dismembered Osiris, she helped Isis search for him. Nephthys thus became a guardian of and mourner for the dead. A papyrus survives with the text of her lamentations for Osiris.

Like everyone else, we Pagans have to face death—relatives, friends, our fur (or feathered) babies. Most of us know about reincarnation and that cats have nine lives. But mourning is still hard. We need to process how we feel: alone, sad, angry, cheated.

Call on Nephthys for help and comfort. Do this in a meditation or, if you can, in a lucid dream.

Blessed Nephthys, you who
know all the stages of life
And the afterlife, where we
rest between lives and dream
of past and future lives—
Gentle Nephthys, bring us
knowledge and comfort.
Wipe our tears, caress us, help
us dream of those we’ve lost.
Comfort them, comfort us,
comfort all in need of blessing.

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