Ready to Begin Again

Color of the day:  Scarlet
Incense of the day:  Bayberry

Each of us has significant days in our lives. Days we mark every year. Good days and bad days. Days when things happened that changed us and our lives forever. August 22 is one of those days for me. In 1990 my life changed forever, in a moment. Over the years I still remember the trauma and the resulting pain, but I have come to think of August 23 as the day to begin again.

Regardless of what happens to us in life, good or bad, we must develop strategies to survive. We must learn to ground, release, breathe, and be ready to begin again.

Ground. Connect with the strong, resilient, and forgiving nature of Earth.

Release. Let Earth absorb your anger, fear, shame, or terror.

Breathe in new energy, feeling the vibration of the earth attune you.

And now you are ready to begin again. So begin.

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