Incense Blessing

Color of the day:  Purple
Incense of the day:  Rose

If you’re like many magical practitioners, you have a good amount of incense lying around. Even if you only have a little (or if you’d like to purchase some for this purpose), bless your incense today to refresh its magic.

First, round up all your incense: sticks, cones, or powder. Spread a white cloth outdoors in full sunlight. (If there’s no sunlight in your area today, you can do this indoors. In this case, safely light four white candles at the four corners of the white cloth.) Place all your incense on the cloth, leaving it in its packaging or containers. Direct your palms toward the incense. Say:

Earth, air, water, fire, and
spirit, Goddess and God, please
bless these sacred scents.
Reawaken their magic.
Infuse them with light. Align
them with your power.
Thank you and blessed be.

Let the incense soak up the light for a minute or two more, then return it to its rightful place in your magical supply box (or wherever you keep it). Extinguish the candles if you used them.

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