The Heart's Mirror

Color of the day:  Purple
Incense of the day:  Cypress

The heart is the seat of the self. It holds emotions and virtues. It is the place to look when you want to discover yourself—your wants and needs, your potential and your purpose. For this spell you will need a mirror that you can open and close, like a compact case or a travel mirror. Wash it in water with a little salt to purify it, then in plain water, and wipe it dry. Look in the mirror and visualize your true self. Then say:

Mirror of the self,
Mirror of my heart,
Show the truth within
And reflect my Art.
Let the looking glass
Bless the path I take
As I live my life,
And each choice I make.

This will help you see who you really are. When you have an important decision, take out the mirror and look in it, imagining yourself on each possible path, and compare that to your true self. Keep the mirror closed when not in use.

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