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A Wednesday Rite for Now

Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Lavender

Wednesday is referred to as h ump day, inferring that we’ve made it halfway through the week. This vision requires looking backward and forward. How about a rite about being in this moment?

Wednesday is the day of wisdom and messages, and with its association to the color green, you may find prosperity flowing your way. This is also a day of the lungs, making it perfect for aromatherapy-enhanced work.

Gather these items:
* Clary sage essential oil
* Matches or a lighter
* A green candle
* A firesafe candleholder
* Pen and paper

Dab your pulse points and third eye (the center of your forehead just above your eyebrows) with clary sage. Light the candle and affix it to the holder.

Walk while reciting the following:
I am here in the now, ready to receive.
Stand back, Odin, no time
today to be deceived.
I listen and wait.
As I walk and listen,
I will learn more about the
meaning of this date.

Repeat this verse at least twice more.

Sit down and reflect on your journey through your home. What messages have the spirits sent to you? Jot down your thoughts. Extinguish the candle.

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