Morning Cup Blessing

Color of the day:  Amber
Incense of the day:  Almond

Legends of magical drinking cups that bestow powers upon the drinkers have been told for millennia. This spell is intended for your morning beverage cup to give you more energy and awareness. It requires a mug or cup and a chopstick.

Place the empty cup on your altar, with the handle pointing north. After reciting each of the following lines, use the chopstick to strike the cup in the corresponding direction, and let the sound ring out.

Spirits of the east, sing to me.
Lend your insights to this cup.
Spirits of the south, sing to me.
Lend your alertness to this cup.
Spirits of the west, sing to me.
Lend your heart to this cup.
Spirits of the north, sing to me.
Lend your power to this cup.

Recite the next line as you trace the chopstick over the lip of the cup:

The circle is cast, and so shall it be,
To give me morning productivity.

Give thanks whenever you use the cup.

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