A Charm for Safe Travel

Color of the day:  Lavender
Incense of the day:  Rosemary

With this charm in your pocket, your travels will be easier and safer. Add the following to a small drawstring bag or zippered pouch:

* A smidgen of dirt from just outside your front door, wrapped in plastic wrap, to guide your footsteps home again
* A penny or other coin offering (Leave this at your destination as payment for passage. You can also  flip the coin as a divination tool.)
* Tiger eye, fluorite, and/or rosemary for protection
* Obsidian for binding you to your home
* Dried lemon peel for good health
* Salt or dried lavender for purifying your destination
* A chamomile or mint tea bag for calm and relaxation
* A small personal item to tie you to the bag and keep it close
* Commonsense items, such as loved ones’ names and contact information, headache medication, an eye mask for rest, etc.

Before traveling, bless the bag and items and leave on your altar for a period equal to the length of the trip.
Happy travels!

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