Find Your Fame

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Balsam

Yearning to be respected and admired is intrinsic to the human psyche. Today, work magic to manifest that desire. First, clarify one thing you’re passionate about that you’d also like to be known for, either in your community or in your world. Maybe you’d like to be a trusted doctor, a legendary drummer, or the bartender who makes the best margaritas in town. Next, choose a deity, character, or famous person who exemplifies the qualities or skills you’d like to be known for. Find or print out an image of that being, frame it, and place it near a red candle. Light the candle as you gaze at the image. As you inhale, internalize the vibration and essence of the fame you desire. As you exhale, feel that you are generously gifting the world with your unique talents and gifts. Repeat for a few breaths. Extinguish the candle. Vow to work hard to provide value and service to the world, and expect to receive loving recognition in return.

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